Christmas trees original modern walls
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Original and creative Christmas trees for the walls

Christmas trees original modern walls

Christmas is fast approaching, we are perhaps thinking of redecorating our homes or offices. So it’s the perfect time to dig up those decorations for DIY inspiration and start thinking about original Christmas trees. There are some Christmas traditions that we cannot give up. One of them is decorating the Christmas tree. It is a tradition that dates back many years. In fact, as life advances with technology, many new and creative ideas emerge. Making us adapt our spaces with Christmas fashion trends.

Original and simple Christmas trees

modern simple original christmas trees

This trend for original Christmas trees on the walls has great potential. A Christmas tree filled with many branches and several beautiful ornaments is what we would all love to add in our homes this winter. Unfortunately, lack of space prevents us from having many of the things we like. Still, a beautiful Christmas tree isn’t one of the things we have to give up due to lack of space.

original christmas trees golden balls

As a result, smart solutions aren’t that hard to find, especially when we have a creative mind. In this particular case, a Christmas tree on the wall could be just what we need for a small space. Even for others not so small if we take a look at some of the options we have found. These original Christmas trees aren’t real, at least not in most cases.

original christmas trees modern style

In fact, there are many different varieties to choose from, including some crafts. They may not be real trees, but they bring the spirit of Christmas to the house. It is simply what this is all about. It is really easy to assemble this type of wall tree. For some people, the Christmas tree is a must. But many times we think we can’t be a little more creative. Year after year we run out of options, but for this reason, we are here to inspire you to think more creatively.

original christmas trees ideas walls

There are many non-traditional trees made of different materials and most of them are already available. All you have to do is choose the appropriate type of tree. The original Christmas trees for the wall can be made of cards, corks, garlands, stickers, tubes, shelves, paper and much more. Not only is it an amazing idea for those who live in small houses; It is the perfect solution to celebrate the holidays.

original christmas trees lighting

This alternative idea of ​​the Christmas tree is for those who also have a large space and wish to continue decorating other rooms or small spaces. Here we offer many amazing wall art DIY ideas for Christmas. With a style suitable for everyone, these different ideas will turn the walls into something beautiful and original. Listed here are the best unconventional and different wall styles for Christmas trees.

original christmas trees lights diy

These original Christmas trees for the walls are loaded with Christmas joy. In addition to the advantage over space, there are others that we will mention below. The first is the design, Christmas trees for the walls can always be mixed and combined with other exclusive designs. Without inconvenience, it will be a symbol of the season in your home and an optional idea instead of a large Christmas tree.

original christmas trees christmas lights

Its easy assembly and design allow it to be practical for older people. Especially those who can not stand the placement and disassembly of a tree or who can not deal with the hours dedicated to the preparation of decorations. These ideas of original Christmas trees are ideal to control our budget. Christmas trees on the walls help to add more than one tree to a house with a minimum budget.

minimalist original christmas trees

In case you don’t have the time or space to place another. When it comes to offices it is another perfect option. We talk about a modern decorating idea for office parties, it will always be a fresh option. For temporary interior decoration will get us out of any trouble. In the case of children, it is the most economical, safe and clean way to decorate your room.

original christmas trees stickers red

As we mentioned, we won’t need much money or spend several hours to decorate and redecorate any area of ​​the house. These Christmas wall trees are unique, ecological. They are unusual for any modern house and an unpredictable suggestion for Christmas design. The Christmas tree lit on the wall with evergreen branches or adorned with string lights will really have a guaranteed impact.

simple original christmas trees

This lighted wall Christmas tree has the same traditional look to enjoy. It will even be durable enough as a focal point for the entertainment space during the holidays. The evergreen branches help hold Christmas lights, ornaments and bows. You can hang it anywhere, from the wall of a living room to a bedroom. It is perfect for a small apartment and small spaces.


Original Christmas trees like these should break with everything traditional. How about using it on a curtain. Just because the curtain isn’t the standard version of a real tree doesn’t mean it isn’t shocking. In fact, they have their own charm. Use flashy Christmas-inspired curtains with a painted Christmas tree. The illuminated curtain style of the Christmas tree can be hung on a wall or on a window.


