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    Do you want to change but don’t want to do works? Bet on the wallpaper. Do you know what it takes? Trees, green leaves, flowers, geometries … Take a look at our gallery, we show you most beautiful spring wallpapers!! GREEN LEAVES WALLPAPER: SUPER-TREND! Ferns, monstera, large leaves, and tropical look. It gives full of life to any room. Here accompanies the headboard wall and decorates the room providing even more light. SPRING TOUCHES IN BLUE: It is a paper that refers to the springtime bloom with its trees full of birds. WALLPAPER IN LIVING CORAL: A corner. Few pieces. This allows concentrating the decoration on the walls and nothing…

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    25 Ideas for Decorating With Wallpaper

    A wall decorated with wallpaper in the living room can completely transform the space. Thanks to the large number of designs, prints and brands we can get the style that we like the most. Everything is possible! Do you already know the power of wallpaper? If not, join us to discover how to add personality to your living room with an element as simple as paper. And, incidentally, get inspired by our selection of rooms decorated with wallpaper! Living rooms decorated with wallpaper As we said at the beginning, the possibilities are unlimited. We tell you the trends that most conquer the owners in case they are of your interest.…

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    Ideas To Decorate With Style and Wallpaper

    We all seek to decorate our home with style. This is the goal of our projects and we are involved in the search for that special element, that unique piece of furniture, that design complement, or that amazing combination. Many times we get it, although others are left half. We look at the room with the conviction that “something is missing”. Well, in all those situations in which we have not been able to get that effect “WOW” the wallpaper will be our great ally. Whether used on all walls of a room or decorating a single wall, the power of the wallpaper will completely transform the room. There is…

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    Original and cheap bed headboards ideas

    We bring a selection of photos of original and cheap headboards. You can take ideas to create your own exclusive bed head. These headboards have a lot of character and also they are very economical. You will see that it is not necessary to make a great investment to decorate your bedroom with style. We hope our suggestions serve you.

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    Green marble, luxury for bathroom and kitchen

    In this article, we will show you green marble bathroom ideas for this spring. The incorporation of green marble in any room scheme will add a classic charm for sure, but sometimes it may have a not so lovely price. If you are looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your home and more specifically to your bathroom, but you don’t want a full green marble wall, then you can consider marble bathroom fixtures or marble effect pieces. Here you will find some of the best ideas for green marble bathrooms: from wallpaper with a marble effect to marble coasters and even precious stones. Be inspired by…

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    Water Green: 2019 Summer Color Trend

    In cushions, vases, lamps … even in sofas, the water green arrives to fill your house with light, softness and a touch of a sea breeze. Do you need ideas to inspire? Here you have 15 amazing examples. COMBINE WATER GREEN AND YELLOW: Summer in its purest form Of course. Look at the effect that these two colors produce together on white sheets. The softness of water green takes us to the sea and the life of yellow to the hottest sun. A very easy way to change the look to your bedroom without spending a lot of money.  Lighting Hang a lamp like this in your house. Vintage-style will…

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    How to paint walls. Tips and tricks for an original wall.

    In this article, we are going to show you how to paint the walls of your home to obtain an original result which is very different from plain colors. How to paint the walls in a different way There are a variety of painting techniques that can be used to paint walls and add surprising patterns or effects. Read on to understand how to paint the walls of your home using these easy techniques that will create the wow effect you are looking for. First Check: PANTONE COLORS THAT WILL BE TREND THIS SPRING How to paint or decorate plaster walls The plaster walls were quite common, especially at the…

  • Baby room decoration 2019
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    Baby room decoration 2019 Ideas, trends, photos

    We review the latest trends and developments in Baby room decoration 2019 to inspire you when planning the bedroom of the new member of the family. You will agree with me that decorating the baby’s room makes a tremendous illusion. If you find yourself in this situation and you are not sure what decorative style you prefer, we can help you. Or if you like to follow the fashions or you are interested in knowing what is taking this year. In all cases, you have reached the indicated site. In our article, we share the ideas that new parents like the most and the most repeated decorative tips. We hope…

  • hippie room
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    Hippie decoration – A variation of Bohemian Decor

    The vintage style decoration becomes increasingly stronger with the new hippies’ trends. This decorative style allows to combine in a very effective way elements of the past, but giving a current and original touch. Knowing how to correctly combine the different elements will allow you to provide your house with an energy and a good special roll. Do not cut yourself in Mix colors, textures and various materials like carpets, cushions, vinyl or paintings. Below we give you the keys so you can make your own chic hippie decoration. Keys to hippie decoration If you want to give an alternative touch to your home you must escape from the structures…