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Decoration types for bathrooms – Different styles for each personality

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There are different types of decoration, different styles for the personality and needs of each person. In this article, we will focus on the types of decoration for bathrooms. The bathroom is more than just a room. For most people, the bathroom is a sanctuary, a refuge where you get away from stress, relax and revitalize yourself. It is a place where you can spend quality time, taking a bubble bath or hot showers.

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Types of decoration for bathrooms

The decoration and aesthetics of your bathroom will not only improve the feeling of tranquility and peace in the room. Rather, it will also represent your style and personality. Here we will indicate different types of decoration that range from modern and elegant lines with minimalist details to the exuberant decoration of classic or antique bathrooms. Of course, with this we want you to see all the options you have to choose the one that best suits your taste and preference so that you have a comfortable and tailored space.

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Types of decoration for traditional style bathroom

traditional decoration types

Bathrooms with a traditional style focus and highlight comfort, functionality, and practicality. Classic colors, like polished wood, the use of tiles and the use of marble, are fundamental elements. And it is what defines this traditional style. They are usually neutral tones, making them really very comfortable, relaxing and homey.

traditional decoration types

Types of contemporary bathroom decor

types of contemporary decoration

Clean lines, expanses of uncluttered open space, and minimalist trim are all hallmarks of contemporary bathrooms. Polished hardwood, metal details are some of the elements that can be seen in this type of decoration. Light and dark components are widely used to create a visual constant. Here the focus is on the details.

contemporary types of decoration

Types of decoration for modern style bathroom

types of modern decoration

Bathrooms with modern-style decor are bold and yet very simple, with clean, straight lines and nothing cluttered. Straight lines are one of the defining characteristics of modern style bathrooms. High-quality materials such as stone, porcelain, marble, among others, are very common elements in modern design.

modern decoration types

Modern style is almost always confused with contemporary. But there are a few small differences such as the fact that modern decor has its roots since the mid-1900s and contemporary decor is much more concerned with today’s style. Bathrooms with modern style are emphasized in a clean, simple and minimalist environment. They have minimal colors, geometric patterns, and mid-century bathroom furniture.

Types of half-century style bathroom decor

decoration types mid century

This decoration refers to furniture from the mid-19th century, that is, between the years 1933 to 1965. Here, natural colors, straight lines, and geometric shapes are used. A vintage style chair or small sofa can be incorporated as a focal point and patterns and colors that reflect mid-century style through shower mirrors or any other accessory.

types of decoration mid century

Types of decoration for bathroom minimalist style

types of minimalist decoration

This type of decoration has to do with simplicity. Here the important thing is to keep an open space free of all clutter. It is also about hiding the elements as much as possible from the view of everyone, using built-in cabinets or shelves. Toiletries can also be stored to maintain a much cleaner space and a better environment for relaxation.

minimalist decoration types

Types of eclectic style bathroom decor

eclectic decoration types

The eclectic style includes a little bit of everything. It is a decoration where different elements are carefully chosen creating unexpected configurations. This decoration could have a flower pattern with a crystal chandelier. Like unusual colors and a mix with different textures and materials. The only thing is that you have to be very careful to choose the right colors. Since these can easily make or break the entire decor. Eclectic decor allows you to play through a wide selection of materials, colors, and textures, but depending on the application you give it, things can look new or old.

eclectic decoration types

Types of decoration for Asian style bathroom

asian decoration types

Asian-style bathrooms are sparsely decorated and maximize open space, air, and light. This style uses a lot of natural materials and adds them perfectly. Fresh green plants accentuate the bathroom space and provide soft flashes of color and contrast. Asian-style bathrooms generally use a variety of soft browns, beige, and cream colors, and can feature polished wood, marble, or tile floors and accents.

asian decoration types

Types of decoration for bathroom Art Deco style

types of art deco decoration

Art Deco is a very accepted and popular style of decoration today. But it was first created before World War I, in France. For Art Deco-themed bathrooms, marble is a sure way to move toward this style. You can usually notice a pattern based largely on black and white, as well as creating geometric shapes and patterns with these colors. You can also use printed wallpaper for a slightly more eye-catching look, but you need to make sure the quality is good enough to withstand daily exposure to moisture.

types of artedeco decoration

Types of beach style bathroom decor

types of decoration coast

If you want to feel like you are on vacation every day. A beachy-style bath might be right for you if you’re one of those who wants to feel the vacation vibe on a daily basis. This style of decoration features very relaxing colors and shades and tropical patterns. Even if you are not in a beach climate, you can feel it in the comfort of your home. Decorative elements can include jute fabrics, seashells, sand, ocean-themed art, among many more.

