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How to Decorate a Bedroom: 9 Steps and 3 Styles

How to decorate a bedroom? Where to start? We show you the 9 essential steps to decorate a bedroom, and as an extra, 3 styles of decoration. So you can get ideas for decorating your home and you can choose the one that best suits you and, the one that makes you feel better.

Within interior decoration, we always tend to pay more attention to the decoration of the living room than the bedroom. Badly done!

While a bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation and sleep. It is also a room where we spent much of our time. So it makes a lot of sense to try a little, to make it look good, and above all, to make you feel better.

And to achieve this goal, we have prepared a small checklist of 9 steps with a series of ideas and tips to decorate your bedroom.

Plus, we show you 3 decorative styles so you can make your bedroom becomes your little sanctuary, your personal refuge, where you feel comfortable and can relax, and provide you with the balance you need:

  • Nordic style
  • Scandi Boho 
  • Wabi-Sabi

Let’s start with the styles!

3 Styles to decorate a room

The decor of Nordic style bedrooms

Due to the cold, Scandinavian countries spend so much time inside their houses. Nordic decoration seeks above all, create spaces as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

And this is exactly what we want to do with our bedroom!

Warm textiles in Scandinavian bedrooms

One of the best ways to make a bedroom cozy and comfortable, is using warm and soft textiles such as wool and linen. Duvet covers, quilts, blankets, and linen sheets will always be welcome in a Scandinavian-style bedroom.

How to decorate a nordic style bedroom
Photography @homebyhassel.
Warm textiles in the decoration of Nordic-style rooms
Photography @blackballoonse.
Warm bedding in the Nordic style rooms
Photography @tellmemoregbg.

Order and minimalism in the Nordic rooms

After spending so much time at home, the Scandinavians try to keep their rooms orderly and visually relaxing appearance. They limit all unnecessary clutter. And for this, nothing better than to embrace the minimalist decoration, which besides being super elegant, can do wonders with your mood.

Minimalist decoration in a bedroom

Neutral colors in Nordic decoration

Generally, bright colors are not used in Scandinavian interiors. Its beauty comes from a palette of neutral colors:

  • whites
  • gray
  • blacks
  • and brown

but despite this, the Nordic-style rooms never seem cold or boring, due to the superposition of complementary colors.

Tones and neutral colors in the decoration of rooms
Photography @homebyhassel.
How to decorate a room with neutral colors
Photography @homebyhassel.

Wicker and rattan furniture and accessories

The wicker and rattan furniture and all kinds of accessories made with these natural fibers will also be welcome in a Nordic style bedroom. In addition to being 100% natural and “eco-friendly”, they will bring warmth and will combine perfectly with the neutral colors of your room.

Wicker furniture and accessories to decorate bedrooms
Photography @blackballoonse.
How to decorate a room with furniture and accessories of ratan

Pictures to decorate the wall of the room

A type of decorative element that is widely used in Scandinavian rooms are the pictures and the photos. Photographs with illustrations, graphic designs and above all, geometric patterns and scratches.

Prints to decorate the walls of the room

Bohemian style room decoration

Scandi-Boho merges Scandinavian decor with ethnic details and Bohemian accents. The “scandi boho” very popular in northern Europe and Australia. The “scandi boho” is a style of decoration which is very clean, and above all, very bright.

The characteristic white color of Scandinavian interiors is the perfect backdrop for contemporary furniture and ethnic accessories:

  • ethnic rugs
  • hand made blankets
  • ethnic cushions
  • wooden furniture from Morocco and India
How to decorate a boho scandi bedroom
Photography Paulina Arcklin.

Ethnic rugs to decorate the room

Ethnic rugs have become an obsession in the world of decoration. But one type of rug, in particular, takes all the praise and has seduced interior designers from around the world, the Beni Ourain carpet from Morocco.

Decoration of rooms with ethnic rugs

The patterns, usually consist of brown and black lines or abstract shapes on a white or cream background

Moroccan rugs to decorate a room

From the Atlas mountains, another most desired Moroccan carpets, the Azilal rugs, arrives. Strongly decorated and with intricate and delicate Berber patterns, the Azilal have become a “must have” to decorate rooms.

Ethnic fabrics and textiles to decorate rooms
Photography Paulina Arcklin.

