Modern kitchens with island
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Modern kitchen with an island: The best ideas

Your home deserves to look shiny, modern and spacious, where you can prepare your food with comfort and safety. In case you have a kitchen with an island, we show you some tricks to adapt it to your style.

Here are some simple tips of space, lighting, and decoration to create your modern kitchens with this style.

Make efficient use of available space

Modern kitchens with island

This is important. Before organizing furniture without a specific order, first measure the soil availability in square meters, you can help make a sketch to propose different options, either locating the island in L or in U. Prioritize a model with more space because you will use the kitchen on a daily basis and don’t want to stumble all the time.

Remember to respect the working triangle, that is, the space between the refrigerator, sink and the cooking area.

Kitchens with central island require ample space so that the furniture isn’t agglutinated. You can place it in the center, in parallel with the worktop.

On the other hand, for a small kitchen with island, we recommend you to position it in an L shape, in order to give a visual effect of greater amplitude.

Locating the U-shaped countertop provides a space for sharing meals with the family, as well as for the chef who likes to use a large space to prepare their meals.

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Combine with stools

Modern kitchens with island

If you live in a small apartment and you can not afford a dining room, try a bar with 2 or 3 metal, wooden or wicker stools, which will allow you to make family meals, in a comfortable way.

You will have fun choosing models of different textures, colors, and sizes that adapt to your style and the size of the island.

Look for small stools that you can store under the counter when you’re not using them. This will help you optimize your space.

Mobility and flexibility

Modern kitchens with island

The latest trend in decoration is the use of islands with wheels which can be blocked securely. In this way, you will have a portable element, which you can change position, when you need it when redecorating or making more space, during visits.

This metal furniture with wheels combines very well with modern kitchens with industrial and minimalist islands.

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Modern kitchens with island

Another strategy that can be very useful is the use of countertops in this space with divisions and internal cabinets to store your utensils, cutlery, crockery and pots in an orderly manner.

This will give this space practicality, order, and cleanliness. In the catalogs, modern countertops with transparent or steel drawers are available, where to store the wine and even refrigerate the ice.

A very chic and adorable idea is to locate a shelf at ground level to place your pet’s food dishes.

Find your own style of modern kitchen with island

Modern kitchens with island

The different materials, colors, and textures invite you to combine them with creativity in order to have your Dream kitchen.

The Scandinavian style It is in trend. If you like the coldest and most informal style, look for a solid wood countertop and metal stools or beige, white or pale yellow.

You can also add a touch of bright color with a patchwork rug.

Minimalism you can adapt to your need for space and taste. Choose a neutral color such as bright white or black and balance the palette with some green, blue or red detail of the chairs. Take care of the visual balance of colors.

Consider that light colors give you luminance and amplitude. If you are of a more daring personality, try painting a wall of a darker color or experimenting with a tile. For added warmth, the wood on the floor and countertop gives that romantic look you’re looking for.

When decorating your modern kitchen with an island, don’t forget all these aspects: available space, design, functionality, and style.

It is time to enjoy a modern, comfortable and safe space so that you feel comfortable inviting your family and friends and stand out with your culinary skills.

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