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Marble designs for modern interiors

In recent decades, marble for interiors has been forgotten in interior design. Chances are when you think of marble interior décor you will imagine large bedrooms built from top to bottom with cold stone. Or maybe when you think of marble as a design element, the first thing that comes to mind is an ornate sculpture in your grandmother’s perfect great room. Thus imagined, marble is neither modern nor very elegant, marble decoration is always very elegant and we are going to demonstrate it in our selection of photos today.


Marble decoration has returned to the world of interior design. However, the key to keeping this trend fresh is to use interior marble in small doses as accents or decorative elements, not in amounts that overwhelm the eye. In the case of interior marble, the options are many, so how do you integrate marble decoration into your interior design? In this article, we will show you several contemporary ways to use marble in your decoration to create an interior with classic touches without going out of the way.

Modern living room design with marble decorative elements

Marble columns to delimit the space

The open plan living room has become very common. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small studio or a large modern home, this type of floor plan opens up the space creating a less crowded and confined environment. However, although your interior may lack some walls, you will need to demarcate the space to keep it better organized. So why not let your interior marble décor do the work for you?


Marble columns for contemporary interiors

Marble columns are, of course, the obvious answer in this case. But the marble columns that you are going to choose don’t have to look like something from the Middle Ages. It is quite possible to choose marble columns with straight edges and relatively few decorative touches to give the space a slightly more industrial feel.

Remember, columns don’t have to be floor to ceiling. You can think of creating a half wall with columns that separate the spaces, letting your gaze pass through the entire space. Marble on the walls or the floor. The word “or” here is key. If the walls and floors are covered in marble, space can end up looking too cold and sterile. However, by choosing only the marble walls or only the marble floor, you will have the possibility to add a classic touch to the interior while combining it with more contemporary materials. Regardless of where you decide to decorate with interior marble, there are many ways to execute the design.

Also, consider including marble in your kitchen backsplash. Use marble décor as an alternative to traditional cladding in the dining room or bathroom. You can also add a touch of marble to your living room by framing the room with a marble bench.


If you choose marble decoration on the floor, in this case the entrance is a very good option because it is generally a more formal space. You can also make your dining room a bit more artistic by using marble for your dining room table decoration. Marble is also a perfect option to make the bedroom more luxurious.


Marble as a countertop

This may be a long-standing practice, but marble is yet to be lost among today’s panoply of countertop options. Natural marble has an unreplicable pattern and every marble slab is different, which means that you are going to have a truly unique countertop.

This stone is also available in a variety of colors including off-white, ocher, gray, and even black. However, you should know that marble isn’t heat resistant and etches easily. So to remedy this, consider installing polished marble with a matte finish.

Marble shelves

Have you ever thought of marble for your work table or your shelves? Yes, please. Marble is a perfect material for people who like soft materials because the combination of marble and these materials is just lovely. Pair your marble workbench or shelves with light colors to elevate the look.

marble-for interiors-design-kitchen-style

Marble kitchen backsplash

If you are a fan of clean kitchens in light colors, the marble kitchen backsplash seems like a good choice to look at. The marble backsplash is easy to clean and maintain. Besides this, marble can be easily integrated into any kitchen style giving them a touch of classic elegance.


Marble furniture

Although at first glance it may seem a bit uncomfortable, in combination with the right pieces, marble is an excellent material for furniture. Marble is a solid and resistant material that will last forever. So don’t be afraid to invest in a decorative piece or marble piece of furniture. Marble can last a long time without affecting its good appearance.

How to choose the right marble pieces for your interior? Make sure you take your measurements first. Since marble is particularly heavy and unforgiving, you need to make sure your new purchase fits the space well before purchasing. On top of that, there’s no need to stick to neutral marble tones. The colored marble table can give you exactly the amount of color you need to revive your living room decor.

The marble tables are always very beautiful. You can also replace the center wooden island in your kitchen with a marble island to create a visual transition from the oven to the living room. The marble coffee table, on the other hand, will add a little more elegance to your living room. You can also think about using the marble tables as garden furniture because they will be sturdy enough to survive the vagaries of the weather outside.

marble-for interiors-dining-table

Marble for the bathtub or bathroom sink

If you want to incorporate marble as an accent and not as a surface, sinks and bathtubs are a great option. This way, the marble becomes less attractive and you just have to find the correct size and design and install it in the space of your choice. It is also a convenient way to incorporate more expensive and luxurious accessories into your small apartment or house.


When shopping for marble accessories, you should focus on one or two pieces of marble for the room. A couple of marble lamps would be a decorating focal point by your bed or in the living room. Marble chandeliers are also a romantic touch for your bathroom.

For a more subtle look, you can focus on pieces inspired by marble. They offer the same classic decor feel but without the high cost. A wall picture or plaque with marble designs and natural marble colors may be all you need to decorate your home.

marble-for interior-bathroom-bath-wall

Other uses of marble

Marble has been used since ancient times for sculpture and also as a decorative building material. It has also been used a lot in temples. Marble has many uses for outdoor sculpture. This stone is also used for decorative accents such as stairs, hallways, etc.


Types of marble

It won’t work directly to define what marble is. It all depends on the species.

The main division is distinguished:


Natural marble

It is a natural stone. A rock that forms naturally. The base is calcite crystals, that is, limestone. During the formation process, it can mix with other minerals. Impurities affect the:



Graphite marble gray, bluish or black;
various iron compounds give:
pink and red marble (sometimes with a reddish tint);
ocher, that is, yellow marble (in combination with limonite);
green marble;
Decorativeness – the presence of veins and fancy patterns.

The beauty of this material is also given by the peculiarity of the internal structure. In other words, the structure of the marble. Represents picturesquely compressed grains of different sizes.

The force depends on its size. Fine-grained marble is more resistant.

To improve the natural characteristics of the use of marble:

Impregnation. Increases resistance to wear. Protect the surface.
Polymerization. Transparent protection against the absorption of dyes.
Crystallization. The surface is treated with a thermochemical method to compact the top layer.

Natural materials are always popular. A unique pattern appears on the treated surface. Natural design. The marble in the interior is always a unique and unexpected participant. But it must be taken into account that its production has been going on for a long time, the reserves are decreasing, this affects the cost, which is high.


How to distinguish natural from artificial marble? – Natural marble, unlike artificial:

The coolest artificial marble that has no glare or glass reflections. But if it has a crystalline structure it is visible in the fracture and dissolves when exposed to acid. To check this, it is better to take saltwater and dilute. At this time, carbon dioxide will be released.
Pros and cons of marble

The ideal finishing material is still a dream. Let’s take the issue of election seriously.


The ideal finishing material is still a dream. Let’s take the issue of election seriously.

Advantages of natural marble

Durability 100-150 years. Almost the entire period of use remains unchanged. It has a stable internal crystal structure. There will be no chips on the outside and no internal cracks. It lends itself well to processing. Even the most daring ideas can come to life. Bas-reliefs, high reliefs, sculptural elements, figured moldings.
Hard marble types are resistant to low temperatures as water cannot penetrate the material. Hot items can be placed.
Resistant to chemical influences and aggressive substances.
Friendliness of the environment. Harmful bacteria don’t accumulate on the surface of the marble. Improves the composition of the air due to its bactericidal properties. It doesn’t emit toxic substances, the heated surface is no exception. Resistant to sunlight. Gorgeous texture, exquisite colors, and shades, patterns.

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