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Patios and garden design | 40 photos and ideas

When we move to a house with a patio or garden, the first thing that comes to mind is the desire to enjoy it in the coming days of spring, when the plants and flowers become greener than ever. Many times we need to remodel that space, either because it is abandoned or because we want to adapt it to our needs. Here we show you some ideas for patios and gardens Real, not those that are seen in design magazines, that is, easy and economic ideas that you can make yourself.

Patios and gardens

Create an area to relax in patios and gardens

The garden should be a space where we can disconnect, relax and have fun. It must be a pleasure to be in our yards and gardens and that is easy to achieve. It can be a more enjoyable place if we create a living area. We can relax in the open air and meet with friends and family while we enjoy nature.

Patio with wooden floor, armchairs, table and umbrella

It is advisable to place accessories of strong colors that contrast with the green of the plants, such as red. This will make the garden look much more interesting to human eyes.

Patio with comfortable armchairs, and pots against the walls

You can create a place to relax and keep it simple, with a bohemian look. Geometric seats, carpets and vibrant colors, maintain an informal space, perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Courtyard with path bordered by plants, seat with cushions

You can create a rest area without much effort, with cushions of vibrant colors to accompany nature. As for vegetation, you will have good results if you play with different species and of different sizes.

garden with seats and cushions, small table and many silvers

You can create a perfect space to enjoy and have fun on summer nights. Elements such as lamps, cushions, and pots are perfect to generate a comfortable area and to remain a space to be in contact with nature.



It is nice to have a garden, even if you don’t have many things beyond flowers, it is a pleasant feeling and a space that we always want to enjoy. But if you have been thinking about how to make it cozier and take the opportunity to spend time reading or just listening to music, you will like this idea, which uses a pergola and some elements that create a wonderful area.

Colorful garden decoration with pergola, colored lamps and benches with cushions

The secret is in the most colorful, true is that it is a renewal that requires investment. Although if you are good at carpentry tasks you can organize a family project to create a pergola and from there, decorate with vibrant colors, place some garden chairs, a sofa suitable for the environment, decorate with vibrantly colored paper screens, and create if you want a small artificial lagoon where to convey the zen feeling of this decoration.


This is a proposal that is totally recommended to enjoy pleasant moments outdoors, we talk about the hammocks, of course, since they allow us a comfortable position while we enjoy the contact with the fresh air and the landscape that we surround

hammock in patio, hanging on tree with vintage little table

Such is the comfort that they offer us, that we can perfectly choose them for an outdoor nap, to enjoy a pleasant reading time or even to sunbathe; since everything is valid when we feel at ease.

Hammock on the terrace overlooking the garden

Thanks to the enormous variety of styles and materials in which we are presented, we can all find a hammock that fits our taste, style and the decoration of our outdoor spaces. Obviously, they can become a decorative accessory, if we take advantage of their colors and textures.

garden with hammock, table with vintage chairs and pergola
balcony decorated with hammock and armchair with many cushions
large balcony with sea view
Garden with hammock and paper lamps

This element inevitably invites us to spend more time in contact with nature, which is why they become ideal especially to enjoy the summer season.

Patio with plants in pots and hammock with cushions. Wooden floor
garden with chairs, sun umbrella and hammock, all white
Balcony to garden with hammock and comfortable wooden chairs
Balcony to patio with rustic hammock
Hammock overlooking the garden and sea
Pergola with columns and vine, with hammock

Tables for patios and gardens

Patios and well-decorated gardens can serve us practically all year round, whether to work or to sit down in it for a drink. In this, the purchase of a table for the garden plays a very important role, since choosing it is easy when we know what we are going to use it for.

Circular garden table

If we are going to use the table to eat with friends, then you must be clear that the one you are going to choose should be a circular one. Many people think that it is best to have rectangular tables, but these tend to separate diners making food a little less fun. On the other hand, with a circular table, all the diners can see and chat perfectly.

Round garden table with round benches
round table with back chairs
wooden garden table with built-in umbrella and chairs

Reading tables

If we want a table to be alone reading a little, then you can buy a corner table or a small round table. With this type of surface, it is more than enough to place a glass, a tea, the book, and some decorative element.

vintage iron and marble table

Minimalist tables

If you want to have a futuristic space, then you can put garden tables according to this style. You can find hundreds of minimalist tables, metal, wood or a mixture of both if you are looking for a bit on the internet. In general, the shape of these tables is rectangular.

metal table and chairs for outdoor
board and chairs set in metal and wood
minimalist table and benches in wood

