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How to hide the TV

What fun to hide the television. The silly box seems to be the embarrassment of decorating magazines, I suppose it is unsightly and they remove it before taking photos. If you are one of those who cannot, or do not want, to integrate the TV into your decoration, here are ideas about how to hide the tv and put it in a safe place. Let’s go there!

How to hide the television

How to hide the TV

And you? Are you one of those you want to hide the tv? If you are reading this article, I suppose you are one of the detractors of the television. Personally, it is not that I love the presence of TV but, as I am above all practical, I think that the solution of having it in view is the most functional. We also show you several original home projects that hide the TV.

A picture above the fireplace hides the television. You will need the frame to be light, light. You will also have to install a guide with a slide to move the frame whenever you want, you go to the TV easily. apartmenttherapy.com

We show you similar camouflage techniques, adapted to the different decorative styles of homes: elledecor.com

Even a screen could serve to hide the television from view: myhomeideas.com

Image: dailydecorator

Another idea to hide the TV in the living room

This hobby of hiding television in the living room area is not new. So much so that there are even living room furniture that encloses it in a closet. Look at this example, a composition of furniture that is ideal and within which the appliance is hidden. Thanks to modern, flat-screen TVs, not much cabinet depth is required.

Some living room furniture already includes the option to hide the TV. But as you will see in the images, if you do not want to buy a new piece of furniture it will be easy for you to adapt to the one you already have to hide the TV.

How to hide the TV
How to hide the TV
How to hide the TV
How to hide the TV

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