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Concrete: 65 designs with exposed concrete wall

A concrete wall will provide a rustic effect, also very popular in the industrial style, and now also infected contemporary housing in order to be a widely used solution. The reasons for this popularity are related to aspects such as ease of use, durability, the ability to cover large continuous surfaces, and also the aesthetic qualities.

Concrete and marble option for bathroom walls

Definitely, there is a distinction that must be made between the raw concrete walls exposed and those that have a concrete effect. Two very different results, the first one is immediately recognizable because the forms left by the molds that were used of reinforced concrete are obtained without the addition of any finish are well visible.

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Concrete walls of the loft

The choice is simple since it is limited to your personal tastes. The concrete walls in sight don’t have special disadvantages. The only thing that we can point out as an inconvenience is that they are not the best option for small spaces. Although, you will always have the option of introducing the concrete in a certain corner or fragment of the wall of the room.

The advantages at decorative level are many, provided that the concrete wall fit with the design of your home. Our advice is to combine concrete with neutral colors, natural elements such as plants, wooden sheets or wooden shelves on the wall. As we have said, concrete is typical for spaces with an industrial design, but it fits very well in a living room or bedroom with a minimalist design. This can be seen in our photos today.

Concrete columns in the kitchen

There are a million ways to use concrete, but when it comes to interior decoration it is unlikely to appear first in anyone’s mind. However, it is so simple and attractive, and it is so versatile. It will be for these reasons that in the world of interior design, it is already an option increasingly used in construction. You can also decorate your concrete walls and give them a beautiful texture or a soft shine, just by painting them in any color you can imagine or print your favorite designs. The list is endless.

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Bedroom with concrete design

The combination of exposed concrete walls and contemporary furniture will create an interesting atmosphere as you can see in these images. Up close, you can see the intricate texture of the concrete – a very elegant option. Another interesting combination is with a brick wall that will add another good source of texture.

White walls and concrete wall

Now we let you review these images in case you are not yet convinced that reinforced concrete should be visible in a house with modern or contemporary design we are sure they will change your mind. On our page you can find more ideas for wall decoration and colors so do not forget to check them too.

Concrete panels on the bedroom wall

Concrete in the interior has remained a trend for a few years. Speaking of which, don’t think about the construction of the 1950s-70s, based on the rapid construction technology we are not talking about this type of concrete but the use of concrete in the interior with an architecture of pure forms that ennobles the spaces. Fans who follow modern trends know how beautifully exposed concrete can be.


Ideas for home with industrial design

The fashion in recent years of living in lofts of industrial style and increases the popularization of this material. As you can see in the pictures, these interiors do not look like an unfinished building, on the contrary, they emphasize the delicate and discreet image of the space.

Concrete desk in the living room

In the interior design, walls can be completely unpainted concrete. However, it must be remembered that once treated or painted concrete can not have the same image as at the beginning, so the interior designer must say before the start of construction that it wants to leave walls and ceiling unpainted.

Options of concrete separating walls

Already at the design stage, you should take into account that the formwork of walls, ceilings, and stairs must strictly follow a predetermined pattern. For example, in advance, even before the roof has been laid, it is necessary to determine the place of recessed luminaires.

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Modern bathroom with concrete wall

Those who know the art of building with architectural concrete, respect the precision and plan everything down to the last millimeter, and place perfectly the elements of formwork. Many people mistakenly think that the surface of rough concrete only looks good and harmonious in places with industrial style or attics.

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Kitchen with concrete wall

Often, designers and decorators use concrete in places with Scandinavian and even Provencal design. Of course, the keyword is still “elements” it is important not to exaggerate. More common is not to leave walls, floor, or concrete ceiling.

Kitchen with instructive design

It is important to remember that if you are the owner of a space of a minimum of 100 square meters with ceilings of at least 3 meters high and you have thought to the extraordinary and creative, one of your best options is to expose the concrete surface. In this case, the gray texture will serve as the background for the realization of ideas.

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Precious paintings and concrete wall in the living room

But if you are a conservator and you live in a typical one or two bedroom apartment and just want to “stay up to date” and follow modern trends, it is better to use concrete fragments. Since the gray surface makes the space look smaller with the addition of excessively cold concrete you run the risk of losing comfort and can turn your apartment into a place that looks like a basement.

Washbasin and concrete wall in the kitchen

The cold surfaces of concrete combine perfectly with the heat of the wood. The strength and durability of the glass elements accentuate the reinforced concrete, while the brick adds an industrial air to the interior. The contrast with yellow and pink and metallic surfaces fits well with bare concrete walls. Refined and sophisticated furniture softens the finish of the concrete

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Modern apartment with concrete wall

If the concrete walls have been left exposed by the builders, it is simply a matter of sanding the surface and covering it with a special protective varnish. If you have good brick construction, and you want surfaces that mimic exposed concrete, you can use micro-cement, architectural concrete or decorative panels.

Living room with modern design

Such a coating can be an alternative to tile in bathrooms, floors, walls, etc. However, before the walls get the raw type, they must be thoroughly treated. Now we let you review these images in case you are still not convinced that the reinforced concrete should be visible in a house with modern or contemporary design we are sure they will change your mind. On our page you can find more ideas for wall decoration and colors so do not forget to check them too.

Loft with industrial design

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