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Vintage tables

We suggest you use the vintage style. If you have a table that you are giving little use, redecorate it and use it again a little more according to your taste. This type of furniture looks fabulous in the garden, and they are one of the cheapest options that can be chosen.

round coffee table with vintage design
antique table and chairs in metal

Even the tables with traces of rust can be very beautiful among the vegetation.

rusty effect iron table

Stone paths and slopes in patios and gardens

Create a rural style environment in the garden, it is perfect to accentuate the contrast of the exterior with the interior. Using stone, concrete or wood to create stairs and paths is perfect to add interest to the garden.

stone stairway in leafy garden

This is a small patio, but having a stone path to the side, with nothing in its path, gives the impression that it is more spacious. The path leads to an elevated stone patio and water fountain, making it a place to relax. The fence and the wooden pergola complement each other perfectly with the stones used.

footpath and stone patio staircase

Sandboxes with soil

Many times there is a lack of space in the courtyards and gardens. There is no need to fill everything with plants. You can maintain a large and bright space and maintain vegetation in certain areas.

patio with flowerbeds and stone floors, large cement flowerpots

This garden has an English design, doubling the useful space. The gray stone cobbles alternate with the bricks. This asymmetry creates a feeling of spaciousness, the floor also has an interesting texture achieved with the mixture of the materials used.

patio with brick and cement floor, wide ground beds with plants

Curves and stones in patios and gardens

To increase the attractiveness of a garden, try curves, stones, and a decorative piece. Without a doubt, the forms of the garden don’t have to be straight.

garden with stone floor and stone walls delimited by stones

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Divide spaces into patios and gardens

This garden has a great design and a dazzling image. Small, practical and beautiful. It has two important areas: where the table is, and where the bank is further back. It isn’t a very large garden, but nevertheless, having two zones divided by steps, it seems wide.

patio with wooden table and chairs, gray tile floors, wide paths

Order in patios and gardens

This is a cheerful garden, to sit down for tea. It is very well designed, so there are no spaces in the nude, but it doesn’t look like a chaotic garden, full of things, since the design is ordered, symmetrical, achieving a sense of peace.

garden with table in the center surrounded by plants

Artificial grass

This space includes artificial grass and has a pretty artistic and geometric design. If in your garden there can be no lawn for lack of sun or some other reason, you can always resort to this type of solution, if you accompany it with a nice design, it can be seen very well.

Diagonal tiles

This is a small fenced yard. Despite being small, it has an optical illusion that makes it more spacious, through the diagonal tiles. This is a trick to keep in mind if you have a very small garden or patio.

Patio with large flower beds and beige tile floors

Original accessories for courtyards and gardens

The fountains are an excellent element for a garden. In this case, we show you a quite peculiar style, it is the futuristic style in gardens. Exuberant colors, original lighting, make the garden a different place in our home. Several out of the ordinary elements have been used that make it very interesting.

garden with mirrors, stone floor, wood and recycled tires

Recycled doors

The use of recycled material in the decoration of patios and gardens is one of the alternatives that we must always take into account. Each fence needs a gate or a door, and if you have a little budget, the best solution could be to recycle something from a scrap yard that costs relatively little. Maybe you can find a door to recycle and give a touch of interest to the patios and gardens.

garden with tall wooden fences and comfortable armchairs
patio with wooden floors and rustic door
Green garden with orange walls and door with bars
Wooden door to garden
Entrance to garden with stone staircase
Stone walls with rustic wooden door

A door is a focal point that leads from one space in the garden to another. The doors not only mark the transition points but also create an enclosure and make a room private. Close the door to prevent the entrance of the sounds of the street and the passing traffic, or simply to feel that you are secluded in your own little paradise.

Pink wooden door on patio

Indicators of courtyards and gardens

I have been looking for ways to point out what is planted in a piece of land in the garden while the plant is still coming out. The truth is that the markers or indicators that I have found in garden stores leave much to be desired, stick with a plastic tab with a white sticker or a white box. Really unoriginal and very ugly, it was a great disappointment.

indicators of wood plants

I expected to find black or chrome metal indicators with nice shapes of leaves or vines, serigraphed. Or I even thought of doing them my way with wood and painting them to my liking, with colors that contrasted with the plant once it grows. Here are some very original ideas that meet the expectations I had.

garden indicators

This can be very simple, a stake. But once planted with your vintage and with beautiful calligraphy can surprise, in addition, your personalization is very simple.

handmade harvest indicators

These remind me of old grandmother cooking books, where drawings are by hand. They seem beautiful to me.

recycled harvest indicators

And well this is brilliant. Old spoons that go unpaired at home, you don’t need to throw them to decorate your gardener and also have a function.

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