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Do you dare with a pink wall in the living room? It is very, VERY bold … But surely it is much more original than you imagine, much simpler than you expect and much more modern than you think. Today we launch this challenge to you while we show off, with photographs of spaces decorated in pink, because you don’t have to be afraid of this tone. Pink is not just about girls.

A pink wall in the living room

We propose to paint a single wall so as not to overload the environment and flee from the uniquely feminine aspect. Although if you dare with all the walls the result will surprise you. We show you examples so you can see all the virtues of this color.

Pink, the fashionable color

Its relaxing properties make it perfect for any room in our home, especially in bedrooms and living rooms. That is where we need more calmness and peace. This shade of light pink or pastel pink has transcended the concept of a feminine touch to reach any environment. Would you consider it to decorate your home?


One of the colors that combine extraordinarily with pink is the whole range of greens. We are already imagining some cushions of tropical pattern in the living room. Or a corner dedicated to natural plants. If you choose green accessories for your pink room, you will love it!

Explore the wide range of tonalities that this color offers. Try before deciding several samples on the wall and have fun. And don’t worry, if you doN’Tt like it in the end you can always paint again.

Wow! What an original wall. We do not know if this decoration is wallpaper or an artwork but in both cases, we loved it..

Did you know that pink sofas are fashionable? In this case, we don’t recommend it because it seems too much. But if you don’t decide on the walls but love the rose perhaps with a pink sofa you will feel happy.

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