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Keys to renew the office

If you are about to renew your office, we advise you to sit down, prepare a coffee, and join us to learn the keys to making the renovation of your work area with a success. We also tell you what are the most frequent mistakes that people usually make in the decoration and distribution of offices.

Tips to renew the office

Keys to renew the office

1- Space, very important: it is clear, the quantity of furniture, as well as the size of it, will be defined by the available space. Whether we are going to renew the office or home, the first thing we will need is a plan with real measurements. We don’t need to make a work of art. It is simply a sketch to have on hand and check at a glance if a table fits in a hole, or if a shelf is the size of the wall, that easy … And although it seems silly this will save you time because you will not have to return any object.

Renew the office
Miske table

Do you know the ideal measures to work comfortably in terms of an office or study table? Well, we will tell you. So you don’t fall into the typical mistake of buying too big furniture. Or uncomfortable and poorly functional furniture. You should know that a table should not be less than 60cm deep and 80 cm wide to be optimal for working long hours. Although this will depend on what we want to place on it. And of course the bigger the more comfortable. As long as it does not hinder or interrupt the passageway or accesses. You also have to take into account that the height of your table should be approximately 75 cm. Think that you need a space for the legs of at least 60 cm. And remember to leave comfortable passage areas of at least 70 cm.

Renew office
Shape chair

Another frequent mistake that is usually made when buying office furniture is prioritizing its design over its functionality. No Please! Imagine the hours you are going to spend sitting in your office chair. An ergonomic piece that meets basic quality standards is what you need, your body will thank you. Your chair must have at least adjustable height and armrests.

Renew office
nely table

2- The lighting: natural light is recommended to work and also you will save a paste on the receipt! That is why we advise you to place your work table near a window if possible. There are numerous studies that go further and affirm that working with natural light affects your health and that of your workers. Our body absorbs natural light and this allows us to better sleep, less risk of disease, better mental health, less stress, etc …

Office lighting
Office lighting
Tokyo armchair

3- The order: a key detail that makes work easier, saves time and improves productivity. But for an office to be tidy it must be provided with storage elements. Bet on shelves, shelves, filing cabinets, drawers. The amount will depend on the space you have but here more is better. And you’ll see for yourself the benefits of order in the workplace. Order favors concentration, avoids distractions, reduces stress, creates more beneficial environments where both we and workers feel comfortable.

Multipurpose cabinet
Renew office

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