The decoration of bedrooms with Handira blankets from Morocco

Traditionally used by Berber brides on their wedding day, Handira blankets are hand-woven from 100% sheep’s wool, cotton, and linen, and with their sequins, silver fringes and hundreds of beads, have also conquered the bedrooms of half the world.

How to decorate a room with a handira blanket
One bedroom floor with a handira blanket
Decoration of rooms with carpets

Ethnic cushions to decorate a bedroom

The most used fabrics to upholster the ethnic style cushions, are the covers Ikat, Batik, Bogolan, and Handira. These fabrics treasure designs, colors, and patterns that sink thousands of years ago in history, and have become essential fabrics in ethnic style decoration.

Ethnic cushions to decorate bedrooms
Bohzaar cushions | Photography Paulina Arcklin.
Decor of an ethnic style room
Couleur Locale cushions.
Ethnic decorative details in a bedroom

The decoration of rooms with wooden furniture from Morocco and India

To this day, we can still find Authentic marvels carved by hand in Morocco and India with traditional tools, and local woods such as Himalayan teak, acacia, sandalwood, and mango in India; and cedar, lemon, and ebony in Morocco.

Wooden furniture in bedroom decoration
Photography Paulina Arcklin for Souk Home.
How to decorate a room with ethnic furniture
Hand-carved wooden table by Haveli.
Hand-carved wooden headboard

One-room decoration Wabi Sabi

If, on the other hand, you want a more intimate bedroom with less light, I advise you to be inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi. Reduced to its most intimate essence, the wabisabi is the Japanese art of appreciating beauty in imperfections.

How to decorate a wabi sabi style bedroom
Photography Greenwich Hotel Tribeca Penthouse.

The Japanese wabi sabi draws its three basic ideas directly from nature:

Nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, nothing is complete

The decoration wabi sabi to decorate bedrooms

There is no “miracle recipe” to adopt a wabi sabi decoration, although it does have some well-marked signs of identity:

Cracks and crevices in objects are celebrated, the marks that time, climate and use leave behind, natural materials, dull colors, peeling paint, rusted elements, frayed textiles, asperities and little light

Decoration of a wabi sabi space
Oliver Gustav Studio.

Read an in-depth article about: Wabi Sabi Decoration: Nature As Inspiration

The decoration of bedrooms in 9 steps

Whether large or small and regardless of the style of decoration you choose, your room should be as comfortable and cozy as possible. Let’s start then, with the first step to achieve it, which would be the choice of color for the room.

Choice of color for the decoration of the room

The choice of color is essential in a bedroom. Instead of betting on strong colors, Choose neutral, creamy or earthy colors, in their softest versions. Once the color is chosen, you will have to decide if you want it in a cold or warm tone.

Remember the color theory:

  • The warm colors They have a stimulating effect.
  • While the cold colors They tend to be soothing and relaxing.
How to paint the wall of my room
Styling Annabell Kutucu | Photography Brechenmacher & Baumann Photography.

Pastel colors in bedroom decoration

The soft tones of blue, lavender or green, are considered calm and serene and can contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Cream colors to paint the walls of the room
Jotun Collection 2019.

If you bet on the pastel colors for the decoration of your room, a piece of good advice is accenting the walls with dark wood furniture. And thus prevent the bedroom from looking too childish.

Dark wood furniture to counteract the color of the wall

Neutral tones: White, gray and beige in the bedroom

The neutral shades of beige, gray and white are elegant, serene and welcoming. If you opt for neutral colors for your room, you will need some warmth, so don’t be afraid to play with textures such as linen, wool and furs (imitation, please).

Neutral colors to decorate the bedroom at home
Photography Ragnar Omarsson.

Earth tones to decorate the room

The earth tones like the terracotta are warm and dynamic and evoke nature. And they have the advantage of marrying very well with many other colors.

Earth colors in bedroom decoration
Styling Niki Brantmark | Photography

Don’t overlook the ceiling of the room

The ceiling is the fifth wall of your room. When you lie down in bed, do you see a surface without personality and empty? If it bothers you, paint the ceiling with a slightly lighter version of the color of the wall. This will help visually lower the ceiling and give the space a feeling of greater intimacy.

Colors for the rooms

Keep the bedroom as simple as possible

A bedroom must have a relaxed and cozy look, regardless of the style of decoration you choose. Furnish your room with only what you need. A bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser and if you have enough space, a chair and a desk. Anything else is a disorder.

