Minimalist decoration in the home
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Minimalist Decoration: Definitive Guide (2019)

The minimalist decoration is a style characterized by the intention to simplify as much as possible (less is more), get rid of all the superfluous elements and reduce the decoration to the essentials. And we love the idea! Do you?

The minimalism is a movement that went from art to design and interior decoration in the 1920s, but which today is still considered one of the most innovative styles.

If you want to embrace the minimalist style, but you don’t know where to start, then I show you their main ideas, so you can apply them in your home.

What is minimalist style decoration: Less is more

The minimalist decoration is based on reducing things to the essentials and get rid of everything superfluous; which means that in minimalist interiors, functionality prevails before everything else. As designer Buckminster Fuller said, “Do more with less.”

Minimalist decoration in the home

Minimalist room decoration

In the bedroom of this sober but beautiful house in Copenhagen, the furniture is limited with bed and a small bedside table. Paper lamps are the only real ornaments and serve a well-defined and practical purpose. In a minimalist room, even the decorative elements have a purpose. Give each piece a reason to be there.

How to decorate a minamlista bedroom
Styling Natalie Dubrovska | Photography Dubrovska Studio.

The minimalist decoration of the living room

Focus on the essence of things, eliminate and limit yourself to the essentials without compromising comfort and well-being it is the best way to give your salon a healthy dose of minimalism. A clear example is this wonderful room designed by the Belgian architect and interior designer Nicolas Schuybroek. Warm, elegant and cozy. Less is more!

How to decorate a minimalist style living room
Estilsmo Nicolas Schuybroek.

The furniture as a starting point

Build the spaces around the furniture. In decorating a room, let the bed be the focal point, without much more to distract attention.

Minimalist style bedroom

Whether it is the decoration of the living room or a dining room, Focus your design on the main seating area, whether sofas or chairs. The key is to allow the rest of the design elements to perform a supporting for the main furniture, instead of stealing the main interest.

Design furniture in minimalist decoration
The Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen.
How to decorate a dining room in minimalist style
Seen in

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The furniture you select will play a central role in the design of your home, you should pay special attention. Less but of quality. Do not be afraid to invest in high-quality items that resist the great attention they will receive.

Design furniture in minimalist spaces
Seen in
Design chair in a minimalist space
The Rose Chair of Massproductions.

As for aesthetics, focus on the choice of furniture that also follow the minimalist approach. Opt for simple clean lines and natural materials such as wood, whenever possible.

Minimalist style desk table
Styling Olivia Bossy | Photography Tom Ross.

The shapes in minimalist style decoration

After selecting the furniture consider the shape of each piece. Think of the basic forms: squares and rectangles. Then think about the most common lines used in the design: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag and curves.

Textures to decorate a house in minimalist style
Haily Hill’s photography.

The followers of the De Stijl movement, which began in 1917 and is considered the predecessor of minimalism, limited itself to these forms to simplify and reach the core essence of art. While there is no need to be so strict in the choice of forms, sticking to the basics will unify the room.

The shapes in the minimalist interiors
Furniture by Armeé Allsop | Photography Glen Allsop.

A unit should present the room as a complete package and, therefore, minimized. The lack of abstract details will allow the eye to wander.

Minimalist interior decoration

In the master bedroom shown in the following image, the squares and rectangles dominate the room. The frame of the bed is composed of two square slabs that are parallel to each other. The base of the bed and the walls are rectangular cut. The most daring forms are the zigzag legs of the African-inspired benches and the curved shape of the pot.

Minimalist room


Space in the minimalist style decoration

Before starting to decorate, pay attention to the spaces. It could be said that the space between the furniture is, without doubt, more important than the furniture itself. And this is very evident in modern salons, where open spaces and visual lightness are so important.

The space in the minimalist houses

Empty space is considered a very important element in minimalist decoration since space interacts with objects and defines their appearance. Visual balance is equally important and can only be achieved by having a focal point.

The focal point in minimalist interiors
Sculpture by Bo Arenander | Odem Atelier Photography.

Flowing spaces

Designed as an “urban loft”, this house has been designed by the renowned Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen. Attention to space is a common denominator in Vincent’s work. And this project is a good proof of that.

The spaces in the interiors of minimalist style
Penthouse by Vincent van Duysen | Photography Koen Van Damme.

The apartment, located in Antwerp, has wide and open spaces that flow togather. Simple and pure, cozy and warm.

decoration of a minimalist style apartment
Penthouse by Vincent van Duysen | Photography Koen Van Damme.


Surrounding walls and unnecessary elements

A good idea is to get rid of the walls. The minimalist rooms don’t want to delimit each other.

Open spaces and diafanos in the minimalist decoration

In the following image, kitchen furniture, dining table, and sofa in the living room, fit together. There are no limits that mark where is the kitchen and where should you watch television. The minimalist design always offers a generous portion of blank space between its various zones. Do the same at your house.

Industrial loft interior

Textures: your secret weapon to decorate with the minimalist style

As minimalist spaces are very clean, they can seem boring and tend to be cold, especially if the color palette chosen is based on neutral tones (which is normal). To avoid this, and break the monotony of a restricted color scheme, you can play with different textures.

Ceramics and wood in the minimalist interiors
Photography Elisabeth Heier.

