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Kitchen ideas with beautiful unexpected features –

Are you looking for kitchen ideas with beautiful unexpected features? Here we are to help you. Spending time on the kitchen design is an overwhelming process. Sometimes the information can seem puzzling. And if you don’t know where to start, start with the budget. Kitchen decoration is an expensive investment, but if you plan to spend money, you can pay when it is resold. Another question to ask yourself is what your goals are, what is missing from your current kitchen design and what you would like to see.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Your kitchen may be perfectly beautiful but you need a touch of interest. The first idea we give them is to think about changing the countertops. There is a wide variety of materials for countertops. For modern style spaces, it is best to opt for the ever-popular glossy finishes. An example of such a material is quartz. And for good reason, quartz is virtually indestructible. Although granite is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of countertops, the 2020 kitchen trends say NO. We are sorry to tell you that granite continues to decline in popularity. It is also super porous and gets dirty very easily if not properly cared for.

White kitchen ideas? In 2020 better not. Goodbye white kitchens. We already know that the appeal of a white kitchen is timeless but we advise you to review the fantastic alternatives full of rich colors this year. Why not consider choosing kitchen furniture in distinctive shades?

And as we all know, white kitchens are much more difficult to maintain on a daily basis, so one more point for colored furniture.


Instead of white, consider setting up a more melancholic hue in your kitchen with an unexpected and attractive color to create a richer, more nuanced look.

We advise you to consider the dramatic and dark green color so trendy in 2019 down to the most earthy terracotta or even more vibrant shades, consider adding high energy feel with colors that evoke emotion and a positive spirit.

open-plan-design-kitchen-dining room

Who doesn’t love kitchen design with matte finishes? We are in luck this season the matt cabinets and appliances are the most popular. And for the housewives, we have other good news they are much easier to keep clean and will surely not go out of style in the coming years. Thanks to their always fresh charm.

Last year the trend was to go for all-white kitchens, but now you can think of darker tone and black kitchen ideas overall it is sure to quickly add a chic drama feel to any home it is easier to care for and is a classy alternative if wants a contemporary design.


The geometric motifs with a square shape are presented as a light nod to the industrial style. We have become accustomed to clean, symmetrical straight lines, everywhere but why not add some Moroccan tiles to give your kitchen color.

Add an exotic note to your kitchen decor with intricately designed Spanish and Moroccan tile backsplashes for much greater visual impact.

Kitchen ideas-ideas-dining-design

If you like to entertain, double ovens are the easiest way to cook various dinner dishes to perfection – they are an unexpected but personalized and exclusive idea for your home. With two ovens at different temperatures, there is no need to juggle while cooking, and the space is always abundant. Explore original kitchen furniture with the freedom to experiment while adding a sense of play at all times.

Kitchen ideas with a light touch of color

Kitchen ideas-color-furniture-orange

Today we say goodbye to many things and trends, stainless steel is one of them.

Like any good interior design trend, this one has also come to an end.

So, forget about stainless steel appliances, accessories, and finishes and choose pieces that come in neutral tones or others with colorful and patterned elements.

If you can’t choose between a beautiful pendant or lamp or a recessed ceiling, why not incorporate both? With an increasing focus on lighting as a decorative element, the mix of different styles and types has never been so great in kitchens, and the trend allows you to celebrate multiple aesthetics.

kitchen ideas-decorate-wall-ideas

In a well-designed kitchen, lighting serves several functions. For kitchens, there has definitely been an increase in pendant lamp designs for use on the islands.

Modern kitchen ideas

Take time to think about how your cooking space works and how different types of light (ambiance, layer, and task) can best meet your needs. Then consider varying the style between accessories, such as combining mid-century pendants with French country appliques.

kitchen-style-design ideas

Shades of blue will continue to be popular in the new year, as evidenced by Pantone’s choice for 2020 Color of the Year. And it’s no wonder that this friendly and approachable shade is ideal for kitchens. The blue kitchen is extremely versatile. Its different shades have relaxing qualities that induce a feeling of comfort at home and feel almost neutral.

Kitchen ideas with a blue furniture


In 2020 you will see popping up on cabinet handles, drawer pulls, faucets, and lighting fixtures, the brass finishes on accent elements add a touch of shine to your kitchen design. And no matter the finish (satin, uncoated or polished brass), this metal is an elegant statement. Metal offers a classic and timeless look while remaining bold and contemporary. We will see that it will continue in 2020. The finish combines very well with most kitchen design styles.


In a kitchen, less can really mean more. What we mean is that the surfaces must be free of clutter plus think of alternatives for your cabinets, from shelves to works of art, whatever. For a modern and contemporary home, opt for timeless straight lines to echo the minimalist vibe.


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