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10 DIY ideas to decorate your home in the spring

If you thinking about decorating your home in the spring, today we give you some DIY ideas that can help you. Do not lose sight of them!

The change of season has already arrived and we are looking forward to adding spring elements to our home. Therefore, if you want to renew your home with spring details, today we tell you a few that can go very well.

It’s time to forget the dark tones and turn our eyes towards the colors. It is time to include the flowers in our decoration, because nothing symbolizes the spring better than the return of color. If you are wanting as we include them in your decoration do not miss these DIY ideas to decorate your home in the spring.

1. Decorate with a mural of flowers

We have fallen in love with this DIY flower mural. It is colorful, beautiful and will fill the corner where you decide to place it. And it can also be great in any space of your home, whether in the living room, in the dining room or in a room.

And it’s made with materials that you can easily find. So there are no excuses, the result is worth it!

2. Bird Houses

Some time ago they were fashionable … and we continue to love to decorate any place. Made of wood or cardboard or plastic, there are multiple options and ideas to create them yourself. Encourage yourself to create them in wood with this beautiful designs. Which one do you prefer?

You can also make them with recycled elements. And they can’t be more ideal. They will decorate any corner with a special charm.

3. A wall full of flowers

Another idea is to create flowers with a wall as colorful and spectacular as the ones we show you next. You can fill the entire wall with them, joining them one by one and creating an effect as in the first image. It is a great idea for an event or party that you have these days or to use it on a terrace or patio that you want to turn into something very special.

But it is even easier to create from the flowers and elements that we want to use hang. In this way, we can change it when we get tired and it will be much more manageable. Besides being very simple to do.


That Bohemian Chic touch is even more accentuated if we add macramé to the equation. A beautiful idea that you can also learn to do in a simple way and that will give a very spring point to your walls.

4. The tropical touch: pineapple candles

Yes that the tropical takes, conquers us by its color and is as much fun as these pineapple candles that we want to have at home already. If you also like that tropical air get the coolest candles this spring. They will cause a sensation!

5. Decorate spring with a floral wreath

We love wreaths to decorate doors and walls. We talked about them in winter and now we do it to welcome spring. The base is the same and you can use the same ideas adding a floral touch. Long live the color, which is already spring!

More traditional and classic with a wheelbase or modern, using an embroidery ring. Or you can also use metal hangers or branches … There are many possibilities but whatever it may be, they will add color and fill your door with spring or wherever you decide to place them.

6. Colored egg cups

We also tell you two ideas with colored egg cups that we fall in love with. The first one is about using them as vases to brighten up our home. You just have to put weight inside them so they can stand up … It can’t be easier !

In the second idea, these same eggshells become small pot for our cactus that we have loved. The result is spectacular and the DIY can’t be simpler.

7. Recycled colored boats

It is always a good time to recycle, in spring too. And if we also do it with so much color we will have the perfect element to decorate our home in spring. You can use the cans to store the pencils or pens, for your kitchen utensils, for the bathroom …

But you can also use them for your plants as if they were vases or pots. Be that as it may, they will bring color and life to your home. Or to save what you can think of as in these fun boats decorated with fruits on the lid. We love them!

8. Test tubes with flowers or plants

A mixture that always results and that you can perform in very different ways. You can, for example, create a hanging element with them to show off your flowers. Or you can put them on a small wooden trunk to get a composition as pretty as spring.

Another idea that we love is hanging them, either directly from ropes or wall hangers. Be that as it may, you will be able to bring a little color and green to decorate your home in the spring. Do you like the idea?

9. Create your own cactus

We love plants … and if they do not require maintenance, even more. So these cacti are ideal and very easy to do so you will have no excuse for not having them in your house. Give your home a green touch to cool it.

It will be that simple to get a more springlike and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

cactus crafts

10. Spring decoration with paper flowers

Colorful, fun and durable, they will decorate your home and surprise everyone with them.


And if you like flowers but don’t want to have to change them continuously this is a great solution. Neither will have to water them or make them any kind of maintenance. And you can also do them yourself with the tutorials that we present. Don’t you dare? Well, sure that after seeing the images you will.

pretty paper flowers

10 ideas to decorate your home in the spring that we hope you liked and inspired. And if you want more, do not forget to stop by my Pinterest page. Because it is time to introduce more colorful elements that provide us with energy and vitality. And because we love colors and any excuse is good to introduce them at home. Like flowers, whether they are paper or not. And you, with what idea do you stay? How do you prepare your home for spring? We await your comments and ideas. Happy week.

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