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DIY projects to decorate your interior while waiting for the end of the pandemic

If you are in confinement, have more free time than usual due to unemployment or other reasons, you may be looking for ways to change your mind. As the spring terraces with friends will have to wait this year, why not embark on craft projects that will brighten up your interior? You may have started cleaning up the house and find forgotten objects and materials in a corner.

Now is a good time to use them! So, what if we let go of Netflix a little to develop our artistic talents? Here’s some inspiration!

1. A colorful cup with tissue paper

All you need for this little project is a little tissue paper and “Mod Podge” resistant to dishwashing water. So you can give a makeover to your old white cups.

source: I Spy DIY

2. A round shelf

This shelf is ideal for displaying your favorite books, trinkets and succulents. Put it with a fluorescent thread for a touch of soft color. If you don’t have the ideal bending material, you can go for a square or a triangle!

source: A Pair & A Spare

3. A wooden clock

Forget the clock bought at the discount store that lacks personality! See how to make a unique one out of wood. Much more design!

source: BRIT + CO

4. A wooden pearl light fixture

This DIY is ideal for a reading corner, a child’s room, etc. Choose your favorite spring color palette – primary colors encouraged! A tutorial here.

source: New Blooming

5. A newspaper rack with copper elbows

Fabric, wooden studs, copper elbows. Yes, it can make a beautiful marriage! The proof here:

source: Fall for DIY)

6. A hat rack

Assemble an adorable minimalist hat rack in a corner of your hallway or living room. You can even personalize it with leather straps to hold the wooden rods.

source: A Pair & A Spare)

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7. Modern key holder

The key holders can be super chic and they are super practical so as not to lose the precious keychains. Here is a really interesting model, easy to reproduce.

source: Lilaliv

8. Colorful keychains

This kind of keychain can very well be integrated into the support presented in point 7!

source: Creature Comforts

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