• Modern or contemporary decoration style
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    Decoration trends and styles of 2020: a complete guide

    The decoration trends work for longer or shorter cycles: some decorating styles appear one year and then disappear the next year or remain relevant for some time. What is certain is that one day or another, yesterday's decoration styles will become tomorrow's must-haves. If you lack decorative inspiration for your interior, our decorative advice is there to help you: design, colors, interior decorative atmospheres ... Find the style that suits you!

  • Put the Beautiful Balcony - Guide to decorate the Balcony
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    Guide to decorate the Balcony

    We never imagined that the day would come when the balcony would become the most important place in our home. We do not even think that its value would grow like foam and would be considered a luxury. "You at least have a balcony" or "Don't complain, you have a balcony", I have heard several times these days. And I have thought "how lucky I am, I am rich" Because in these times who have a balcony has a treasure.

  • cocina-rosa-isla-metal-marmol
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    Kitchen ideas with beautiful unexpected features –

    Are you looking for kitchen ideas with beautiful unexpected features? Here we are to help you. Spending time on the kitchen design is an overwhelming process. Sometimes the information can seem puzzling. And if you don't know where to start, start with the budget. Kitchen decoration is an expensive investment, but if you plan to spend money, you can pay when it is resold. Another question to ask yourself is what your goals are, what is missing from your current kitchen design and what you would like to see.

  • tipos de decoración inicio
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    Decoration types for bathrooms – Different styles for each personality

    There are different types of decoration, different styles for the personality and needs of each person. In this article, we will focus on the types of decoration for bathrooms. The bathroom is more than just a room. For most people, the bathroom is a sanctuary, a refuge where you get away from stress, relax and revitalize yourself. It is a place where you can spend quality time, taking a bubble bath or hot showers.

  • Cómo ocultar la televisión
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    How to hide the TV

    What fun to hide the television. The silly box seems to be the embarrassment of decorating magazines, I suppose it is unsightly and they remove it before taking photos. If you are one of those who cannot, or do not want, to integrate the TV into your decoration, here are ideas about how to hide the tv and put it in a safe place. Let's go there!

  • Consejos para renovar el despacho
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    Keys to renew the office

    If you are about to renew your office, we advise you to sit down, prepare a coffee, and join us to learn the keys to making the renovation of your work area with a success. We also tell you what are the most frequent mistakes that people usually make in the decoration and distribution of offices.

  • decorate with wall shelves
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    10 original ways to decorate with wall shelves

    Nowadays combining decoration and functionality is almost an essential factor in most of our homes. Either for lack of space or aesthetic, decorating with wall shelves has become popular for a long time, a bet that more and more decoration addicts are opting for. But if you think you still hesitate to welcome them home, don't miss this post. It will be the little push you need!

  • Vintage style walls
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    Are you a lover of vintage decoration? If so, we have many proposals to make. Ideas for the vintage style wall decor. That will come in handy to add character to a room. Do you want to know how to incorporate a vintage style to your walls? Join us to know all the decorative resources.