The textures play a key role in creating a warm and natural environment: natural wood, cork, stone, ceramics, rattan and wicker, and warm textiles such as wool and linen, they will add warmth and comfort. Textures are your secret weapon!

Comfort and warmth with warm textiles

Wood, stone, ceramic, wicker and rattan in the minimalist interiors

Located in Holmen, a coastal district of Copenhagen, the MD Townhouse has been designed by the Norwegian architect Danielle Siggerud. The combination of the rugged roughness of the wooden beams with the smooth surface of the natural stone creates a very elegant atmosphere.

Wood and plaster walls in a minimalist interior
Photography Danielle Siggerud.

Near Antwerp, in Belgium, the Silo Apartment, a project carried out by the Belgian architect Arjaan De Feyter. Strongly influenced by Axel Vervoordt,Arjaan has used wood, linen and lush carpet to give a touch of warmth and a natural accent to the living room of the apartment.

Textures and warm textiles to decorate minimalist houses
Photography Piet Albert Goethals.

Use of textures and various materials continues in the kitchen. The countertops are made from travertine marble slabs of titanium color, while the cabinets are made of wood, in ash color.

Stone and wood in a minimalist kitchen
Photography Piet Albert Goethals.

In this bedroom, the variety of textures and natural materials carefully selected by Vincent van Duysen, it stimulates all our senses. Refined but organic!

minimalist style bedroom
Penthouse by Vincent van Duysen | Photography Koen Van Damme.

Seaside Abode is a minimalist and elegant country house designed by Norm Architects and located in North Zealand, Denmark. The house combines the elegant Scandinavian minimalism with accents of Zen Japanese aesthetics. The interior designer Laura Bilde, it has served as decorative accents in the form of ceramic and wood, to add some notes of warmth.

Ceramic and wood to decorate a minimalist interior
Architect Norm Architects | Styling Laura Bilde.
House with minimalist architecture and design
Architect Norm Architects | Styling Laura Bilde.

How to use color in minimalist style decoration

Neutral colors to decorate a house in a minimalist style

The claim of the minimalist decoration is to create balanced, simple and clean spaces. The color choice must meet that goal. Traditionally, these spaces are based on a monochromatic palette in neutral tones and colors, such as white, gray and beige.

Neutral colors in minimalist decoration
Sundling Kickén Styling | Photography Kristofer Johnsson.

When you are building space with neutral tones , it is crucial to add enough variety of color to prevent the room from looking too homogeneous and, by extension, boring. For this, the 60/30/10 rule it’s key. Choose a tone to be the dominant base of the room, another to act as a secondary complement color and a third, which is reserved for accents.

Minimalist lounge in neutral tones
Styling Kate Zimmerman | Photography

Despite the muted brown colors and the cold shades of gray, this apartment exudes a serene warmth. The wood softens Béton Brut surfaces in a visual symphony where each line, texture, material, and tone has its specific purpose. Works of art dress the walls, adding the perfect final touch to an attic full of personality and character.

Neutral colors to decorate minimalist style spaces
C Penthouse by Vincent van Duysen | Photography Koen Van Damme.

In Morocco, located on the top of a hill at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, stands Villa E. with a clever mix of contemporary Western minimalism and the warm, earthy colors of Moroccan aesthetics. Villa E. has managed to combine the design of both cultures to achieve a very inspiring interior.

Earth colors in a minimalist design house
Photography Daniel Glasser and Philippe Garcia.

Bright colors in minimalist style decoration

The kitchen is an ideal place to incorporate brighter colors. In the minimalist spaces, the dining table and the kitchen, often share the same space. So you may not want the area where you dine and wine with your family and friends, look too boring. Primary colors, such as yellow and blue, in their purest colors, are a good option for this.

Minimalist style kitchen in white

Floors in minimalist interiors

The polished concrete and the wood, are two of the most popular flooring options for a minimalist design. The minimalist architect Mies van der Rohe, preferred building materials considered modern in the first half of the twentieth century, such as steel and industrial glass, due to its pure and simple nature.

How to decorate a minimalist bathroom
Styling Natalie Dubrovska | Photography Dubrovska Studio.

You can follow the example of van der Rohe and apply the same principle with cement, concrete, and wood. Even in the decoration of the walls.

Minimalist style sink
Photography Daniel Glasser and Philippe Garcia.

To add some warmth, you can use a carpet of neutral tones, such as a jute rug, for example.

Space of minimalist inspiration

Hidden storage in the minimalist home

No room could be considered functional without having enough storage space. The living interiors should accommodate a lot of belongings and the minimalist spaces are no exception. The only difference is in how your storage solutions are displayed.

Order and organization in minimalist interiors

In this case, hidden storage is your best friend. Whether it’s placed behind a closed door or under a staircase, the key to maintaining a minimalist look is making sure that everything disordes stays out of sight.

Hidden storage solutions
Photograph by Petra Bindel for

Don’t be afraid to add some more furniture or storage systems to the room, if necessary. The most important is to make sure everything is hidden and in order.

Organization in minimalist interiors
Photograph by Petra Bindel for

Do you dare to let go of all the superfluous and embrace the minimalist decoration In your home? We hope you enjoyed this article and you can always find more images and inspiration on our Pinterest page. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and give a 5-star ranking above if you like us. Stay tuned for more posts like this. You can subscribe to get every idea to your mail. If you want us to write about a topic, we always welcome comments and ideas, feel free to write them below. 

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