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Creative panels for elegant and futuristic interiors

Each one of us today wants to turn their home or work space into a personalized and unique place. One of the solutions to achieve this goal is to use panels on the walls. They are perfect to accentuate the enormous space offered by the wall and exploit it in the decoration. With an interior design panel and a few details any space is transformed. Currently many types of decorative panels are offered that have different styles, sizes, colors and materials. Today we are going to pause a little in some solutions and ideas about the use of these panels. Mainly to turn our home or work space into an extraordinary place giving it character and a lot of personality.

Panel design and modern solutions

The first of the solutions we show is an elegant design that has been used at the Atton Vitacura hotel in Chile. The decorative panels were created by the company Masisa specialized in the production of wooden boards of all kinds. Panel design and style in this case is very creative, the design is striking and the lobby has a modern look. The walls represent geometric figures of all types that create a natural look and a bit futuristic.

The following image represents one of the conference rooms of the corporate offices of Ienova. This space obtained an individual aspect very different from the rest of the space. The work in this case is the result of the ingenuity of the Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos company. They completely remodeled two floors of a recognized building in Mexico City. The type of panels used for dividing walls are not uniform and have golden glass details. These enhance the elegant accent and at the same time reflect the space, which creates a visual connection in the whole environment.

The futuristic wooden panels depicted below were used by Ippolito Fleitz Group. This panel design and modern style is just as interesting. It was used in the office of the Bruce B. Emmy B agency in Stuttgart, Germany. The panels were used to decorate the reception and with them the place gets a lovely look.

When using this type of decorative panels you have to know that they do not always have to cover the entire wall. As a variant, you can use panels of small sizes that also stand out from the rest of the place. But they have a very important feature and that is that they serve as acoustic insulation, they absorb sound. The following are offered by the Swedish company Wobedo Design. They have a great variety of shapes that can be mixed and combined according to our personal taste.

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The panels illustrated in the bottom photo are so large that they occupy almost the entire wall in this bedroom. Simulate the effect of continuation of the wall, reflected in the mirror. They are covered with cloth and not only have a decorative paper, but also practical. Its practical part is that they can be used as a header. With its geometric shapes give an abstract look to the room. The designer of this bedroom is Shamsudin Kerimov.

If we want to obtain an elegant appearance in the place where we use the decorative panels we can select them in the form of triangles, squares or rectangles. The ovals and the round ones are also used, but the previous ones give a more fun look to the space. A very useful and interesting solution is offered by Archiplastica. Not only has the wall covered with panels, also integrated LED lighting. It works by highlighting the shapes of the panels and at the same time offering a cozy spotlight for the room.

Panel design and decoration of bedrooms

Here we present another solution with elegant wall panels that do not cover the entire space but are used only as an accent. It is a bedroom with two walls decorated in this way. Both are covered with geometric panels that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. They are available in two finishes, wood and black.

This is another bedroom designed by Gunay Abbasov. The wall behind the bed is covered with wooden panels. The square shape of the panels allows inserting strips of LED light that highlight the depth and beauty of the entire composition. Many variations can be created even with panels of other shapes. Always incorporating LED lights that are not only an interesting but also useful element.

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The range of decorative wall panels does not end here. There are models that can create 3D compositions like the one presented below by the architect Vaughn Mcquarrie. The panels have a great variety of colors. They are from a very versatile series that can be used in many striking and creative ways.

This type of panels is not very suitable for spaces like bedrooms because they transmit a lot of energy. Rather they can be used to create a custom wall for the reception area of ​​an office. Its use is equally appropriate in a hotel or if you want to add architectural and futuristic charm to your home.

The Anne Kyyrö Quinn studio is one of the best producers of incredible 3D compositions of all shapes and colors. The studio specializes in unique textile projects that point to a timeless look. With versatile pieces able to fit perfectly in luxurious decorations.

The compositions they offer are simple but at the same time unforgettable. All elegant and even with dramatic effects. The panels allow different uses to create striking wall decorations and make spaces look modern, with lots of charm and style.

If you need interesting acoustic panels and do not know which one to choose, here are some interesting designs from the Soundwave series by Offecct. The model presented is called Swell. It is similar to a 3D wallpaper and the panels not only have a decorative paper. The difference is that these panels are not used to absorb the sound, but to spread it even more.

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