Centerpieces with candles
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Centerpieces with candles

Candles are very popular when decorating. They are able to create a cozy, relaxing and romantic atmosphere and are also very accessible. Arrangements for tables are still the best option and it isn’t necessary to go in search of elaborate arrangements. Only with imagination, you can create centerpieces with candles very decorative and tasteful. We show you a lot of easy and cheap ideas.

Centerpieces with candles

For example, only with a glass container, fruit, and a candle, you will achieve a nice centerpiece without much effort and without spending money. You can also use flowers, ribbons, fabrics or even, an idea that is increasingly popular is to use glass containers with water and leave candles floating in it.


With seeds or stones

Centerpieces with candles

With fruit, vegetables or leaves

With sand, seashells, snails or starfish


With decorated bottles

With flowers

If there are two elements for home decoration that have an unparalleled appeal and an affordable price, then these are candles and flowers. It is already a classic to use them to make arrangements and decorations, both at parties and special occasions, as well as for the daily table all week.

The candles offer a relaxing mystique, often they come with special properties, just for special occasions, emphasizing their most varied colors and combinations, as well as their shapes.

Flowers have always been the most attractive natural decoration that exists. They are the perfect combination for the senses of sight, smell and touch and above all, they are a free gift that once a year gives us a plant from our garden.

Each season has its plants that give flowers, and these flowers their characteristic colors that can be combined with opposite colors of candles to contrast and achieve really attractive arrangements, depending on the occasion. You can opt for strong and dark reds with violet candles for a romantic dinner, or green candles combined with jasmine, for a decoration for the whole week.

With candles, flowers, and water

Undoubtedly, the possibilities are endless, but today we will lean towards a particular idea, which involves half-submerging both candles and flowers in a glass bowl with water, although you can also choose to immerse only the flowers and leave the candles outside. The two options are very nice. We will leave here a small sample of centers made with candles and flowers to decide for yourselves.

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