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    The taste for recycling is increasing and recycled pallets have become today in another element of our home. With this material, you can build furniture and decorative objects with a lot of character. There are many companies that are dedicated to transforming pallets into unique objects. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can start your own project. Today we propose ideas for decorating kitchens with pallets. Proposals for you to integrate this material into your kitchen in a unique and exclusive way. Inspire yourself in the photographs that we have chosen, take note of what catches your attention and dare! If you look for a total renovation, check this:…

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    Bathroom Vanities Made of Pallets

    We present bathroom vanities made with pallets. A very interesting piece that contains everything we like. An impeccable work of DIY and the reuse of waste materials. Have you seen any? We are the first to meet and we have loved it. Bathroom vanities made with pallets Friends in love with DIY and recycling. If you are one of those people who see a pallet and come up with a thousand projects to apprehend it, you will enjoy our selection of vanities made with pallets. For your home, for the farmhouse, for the holiday apartment, for a gift. But above all to enjoy with the realization. Inspire yourself in these…

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    22 Affordable Hallway Decor Ideas With Pallets

    The fashion of recycling still does not abandon us, and that is that what began as a concern for the environment has become a decorative style. We love to reuse objects, give them another chance, transform them and turn them into curious, striking and original pieces. You will see many things you can do with a pallet, room dividers, works of art, headboards, and even ladders made with pallets, but today we will try to inspire ourselves to decorate our hallways, in an original way, and for little money, if you are a DIY enthusiast. We hope you like our ideas of hallways decorated with pallets. Hallways Decorated With Pallets…

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    Original and cheap bed headboards ideas

    We bring a selection of photos of original and cheap headboards. You can take ideas to create your own exclusive bed head. These headboards have a lot of character and also they are very economical. You will see that it is not necessary to make a great investment to decorate your bedroom with style. We hope our suggestions serve you.

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    20 easy DIY Headboards ideas for your bedroom

    This week, we have decided to present you with a DIY project. These DIY headboards that can be a quick and easy DIY project. How to make DIY headboards. Below, we show you 13 easy DIY headboard ideas to find the perfect accessory for your bedroom! Find an idea of DIY bed headboard with our 13 simple and original projects! In recent times, making a headboard at home has become a type of creative project very popular on the web. If you have surfed the web in search of ideas, you will know that it abounds in models of this type of accessories in very varied materials. To help you…

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    50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles

    Try out our 50 Wine Bottle Crafts, to reuse and revamp your old wine bottles. Not only does it go easy on the planet, it goes easy on your budget. Going eco is the hot new trend, and for good reason. Sure, you could throw your used wine bottles into a recycling bin—and in fact, you should–but why not try your hand at upcycling instead? By upcycling your old wine bottles into candelabras, wind chimes, and all sorts of crafts, you save tons by not purchasing store-bought decor. So jump into our long list of 50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles. It’s got something for…

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    9 incredible decoration ideas with recycled wood

    If you are thinking of renovating your living room with a small budget, here you will find the perfect decorating ideas with recycled wood to make it as good as new at a minimum price. What do you not believe? Well, now we discover how! The wood ravages in decoration for years so if you lack budget to renovate the room here you have some proposals for decoration with recycled wood with which to get great results for your living room. The excuse of not having a budget will no longer serve you and you will also be able to obtain unique and original furniture. 1-2-3-4-5 And at the same…

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    Vertical Gardens: Ideas To Inspire Your Decoration

    Vertical gardens are one of the trends of the moment, both outdoors and indoors. We are going to discover them. Surely you’ve heard of vertical gardens. This decorative concept has been with us for some time and, more and more, we find it included in all kinds of spaces. From offices to fairs to shops, restaurants, and homes. We love! And we have been seeing how the taste for natural elements advances in all areas. In this world in which we live, we have rediscovered everything related to the eco, the biological and the natural. And living walls are another expression of that need to return to nature. Green walls…

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    Wedding Decoration Trends 2019

    Today we discover the trends of wedding decoration in 2019. So don’t miss any detail. Inspire with our simple wedding decoration ideas. It is already that time of the year when weddings occupy most of the weekends. But we’re not going to deny it, we love weddings. We love to see the decorations that are used and they are more detailed and personalized day after day. In case you are about to say yes or just want to know the 2019 wedding decoration trends, today we will tell you the latest ones. To get an original and different wedding decoration that leaves all guests with their mouths open. And for…

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    Raw Decoration: The beauty of imperfection

    In this article, we will talk about Raw decoration style that uses wooden elements in the most natural state possible. A commitment to the beauty of imperfection, which makes each element unique. Today we are going to review a trend that is taking strength in decoration. The raw decoration is based on using wooden elements in the most natural state. Wood must be in its pure state or look as natural and imperfect as possible. But we are not talking about a rustic style decoration or country house, on the farmhouse. It is about using a modern decoration of pure and modern lines, together with raw or raw materials that…