seashells inspiration
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Seashells – Beautiful Inspiration for Home Decor

seashells inspiration

Seashells have played a very important role for a very long time. And we aren’t only talking that it has been an inspiration for the design of different furniture and decorative accessories. But it has also been present in textile fashion and even in architecture.

seashells decorative accessories

Unquestionably the subdued shapes and colors of seashells have caused a sensation to inspire many designers to create great pieces for home décor. Of course, when we think of seashells for decoration, we can only imagine these elements in a beach house.

seashells adorning pots

Until a few years ago, seashells were also combined with nautical motifs such as anchors or lanterns. But today this has changed a lot due to the great acceptance in the world of interior decoration. So people who aren’t homeowners near the sea are including these designs inspired by the beautiful seashells in totally urban homes.

sea ​​shells lamp base

Seashells combined with contemporary elements or materials, lean and give way to much more modern decoration. These somewhat sophisticated sea-inspired combinations can be perfectly matched to a variety of design and décor styles. Seashells aren’t only in glass vases for display.

seashells decorating furniture

There are also chairs, headboards, cutlery. Lighting accessories, and others with which you can enhance the decoration of your home. Even a simple little chest on your dresser or a spectacular bathroom mirror. So delight yourself with all these ideas. And dive into the trend of seashells for your home decoration.

Seashells have been around since ancient times

seashells crown diy

When seashells began to be included in coastal homes, homes in landlocked cities also wanted to embrace this summer style. The designs were even highly chosen in all furniture and accessories catalogs. But at that time there wasn’t much to choose from but you could certainly see seashells in oversized glass vases in most homes.

sea ​​shells diy flower

We want to make it clear that this trend isn’t about filling that glass container with little shells. But you should take into account all the elements, accessories, and even all the crafts that you can make with them for the interior of your home. This trend is so cool that you can easily mix it up with the decor you already own.

seashells centerpiece

Without a doubt, seashells also have a rich history. Ancient societies used them as tools, currency, ornaments, and spiritual objects. The ancient Egyptians used shell sacks as a symbol of wealth. Of course, these didn’t have to be counted as payment but simply weighed them.

seashells cushion

Likewise, the West African tribes used them as dowries. Because seashells, especially those called cowrie, were easy to handle and also very durable, they continued to be used as currency in West Africa until the 20th century.

checkered seashells

In ancient times it was also thought that powdered shells had aphrodisiac powers. The shape and striatum of the shells were imitated on vases and vases in the early civilizations of Central and South America. Jewelry was one of the first items made from seashells.

Seashells have been the inspiration for beautiful designs

seashells spoon design

At least 100,000 years ago, the inhabitants of what is now North Africa and Israel made beads out of shells. Native peoples living in the present-day southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico also used shells to make jewelry and other decorations.

seashells decoration

In Greco-Roman times, the shell was a favorite decorative item. For both the Greeks and the Romans, the shell signified fertility. So she was associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and with Venus, the Roman goddess of the same attributes.

seashells bathroom decoration

Likewise, the conch has been an important religious object since ancient times. Hindus used conch shells as prayer elements and vessels for holy water. They used shells as trumpets to remove negative energy during religious rituals.

seashells beach decoration

While the warriors blew the conches to announce the battle. A right-turning white conch is sacred to Buddhists as one of the eight auspicious symbols. It represents the sound of the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. In Christianity, scallop shells have been linked to Santiago and his sanctuary at the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage center in Spain.

seashells decoration vase

In pre-colonial Nigeria, the cowrie shell shape represented the eye of the gods, the womb of the goddess, and the vessel of life and regeneration. The founding settlers of America linked the scallop shell with pilgrimages to the Holy Land. As the shell had been chosen as the emblem of Santiago el Grande. The symbol of the shell became the insignia for Christian pilgrims.

Seashells can be adjusted to any decoration

seashells table lamps

When they made trips to the Holy Land, a pilgrim wore a scallop shell, but not only as a symbol. But also to use it as a collection plate for alms. Also as a drinking cup, eating utensils for dipping from a bowl or as a pot.

seashells design armchair

Once they returned home, everyone kept the shell as a holy relic. Also as a good luck charm or to decorate and scare away evil spirits. Seashells were also used as household tools and implements.

seashells decorative element

The ancient people of Australasia used shells, rather than bones or stones, as tools 32,000 years ago. Shells found in some prehistoric Glenwood culture sites in western Iowa were used as a variety of household implements. The local inhabitants worked black sand shells as scrapers to extract the parboiled corn from the cob.

seashells in pictures

Wealthy Europeans in the 17th century viewed seashells as status symbols, and the rarer the better. That is why they began in the same way, to ask that they be made elegant showcases to have a collection in their rooms. A collection of seashells was found among the ruins at Pompeii.

seashells in chest

18th-century furniture makers such as Thomas Chippendale took advantage of the proportion and symmetry of the scallop shell. By incorporating the shells into his designs, he quickly realized that his clients, who traveled much more, valued this element. The French rorocó style, which was very ornate, sought to honor nature.

seashells in lamp design

This style got its name from the rocaille (rock) and the coquille (shell). In the same way, generally, the English gardens of that time had caves and structures made with limestone composed of fossilized shells.