types of beach decoration

Types of country house style bathroom decor

field decoration types

Of course, you don’t have to live in a country house to recreate this style of decoration. If you don’t live on a real farm, there’s no reason not to enjoy the vintage, rustic feel of this style of bathroom. This style automatically takes you back to the time when there was not so much technology and life was much less stressful. Due to the demand and popularity of this style, many manufacturers are creating bathtubs, washings and any other type of retro but at the same time modern accessories.

types of country house decoration

Types of industrial style bathroom decor

types of decoration industry

Like modern-style bathrooms, the industrial decor style is all about minimalism. With bold colors, high-contrast combinations, elegance, and simplicity. Mixed woods, white accents, and marble countertops are basic design elements. Some see this decoration as unfinished, but that’s what it’s about.

industrial decoration types

It projects a raw look but with a touch of elegance and modernism in a minimalist environment. The concept is to draw attention to the raw elements and keep everything else in the background. Concrete countertops, exposed pipes, shower doors with metal edges, among many more details you can get an industrial bathroom decoration.

types of industrial decoration

Types of decoration for a Mediterranean-style bathroom

Mediterranean types of decoration

The Mediterranean-style bathrooms are full of details. Woven rugs adorn floors or walls. Natural-colored tiles are accented with rich dark brown wood and luxurious metal accents just like stones. The Mediterranean design is inspired by comfortable and relaxed lifestyles, which is usually seen in homes near the Mediterranean Sea. You can incorporate this decoration in your bathroom using colors that you will see naturally from the Mediterranean. Like deep earth tones but warm like rusty reds and browns. Like the brightest, sun-drenched colors like yellow, white, turquoise, and blue.

types of mediterranean decoration

Types of decoration for rustic style bathroom

types of rustic decoration

In this style of decoration, there is a large amount of wood with raw and organic finishes. The bathrooms with rustic decoration style, provide relaxation, tranquility and even elegance. You could perfectly combine metal showers, bathtubs and copper washes with wood. In fact, you don’t have to try so hard or have a completely country bathroom. With some rustic elements, you can transform your bathroom.

rustic decoration types

Scandinavian style bathroom decor types

Scandinavian decoration types

This is another type of bathroom decoration that takes simplicity, elegance, and functionality into account. Scandinavian-style bathrooms are all about simplicity, elegance, and functionality. Emphasis is placed on clean lines and an overall casual, clean and simple aesthetic. Clean lines, neutral colors, natural materials are characteristics that distinguish Scandinavian decoration. All of these aim to achieve simplicity and utility without giving up beauty.

Scandinavian decoration types

Types of transitional style bathroom decor

transitional decoration types

The term transitional-style decor means it has a bit of contemporary flair and a bit of classic or traditional flair. This style encompasses a little of the best of each style mentioned. Wood, stone and glass finishes are not very frequent in this type of decoration. Transitional style bathrooms encompass the best of both worlds. Since the style uses old and new design elements. The objective is to seek to achieve this style of transitional decoration in functionality and practicality. It has clean lines but without being so contemporary, it creates an atmosphere of tranquility without being very elegant. Nowadays designers are trying to incorporate some slightly more luxurious features. As for saunas, independent bathtubs, among others.

transient decoration types

Types of decoration for tropical style bathroom

tropical decoration types

Tropical-styled bathrooms typically feature simple decor aesthetics. With a focus on green foliage and high-quality craftsmanship of the materials used they are your cover letter. Here you could easily see polished wood floors, lots of beautiful vegetation and details with natural touches. Bathrooms that provide lots of light and space are perfect for this type of decoration. The tropics are undoubted, for the vast majority, the vacation of their dreams. So if you are one of those people, this type of decoration is perfect for you. the tropical style is exciting but not overwhelming. Here it is always about using the elements of nature such as bamboo, mahogany, rattan, among others. Without missing the plants to keep the space ventilated and full of life.

tropical decoration types

Types of Victorian Bathroom Decor

victorian decor types

The Victorian-style bathroom features somewhat subtle but very stylish design and decor elements. Like gold accents and small floral prints. There are many ways to create a Victorian-style bathroom. Here you can use wood floors white, black or neutral walls. Obviously you can mix the old with the new, so you could use tiles and a classic mirror. Of course, if you can get an authentic Victorian piece at an antique store at a good price it would be spectacular for your bathroom decoration.

victorian decor types

Types of decoration for shabby-chic style bathroom

types of decoration shabby pink

The shabby-chic decoration style is really full of sweet and romantic details. Large amounts of worn white are used in this style along with many soft pastel accents. Lace materials, floral motifs, artwork, and brushed metal accents are must-haves in the shabby-chic decor style. Being a room where light enters easily and has open space, it will give you a slightly refreshing feeling that invites calm and relaxation.

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