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Original DIY Valentine’s Day gifts


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, if you could give your loved ones the world, you would. DIY gifts that come from the heart are as close as possible. Do you want more affordable (and of course adorable) ideas? Check out these joyful crafts with which you can surprise your loved one. We know there is time until February 14 but you will be fully prepared with these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. Trust us: anyone would be happy to receive one of these beautiful gifts that are made with love. Finally, don’t forget to check our Valentine’s Day posts where you will find many more ideas and tutorials of beautiful and original DIY love gifts perfect to surprise your loved ones.

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

love gifts-ideas

We started with Valentine’s Day love potion! This aromatic idea of ​​essential oil can become your secret weapon! Essential oils are a fantastic way to naturally raise your mood. It is known that each of the oils in this gift of love has romantic, energizing and cheerful effects. Try spraying it on linen or in the room! It isn’t necessary to buy expensive air fresheners filled with chemicals. This little gem will create the environment naturally.

love gifts-potion-aroma

Ingredients for essential oil spray:

20 drops of rose oil
5 drops of lemon oil
5 drops of jasmine oil
5 drops of sweet orange oil
1 ml of vodka
Distilled water
Perfume bottle
Letter stickers

Use a small funnel to fill the perfume bottle halfway with alcohol. Add essential oils. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Replace the nozzle and shake the bottle to combine the ingredients. Decorate the bottle with letter stickers!

love gifts-potion-love

There is nothing better than giving yourself a rose-scented bath after a long day at work! The best thing about this type of love gifts is to be able to choose ingredients based on their natural benefits. This pink milk bath with sea salt will work like a charm for your body and mind. Milk has softening and exfoliating properties that will make your skin super soft. Himalayan pink salt soothes your aches and pains, leaving you rejuvenated. As an additional benefit, pink salt will also infuse the bath with healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It is known that rose essential oil calms, in addition to adding additional moisturizing benefits. This bathroom is perfect for relaxing on Valentine’s day or at any time.

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

love gifts-ideas-bathroom

You’ll love this DIY rose milk bath because it’s easy to do. It is perfect for Valentine’s day! Fill your bathroom with the soothing smell of roses. It is a great gift.
Will need:

1 cup dried milk powder

1 tablespoon rosebuds or rose petals

5-7 drops of rose essential oil

1 cup Himalayan pink sea salt

Mortar and Pestle

gifts of love-ideas-bathroom-aromatic

Add a handful of rosebuds to the mortar and crush. Combine powdered milk, sea salt, essential oil, and flowers together and store them in a glass jar.

love gifts-milk-bath-roses

If your loved one is a candle lover, this idea of ​​DIY gifts will love it, it is a hidden candle between crystals, a great project that lovers will enjoy! What better way to deal with dark and cold winter days than with a candle? But not just any candle: one that is filled with beautifully scented essential oils and covered with a handful of crystals. The finished product is a decorative work of art and improves mood. In addition, it is super easy to do!

How to make this candle

wide mouth glass or bowl
500 grams of soy wax
essential oil
three wicks



DIY Valentine’s Day gifts


First, fill a small, heat-resistant measuring cup with soy wax and heat it in the microwave for a minute. Remove from the microwave and stir with a disposable utensil (wooden chopsticks and skewers work very well for this). Continue to heat the wax in increments of one minute until it melts completely.


Then, let the wax cool for a minute, then add 30 drops of the essential oil of your choice. It is important to add it in this step because if you add it before heating the wax, the temperature can cause the aroma to dilute.

After that, pour a thin layer of wax into the bottom of your bowl or bowl. Let the wax cool for a few minutes and, while waiting, trim the wicks.


When the wax has hardened, place the three wicks in the bottom of the bowl, making sure to space them evenly. Let the wax harden a little more before moving on to the next step.

Then, pour the rest of the wax over the first layer. At this point, you may have to melt more wax, depending on the size of your container. Once your container has been filled with wax until about 3/4, let it cool. We want the wax to barely set so that the crystals don’t sink into the bottom of the container.

Once the wax has hardened, start placing the crystals on top of the wax. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, use your fingers to gently press the crystals deeper into the wax.