It will have a completely unique appearance, finally, add colored LEDs to add light and joy to the Christmas decoration. A tree with flat wall decals is another great alternative and maybe the right choice instead. Decorating with Christmas wall decals is a simple way to incorporate a Christmas tree with many possibilities. All you need is a little space and a blank wall.


Pasting these wall stickers will take a short time. The decals are ecological and a simple way to have a tree during the holidays. They come in a wide range of cheerful designs and colors. The Christmas tree wall decal can be easily peeled off. It is also perfect for families who want a tree in various places in the house. Without the mess and without much effort we will leave the house clean at the end of the season.


It is a new way to improve our creativity and create an original project even with PVC pipes. Another option is paper or wood tubes. Any of the materials used should be cut in various sizes. With them, we can create a unique DIY Christmas tree and fill it with fun ornaments, figures, and different objects. Combine colors with the sides of each tube to make it striking and colorful.


This interesting decoration for the walls is economical and easy to make, it can be used year after year. This festive wall design will easily take you out of the craftsman inside. It will surely bring you much joy this season and will impress your guests. If you definitely like original Christmas trees, a reused object will have great potential. An illuminated wall tree that can be the center of attention during the holidays is tempting.


It is perfect if you have little space for a real tree. It is very easy to install since its technical process is very simple and we don’t need an expert or many things to do it. All you need to do is add a new long string of Christmas lights to a tree-shaped wall. The Christmas tree rope can be made of several colors or individual colors, contoured or zigzag-shaped.

Original Christmas trees with crafts


You can attach some branches or some ornaments, the option is only yours. This type of alternative Christmas light tree is the best idea to guarantee to light at any time in any home space. The furniture will become even our best ally when creating Christmas trees on the walls. Floating shelves if you are a book lover can be used to make creative Christmas trees and at the same time show your love for books.


This idea is very simple and excellent DIY alternative. The reason is that you can use a few books and simply recycle them from your Christmas tree. Instead, you can cover only some of your books to make the library look like a Christmas tree, achieving a Christmas shape on your bookshelf. This is an alternative Christmas tree very easy to make, but fun and colorful, and especially a nice tree for the children’s room.


The honeycombs are made of many types of colors and can be found in every home. Create a large or small Christmas tree, depending on your honeycomb space. It could be a multicolored or single-colored tree also depending on your mood and the time you have. It is a fun DIY project for Christmas. You can even fit in a real tree in a small apartment and especially for a family with children.


It is a Christmas trend that adapts easily to small spaces and if you don’t have space for a complete Christmas tree. Especially for people who still believe in the traditional natural tree. If you are one of those who like to look for new ideas to live with less and maintain our favorite tradition. A new half-wall Christmas tree is a good idea of ​​original Christmas trees.


It will appear to be real with thick and complete form from the front. There is no need to decorate the back that will be attached to the wall because nobody will see it. In the end, we will have a half-decorated Christmas tree and for half the cost too. The design of these trees adheres against the walls saving a great value space. A great idea of ​​a style that will give the same warm festive look and still look like a traditional Christmas tree.


The corners have always been a challenge in any decoration. With the Christmas trees, there is no exception, but they are also the perfect solution. A tree for the corners is a quarter-sized tree almost the same idea of ​​a half Christmas tree and with all its advantages and features. The Christmas tree for the corner wall fits and looks great in any corner. They are also the perfect choice for little space.


A Christmas tree with ribbons can be equally simple and also very easy to make in the field of original Christmas trees. All you need to do is find a canvas or cardboard, put a ribbon in the shape of a tree and then use twine. Similarly, the pins to decorate it with garlands and the usual decorations used in this era. This is something you can do if you don’t have room for a real tree in your home or if you want to add a festive touch to the office.


When it comes to Christmas trees, it’s not always about size, appearance or even color. The most important thing is the symbolism of the tree. Choosing one of these alternatives that we are giving you at this time will be excellent for both trees and your home, as it will actually save a lot of space. Even a slate tree really is great for the children’s room.


We like the minimalist nature of this project and the fact that we can do it with almost anything. Let’s say a door, a table or a simple piece of wood that we have at home. Original Christmas trees are a modern method of moving from traditional to singular trees. Get inspired by these beautiful Christmas tree ideas for the wall. Decorate your home or office with a different tree this year.


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