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15 Crafts to decorate walls

I present you with more ideas to give different look to your walls. Forget about painting, I bring you some original and novel ideas to put into practice and create spaces full of personality in your home. Then a lot of crafts to decorate walls. What are you waiting for to give a new atmosphere to your house?


The vertical gardens become a resource of great tendency and it is also an ecological and natural option. The ideal is to make them with a natural plant, but if this is not possible, they can also be made with artificial elements creating effects such as those we see in photographs. If you want to surprise, give a fun and carefree ambiance to your home, a vertical garden can bring a very special touch.

Crafts to decorate walls


Patchwork is fashionable now … it moves to the walls! Make original and trendy wall combining cuts of different papers. You can also cover a decorative wooden panel and remove it easily if you get tired of it. The trick will be to make a good combination of tones and patterns that contrast with each other.

Crafts to decorate walls


To give a fantastic and original touch to your walls use an element that is repeated in different colors and sizes, such as butterflies, flowers, stones … For example, creating a funny composition of butterflies with their bright colors will give joy and vitality to any room. Play with plain colors on the wall that contrast with the tones of the butterflies to enhance them.

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Crafts to decorate walls


To give a different touch to the walls, we can’t miss our dear friend the washi tape. As versatile as ever, use it to create your own designs on the walls. Here you have some fun examples to inspire you:

Crafts to decorate walls


For a fun ethnic touch, you can just group some wooden branches and paint them in different colors. Hang them on the wall as if they are trophies and transform your dining room.

Crafts to decorate walls


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Crafts to decorate walls


If you want to give a cozy atmosphere to your home, don’t hesitate, the carpets are yours. There are many different types of tapestries. You can choose one made in macramé which is very fashionable. You can also do it yourself using a few balls of colored wool.

Crafts to decorate walls


Refresh your walls with colored pencils. It is a very funny and simple idea. You just have to buy crayons of different colors and place them on the wall. You can do it by ordering them by tonalities as shown in the photograph or without ordering so that an explosion of color can be created. Another option is to opt for a specific range using, for example, only shades of green or yellow.



Don’t you have plastic spoons at home? So go ahead and create a beautiful frame with plastic spoons. Doing it can’t be easier, just follow the steps in this tutorial:

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Crafts to decorate walls


A very unique idea is to use cardboard box covers to create murals on the walls. Encourage yourself to do this craft with the little ones. All you have to do is line the cardboard lids and hang them on the wall. Alternatively, they can be used as a shelf to place small ornaments that weigh little. Even if you prefer, you can use pizza boxes and cover them with nice colorful papers.

Crafts to decorate walls

11. Colorful Papers

Recycle colored papers and encourage yourself to create one of these beautiful sculptures for the wall. How cute?

Crafts to decorate walls


Lately, murals made with threads are very fashionable. To create textures with threads, you just need a board, nails, a hammer, and scissors. First place the nails creating a vertical row. You have to be very careful that they should be at the same distance. Then use colored threads to join the nails until it is as thick as you like. 

Crafts to decorate walls


You no longer have to lose your mind to hide the cables, the latest fashion is to expose them. Join this groundbreaking trend and create your own decorative landscapes with cables.

Crafts to decorate walls


If you are daring and you want to give a casual and youthful ambiance to any room, this recycling option will enchant you. Cover some of your walls with newspaper and combine with some other wall paint with shades of gray to contrast or with a more energetic tone. You will get a modern, masculine atmosphere. Choose the newspaper according to the effect you want: the economic newspapers are ideal for offices and sports newspapers for a more colorful and youthful room.

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Crafts to decorate walls

15. Chalkboards

An option that can’t be missing is the fun blackboard painting. There are multiple ideas to decorate our walls with it since it is currently in a variety of colors and is not limited to the typical dark tone. In addition, we can give free rein to our imagination and not only use it in children’s rooms but also in other areas of the house to decorate our home economically and easily. Put it into practice on a wall: in the kitchen to write down recipes or the shopping list, in the studio as a practical calendar or simply use it to leave funny notes to the rest of the family in some corner of your home.

Crafts to decorate walls

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