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18 DIY projects with plastic bottles

Even with the best ecological intentions, most of us end up having a few (or more) plastic bottles at home. They can be brought back to the deposit or dropped off for recycling. But we can also choose to give them a second life by creating useful or decorative objects with some of them.

And also, we are in a period of confinement because of the coronavirus, creative leisure activities are popular!

If you want to start creating from old plastic bottles, here are 18 interesting suggestions. Good DIY!

1. Apple-shaped containers

We cut bottles, we fix two domed bottoms together with a zipper and we get a nice apple in which to put small surprises to offer, like a mini jar of homemade jams, candies. Or use it to store small office items. A great idea also for a gift to our child’s teacher!


2. A kitten-shaped plant pot

Simply cut a bottle carefully to form a cat. We paint, we fill with soil and we plant! That’s all!


3. Herbal containers

With empty bottles of bleach or oil, you can create a mini garden to have fresh herbs on hand at all times!


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4. Earrings

With small pieces of plastic that we melt, we can create unique jewelry! Earrings, charms for bracelets, pendants … The tutorial is here.


5. An organizer

For the bathroom or the office, this circular pyramid container is pretty and practical. We simply stick parts of bottles on top of each other!


6. A phone charging stand

No table near an outlet? No longer fear someone stepping on your phone left on the ground for charging. Make support like:


7. A fairy house

A nice decoration that young and old will love to make and decorate according to their inspiration!


8. A bird feeder

This kind of feeder is fun to make and will make all birds want to stop in your garden!


9. A key ring

Here’s another great handmade gift idea! The tutorial is here.


10. Decorative ice cubes

Here is a great idea to decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree! It’s super economical as a decoration!

11. Individual containers for cupcakes

A great way to present a sweet treat as a gift!


12. A pencil case

Here is a great project for little schoolchildren.


13. A “hedgehog” planter

With a bottle and rope, you can create beautiful original planters at a lower cost.


14. A bag distributor

Instead of throwing away the plastic bags, we can reuse them. And here’s a nice way to store them,


15. Decorative flowers in pints of milk

Who would think that simple bottles of milk could give such a result? The guide here.


16. Houses for figurines

Princess, fairies, gnomes, knights … They will be happy with their beautiful homes!


17. A colorful game

Under the principle of bilboquet.


18. Decorative flowers

One way to add color to the yard!


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  • Sabrina Rios

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the cat one! Totally going to try this! Thanks for sharing these creative ideas, I would of never thought to reuse bottles in these types of ways. Very creative AND resourceful!

    – Sabrina ♡

    • admin

      Hi Sabrina,
      We are very glad that you liked it. By the way, you have a great blog. Hope to see you again, stay healthy.
      Maybe we can promote your crafts if you want 🙂 Just send a message:)

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