If the crystals begin to sink, remove them and allow the wax to cool a little more. If the wax hardens too much before adding the crystals, it may break a little when you push them. Do not worry! Simply take your hairdryer and re-melt the top layer of wax. You could also simply melt a little more wax and pour a thin layer around the crystals if you find it easier.

The last step is to cut the wicks one more time so that they protrude a little from the wax. After the wax has dried completely (this will take a few hours), you are ready to wrap your gift.


We continue with this perfect miniature piñata of Valentine. Following the tutorial, you can make this piñata and surprise your loved one with something sweet.

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

You don’t need many things to do this mini DIY heart piñata. Here are the supplies.

Heart template (you can draw it or download it for free)
1 sheet of A4 size cardboard
3-4 sheets of tissue paper (the color that you or your loved one likes best)
Masking tape
A glue stick
A thread not very long
A wide variety of goodies such as chocolates, candy, stickers and more

Other supplies:
A pencil

First, cut out the paper template. Cut 2 hearts and 2 of the small strips. Trace these 4 pieces in the cardboard. And cut the 4 pieces in cardboard.

Next, we will build the sides. Place a flat cardboard heart on your work surface. Form and form the 2 strips in a curvilinear shape and place them on the top and center of the heart. Use the masking tape to glue the strips on the lower heart.

Make sure that when you are recording, your heart shape and cardboard strips are flush along the edges.

Now add more tape to the sides of the heart. Place the tape where you can easily place the second cardboard heart in place. We use small pieces of tape with which it is much easier to work than trying to use 1 long strip of tape!

The bottom of your heart will remain open like this. This place where you are going to fill your heart with all kinds of fun goodies! It is also perfect to break later when you are ready to celebrate and enjoy sweets!

Now, before sealing the bottom, let’s give this DIY heart piñata a little twist of thread. It is perfect if you want to hang it like a real piñata or use it in Valentine’s day decoration.

Cut a length of thread not too long. Twist the thread and tie a knot on one side. The other side will be a loop. Push your loop through the top and center of the heart as in the photo. And use a little more painter’s tape to fix the rope in place.

Fill the heart-shaped pinata with treats! Chocolate, sweets, or because not with another Valentine’s gift, such as a bracelet or a ring, nobody will expect it. To close it, wrap a section of tissue paper around the front, sides, and back of the piñata and stick it with duct tape. You will need to use a section of tissue for the left and right sides of the heart.

Now is the time to decorate the piñata! With the remaining tissue paper, cut the fabric into long strips. Cut fringes leaving the upper third intact. Cut evenly so they look super professional. Make your cuts up and down and space evenly from left to right.

If you don’t like pink here an idea of ​​bright piñatas.


Get ready for Valentine’s Day by making a large Piñata. The way to do it is the same as we explained to you, just use large cardboard boxes (the perfect way to recycle cardboard boxes) and red tissue paper to create this piñata Make the piñata of any size, fill it with candy, treats, and treasures!


One thing that can not be missing in our list of love gifts for Valentine’s Day is flowers. This DIY rose box is a smart but also an economical option and would be a great gift idea for the special day. If you have someone special in your life who wants to surprise, but the bank account doesn’t think the same, don’t fear. Check out this gift project that we show you below and you will have something absolutely beautiful the best thing is that nobody will realize that you have done it if you don’t say so.

So what do you need to create your own box of roses for DIY Valentine? This is the list of materials that were used in the project below:

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts



13 x 8 cm round paper mache box
Golden color spray paint
Marble print contact paper
12 pink roses
Wet block of floral foam
Organza ribbon
Gold tissue paper


To make this wonderful rose box. First, you must buy the roses that you think your loved one would most like, they don’t need to be the same color. Then it is time to assemble the house. For this, you need to wrap it in your marble contact paper to measure when you need paper and then gradually paste it in the same box so that its original color isn’t seen anywhere. The lid of the gold-colored pint box will serve as the basis for your gift.


After having everything ready you place the floral foam at the bottom of the box and on top of it you will place the golden tissue paper that stands out a bit and you start placing your roses. When everything is ready you can decorate with the organza ribbon. You know what the best part is, it won’t take more than an hour to create from beginning to end. Therefore, there are no excuses for not having enough time to put together something. Be sure to buy roses that have a tightly closed bud. The more open they are, the sooner they will die.


DIY Valentine’s Day gifts


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