Shells are very versatile and easy for crafts

painted seashells

For this and much more, art and crafts with seashells are appreciated as a way to use a natural treasure. Which can add truly charming and unique accents to your home décor? The ideas are innumerable.

seashells in living room

You can even make beautiful DIY seashell projects for your Christmas tree. In the same way, you can decorate chandeliers and lamp shades for table lamps. Furniture and shower curtains, wall shelves, and mosaics. Like the flower pots and door garlands with seashells, they look great.

seashells ledge

Seashell arts and crafts are great for kids and adults alike. Many ideas could easily make a focal point in your home interior décor. With the help of seashells, you can have a modern and ecological decoration.

seashells in living room

The crafts with seashells are versatile and adjustable to any style of decoration. Kids love collecting all kinds of seashells and creating unique designs with them. Seashells are perfect material for children’s crafts.

seashells in lamp

They are very easy to work with, ecological, and versatile. Certainly, any activity where children and adults are enjoyable. While sharing and creating stronger bonds, they also personalize the interior of the home with a beautiful marine treasure. Seashells come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Furniture inspiration

seashells design chairs

There are various types of seashells, but all are excellent for crafts and furniture decoration. You can find beautiful seashells on the beaches. You can also buy them at a craft store or online. Try not to take the seashells that are still alive. Better to let them finish their cycle and let other generations take advantage of them.

seashells on coat rack

Well, if you have a trip to the beach planned, don’t forget to take a relaxing family walk and collect some shells so you can enjoy your DIY. You will only need inspiration and creativity. Of course also the beautiful seashells, hot sticking. Maybe spray paint or even a little glitter.

seashells centerpiece

You can easily add them to your interior decoration by making beautiful garlands, decorating and embellishing lampshades, or lamp bases. Even making striking centerpieces or dressing a wall. Crafts with seashells are valuable that they beautify and give a cozy look to your home.

seashells exhibition

There are endless ideas that you can use for your home. From the manufacture of unique lighting accessories to the decoration of furniture and decorative elements and mosaics to highlight a wall. As you already know, it isn’t important or necessary that you have a house near the sea.

seashells lamp

Fortunately, you can bring a bit of the beach atmosphere to your home in the city with easy crafts or crafts with seashells. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to bring the warm glow of sand and beach-evocative tranquility into your home.

In the right way, they can be in any season

seashells decorating christmas tree

Once again, nature doesn’t give away natural elements so that we can easily transform it into impressive pieces. Taking advantage of this to make dramatic statements and additions to the decor. You can display the seashells to make them shine on their own. Or in the same way, you can combine them with various accessories for a more impressive effect.

seashells to decorate table

As they are appreciating in the images, we also indicate the other things that you can create very easily. Add the textures and other elements of the sea inside your home with a simple but elegant beach centerpiece.

seashells design motifs

For a very simple project, all you will need is a clear glass jar, your collection of shells and other sea items, and maybe even a little sand. Now what you should do is place the sand inside the glass jar and go embedding your marine elements.

seashells picture frame

Of course, you can embellish with smaller shells or create a series of sand containers to display your collection of large and small shells in different shapes and textures. You can place a project like this in your dining room, living room, kitchen, and even on your nightstand.

seashells craft

In the same way, add a marine touch with a cute garland of seashells. You will only need a jute line and a fishing line or any other nylon line and a large collection of shells, starfish, and twigs. It is about using the jute rope to thread the different pieces. And using the fishing line to fix them in place.

Seashells can also be found in textiles

seashells wallpaper

One of the advantages that crafts with seashells also offer is, improve or update your space. And without having to invest a lot of time or money. A DIY beach-inspired decoration can be used in the same way to change the look of your shadow box.

seashells trend

Just grab your collection of seashells and a shadow box frame. You should keep the frame upside down, fill it with seashells. Make sure to fill in those little holes with smaller shells by placing as many as you can. Finally, just seal the shells and you will have an inexpensive but elegant accessory for your dresser.

seashells small lamp

In the same way, you can transform your mirrors into a work of art. And they can work for both formal and informal spaces. With only imagination and desire, you can add seashells to the interior of your home. So go ahead and enjoy its magic.

seashells walls

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