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Boho chic wedding – great ideas for your big day

boho style wedding

The boho style wedding decoration is a high trend in this wedding season. Of course, there is no specific season for love, therefore you can say yes at any time. But it’s really fun to celebrate an outdoor wedding, that’s why most couples choose the period from May to October for their wedding ceremony. This season is also the best for a boho style wedding. A true floral frenzy, delicate lace, thread tulle, rustic romance, and natural elegance … simply boho! The hippie style is quite popular in the fashion world, interior design, and product development.

chic boho style wedding

Today, we have gathered many inspirational ideas for your perfect boho wedding and would like to present them to you. Because when planning a bohemian style wedding, there are really no established rules. It is a completely relaxed style.

boho chic wedding

The boho style wedding dresses are usually elegant, casual, with many laces and allow the bride to move freely. And bohemian wedding sandals are the most popular. The groom is often dressed casually: with a shirt without a tie, with or without a waistcoat and jeans or linen, according to his own tastes and preferences.

boho chic style decoration

The decoration in a bohemian wedding is usually made mainly of flowers, lace, beads, and jute. So that could be the perfect DIY wedding too. Of course, table decoration and stationery are no exception and are as unconventional and colorful as the rest of the decoration. Fresh flowers and berries are ideal even in the wedding cake.

wedding decoration boho chic style

The boho chic style is perfect for summer weddings! Get out, find a spectacular place, tie a knot and have fun with your guests! A summer bohemian wedding can take place in a summer camp, woods, gardens, on the beach or just as a picnic. Choose an elegant boho chic dress: a low back or spaghetti strap, flowing and lacy. The impressive barefoot bohemian wedding sandals (DIY or design) and a beautiful floral crown will polish your outfit. Pick wildflowers for your flowers and put them in your hair; Decorate your table with bold colors and flowers, some popular patterns. A summer boho wedding is an adorable and relaxed celebration, which allows you to make your tie effortlessly with elegance and spend the best time celebrating outdoors with your friends.

boho chic wedding decoration

Inspiration: bright pink and orange, white, many textures, lace, yarn, succulents, gold, fringes, and for free! The vibration that we are looking for is obviously bohemian with a touch of gypsy, hippy, chic, Moroccan, with a soft vintage romance. We just want to transmit the spirit of free love!

boho wedding decoration

Long flowing dresses, floral wreaths, and a free spirit are the quintessential theme of the Boho Chic wedding. The bouquets are wild and the eclectic centerpieces, which thrive on the gypsy vibrations that have become increasingly popular. This style prides itself on combining objects with seemingly different themes for an attractive and mature appeal. Play with texture and color with flowers such as astilbe, buttercups, spray roses and lots of fresh vegetation.

boho wedding decoration ideas

The boho chic style is gaining more and more popularity all over the world and more ladies are looking not only to design and refine their everyday appearance but also to choose the basic details and philosophical peculiarities of this style as the key for such important occasions like weddings. This is, of course, something ultra creative and great to imagine and know the basic tips and tricks of style will only help to have the best results charming and amazing. Here we present the main things you should keep in mind when organizing a boho chic wedding.

boho decoration

This type of wedding is especially suitable for those couples who have a specific artistic impulse and who wish to be different from their original and unique approach and imagination. If the romantic style and hippie philosophy are close to what you like, organizing a boho chic wedding will be the ideal model of a dream.

Looking back to the history of Boho Chic style

boho chic decoration

Boho chic acquired its name (Bohemian) from the name of the historic Bohemia located in the center of Europe, which is now located in the territory of the Czech Republic. Translating from French the word ‘bohemians’, we will refer to the gypsies who have lived in that territory and who have left the style as such in the world of fashion as an immutable symbol of artistic elegance. In fact, if we look more closely at the descriptive details of this style, we will find the specific characteristics of the gypsy culture, such as weightless fabrics, floral details, embroidery, ethnic vibrations, etc.

chic boho style decoration

This style has also experienced the influence of many other styles. The African and Mongolian styles are two of the most influential. Very often it is confused with the hippie style and that isn’t a coincidence, because they have many things in common. But there is a significant detail that makes them different, such as the wealth of patterns, sophisticated forms, scrupulous decorations and bold combinations of various colors and textures with which the boho chic can be described. What makes them especially similar is the general weightlessness and the feeling of effort present among the combos.

pretty boho chic style decoration

Boho chic is also close to nature and human freedom, and also describes the artistic genius and the creative soul and mind of the artists. Therefore, going back to the wedding plans, if you have decided to make an occasion inspired by the boho, then the best place for the party is somewhere, where you can organize the whole ceremony outdoors. Any kind of non-standard areas, where mystery and romance can do their part, will be adequate.