A bedroom should be a relaxed and cozy space
Photography Magazine AD.

Accessories must be kept to a minimum. Choose a beautiful work of art, hang some family photos, add flowers and candles, and that’s it. Less is more!

Accessories to the minimum in the decoration of rooms
Photography Southwood.

To facilitate movement, leave a minimum of space between the bed and the side walls or furniture. Think about how to walk around the bed to do it every morning, or to go to the bathroom, at night.

space between the bed and the wall in a sleeping room
Photography Kirill Bergart.

Choose the right size of furniture for the room

When you’re ready to buy the bedroom furniture, begin with a floor plan and a drawing of space measured at scale. Furniture must be adapted to the rooms, and this is particularly true for bedroom furniture. Don’t choose a large dresser for a small room. If the ceiling is high, a tall cabinet will help reduce it to size.

size of furniture for the room
Styling Susanna Veto | Photography Matri.

If your bedroom is big, choose also furniture according to the size of the room. Add a sofa or place a piece of modern furniture at the end of the bed. Furniture and accessories that are too small will be lost in a large room.

furniture according to the size of the room

Storage in the bedroom: Out of disorder

To add a sense of order and serenity in the bedroom, store things out of sight. The room will look quieter and more spacious.

Order in the bedroom
Photography Petra Bindel.

Choose a bedside table with drawers where you can have your things at your fingertips but out of sight. For more storage space, select a small dresser with drawers.

storage furniture in the bedrooms

You can use a trunk at the foot of the bed to store additional sheets, blankets and pillows. You can also use a wooden bench as a side table.

wooden bench as side table in a bedroom

For books and accessories easily accessible, a shelf that occupies the entire wall can be a great solution.

Wall to wall shelf in a room

Include a private corner in the room

Pamper yourself and take a break with a quiet place to sit and read. Create an intimate reading or resting area with a comfortable chair and a footrest at the end of the bed or in a corner.

Chair to read in the room

If you have space, accommodate an area below the bedroom window. Enjoy the view and natural light. You will appreciate it!

area under the bedroom window

Bedding for room decoration

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so Choose a quilt that you like and center your decoration around it. Maybe you want to create a completely white oasis, or maybe you prefer more ethnic patterns, or maybe you prefer more fun and daring colors. Whatever your style to decorate, Start with the bedding to help set the overall tone of the room.

decoration around the bed in the room

Do you need help to choose a color? To create a relaxing space, choose shades of blue, green and lavender. To energize the space, choose terracotta, yellow and metallic.

earth tones for bed clothes

You spend a third of your time at home in the bedroom, so it’s worth investing in high-quality bedding. There is nothing that adds more comfort to a room like soft sheets.

Decoration of bedrooms with linen
Styling Danielle Verheul | Photography Sjoerd Eickmans.

Flax is ideal because it is a natural fiber, it is breathable and absorbs moisture.

The linen to decorate rooms
Photography Paulina Arcklin.

Cover the bedroom windows

For those who sleep late, thick curtains or dark curtains will let in minimal amounts of natural light. On the contrary, early risers may prefer lighter curtains such as linen, so they can filter the light and dawn with the sun.

Linen curtains in the bedroom
Photography Anders Bergstedt.

A beautifully dressed window will help to frame it and provide another way to add color and texture to a bedroom. You can also opt for roller blinds that can be lowered to maintain privacy at night and block light in the morning.

Curtains and blinds in the interiors
Photography Rafael Gamo.

Lighting in the bedrooms

In a bedroom, it is good to “place” lighting throughout the room:

  • The environmental light will illuminate the entire bedroom
  • The small lamps can focus light to read
  • And the accent light will caress the walls with soft lighting.
Lighting in the bedroom
Styling Michelle Halford – TDC / Photography Wendy Fenwick.

To direct the reading light where you need it, use an oscillating arm wall lamp. Each light must be adjustable with an attenuator. Install a separate on / off switch for each light so you can be selective and illuminate only the area you want.

wall lamp for the room
Styling Pella Hedeby / Photography Kristofer Johnsson for Elle Decoration.

Let your bedroom be a true oasis of tranquility

Try to make an effort to keep your cell phone, computer, TV, exercise machine out of the bedroom. Creates a place to relax and renew. You will love having a room dedicated to reading, dreaming and intimacy.

Ideas to decorate bedrooms

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