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Modern interior gardens 25 photos and design tips

The interior gardens have been an important feature of houses for centuries. The aristocrats of yesteryear had beautiful winter gardens or greenhouses, places with a special charm, proof of the high status of the owner of the house. These winter gardens were structures specially designed and equipped for the cultivation of plants. Today the interior gardening has changed and there are many creative options to enjoy fantastic modern interior gardens.

Modern interior gardens

We will see spectacular examples not only in communal areas but also trends in residential gardens, from the smallest made from herbs to green walls.

Design of modern interior gardens

How to make an interior garden? What is the best option and how to combine it with the design of the house? There are many options: green walls, vertical gardens, integrated plant containers in the interiors. The choice depends on the available space, your tastes, and personal preferences.

Plants and complements of an interior garden

There is a rich variety of plants that are suitable for indoor growing. All require constant care, attention, irrigation, and fertilization, so it is, in reality, a great responsibility. It is best to consult with a specialist what kind of plants are suitable for your home and the conditions for cultivation. In this way, you will be able to guarantee the most favorable conditions for the plants and at the same time save time, effort and money in the maintenance of the interior garden.

Design of interior gardens of a small house

Here we see a plan of a small smart house that creates hidden spaces from outside, in a wooden box in the most impossible place, with only views of the ugly apartment towers that loom over it. It is a very basic and simple example that can serve as inspiration.

Tiny patios inside the wooden box bring filtered light and some green areas, create a suggestion of a Zen garden around each room.

At night, intelligent lighting transforms the same space: the adoption of the outer part as an extension of the interior.

The most surprising part of the design is a small courtyard with a garden on each side of a short hallway in the center of the house. Looking from another side, seen from the living room, a garden on each side.

Each space has a Zen characteristic of serenity. Stones have been used in the gardens.

Seen from the side of the garage, the very discreet entrance door is almost hidden.

Upon reaching the entrance, the house is totally private.

The cedar fence not only hides the house but also eliminates the view from the inside towards the apartments that look out to it.

The most surprising thing about such a small house is that each angle is perfectly designed to provide a new and peaceful vision.

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