The key details of a Boho Chic wedding

original decoration boho chic style

Therefore, being more concrete, we can talk about the basic key details of a boho chic wedding, which should mainly include the following:

floral centers

The first and one of the most significant details is the presence of natural and ecological materials and fabrics, such as silk, gauze, linen with touches of ethnic design such as lace, embroidery, fringes, etc. The abundance of colors created especially with natural tones is also welcome. For the creation of the right atmosphere, you must use the boldest and non-traditional solutions.

boho chic style decorating ideas

The boho chic style as we noticed it has a gypsy origin and lightness is one of the most characteristic aspects of this style. This should also be reflected in the garments, with floral motifs, plaid, lace or other types of designs and textures, along with a large number of accessories such as beads and jewelry, rhinestones, brooches, and handmade bracelets.

Super boho chic style decor

Handmade accessories and pieces receive special attention. These are the following important keys that characterize freedom and artistic approach.

boho chic style

Finally, the bride dressed in a boho style should always feel like a flying bird. That’s why I should have everything comfortable from the dress and finish with the shoes. Opting for open toe options or sandals instead of traditional heels is a bold and comfortable solution.

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The wedding dress inspired by Boho Chic

boho chic style weddings

The image of the bride inspired by the boho chic must be like the incarnation of femininity, elegance, grace, and romance. For a wedding dress of this type, details such as layers of weightless fabric, ethnic and floral motifs, elements of lace and net and transparent textures are mostly features combined with multi-layered designs and a wide variety of accessories. Floral decorations for hair made from natural flowers, as well as various types of jewelry and jewelry, are also included in the list. Sweet tones like beige, cream, and soft pink are also allowed for a boho chic wedding. Talking about the general shapes, we can notice that the maxi-type pieces are the main options, which still come with the specific design details and the other characteristic aspects.

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Floral Ides for a boho chic wedding

boho chic style weddings

Since flower crown to fairytale touches: wedding ideas for free-spirited couples.

With more and more couples looking to break with the formalities and limitations of traditional weddings and express their creativity, the bohemian and chic wedding has never been so popular. And what better way to capture its essence of free spirit and vintage charm than with a festival of fresh flowers?

Bohemian bouquet

ideas for boho chic style weddings

Forget about the structured and stylized bouquet of the minimalist bride. Go crazy with an avalanche of summer colors in an opulent mix of shapes and textures, from orange proteas and poppy seeds to flowers of “orange-ball tree” and a delicate buttercup.

original boho chic wedding ideas

Or, if you prefer something a little more discreet, opt for a posy hand-tied with that environment freshly collected from the meadow. Think of daisies, poppies, thistles and cow’s lips; Or for something a little different, add purple and white checkered fritillary.

Flower crown

great ideas for boho chic style weddings

Shake out tiaras and veils, and embrace your inner Bohemian princess with a wreath of flowers. Opt for a simple string of daisies (if it’s good enough for Kate Moss’s flower girls …) or channel the Midsummer Night’s Dream with large emblazoned flowers, like roses and peonies, entwined with exquisite foliage like fern or ivy. Combine a mane of cascading waves or a loose braid to complete the look.

Decorations of boxes in cascade


Staggered cakes are back! But far from the perfect icing and the perfect symmetry of traditional wedding cakes, the new Bohemian cake has a rustic charm and a decoration made with fresh flowers, foliage, and even butterflies that cascade by their levels. Think of Mad Hatter’s tea party, chic! Opt for romantic and dreamy with white anemones and old roses or go whimsical with a forest theme, incorporating moss, mushrooms, and butterflies. Please keep in mind: It is important to use only edible flowers that are specifically for consumption.

boho table centers

He has been left behind the day of nailing a carnation in the buttonhole and thinking that that will be enough. The buttonhole has become one of the little touches that can really unite the theme of the wedding, and never more than a bohemian wedding. A buttercup and old roses can be given the rustic treatment with anything from rosemary, heather, lavender and thistles to succulents, poppy seeds or even wheat, all along with natural ropes or burlap. Almost anything goes!

Teepee arrangements

boho style centerpieces

Move around the marquee, hello, tepee! Tipis and yurts are the perfect alternatives to traditional canopies, bringing a magical festival atmosphere to the proceedings. And its wooden frames are perfect to decorate with flowers. Wrap the support beams with foliage vines and your favorite flowers and then replicate the appearance by placing a long silver birch branch along with the main table (all tables if you use banquets) with flowers arranged along its length. This impressive example uses peonies, roses, buttercups and dahlias with a beautiful effect.

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boho style table decoration
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Boho wedding centerpieces

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