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Vertical Gardens: Ideas To Inspire Your Decoration

Vertical gardens are one of the trends of the moment, both outdoors and indoors. We are going to discover them.

Surely you’ve heard of vertical gardens. This decorative concept has been with us for some time and, more and more, we find it included in all kinds of spaces. From offices to fairs to shops, restaurants, and homes. We love!

vertical gardens

And we have been seeing how the taste for natural elements advances in all areas. In this world in which we live, we have rediscovered everything related to the eco, the biological and the natural. And living walls are another expression of that need to return to nature.

vertical gardens

Green walls bring a little freshness to any corner. Nature also wants to surround us in our home or in the office, even when we have a coffee in a bar. These environments provide a state of calm and well-being in relaxing and feeling at peace. Do you dare to discover how to make a vertical garden?

vertical gardens

But what is a vertical garden? We will explain it step by step

Vertical gardens are planted walls used both indoors and outdoors and in all types of structures. They are a new concept that takes full advantage of the increasingly scarce spaces in cities. And creating images as impressive as these.

vertical gardens

In this way, the walls become true gardens that help us to green the city but at the same time, they also serve to isolate both noise and climate. The vertical gardens installed on the facades of the buildings contribute greatly to reduce the heating caused by the sun and the dispersion of energy at the same time.

vertical gardens

Outside, they also serve to take better advantage of the rainwater, as they return it to its natural cycle. In addition, only one square meter of plant wall generates the oxygen that a person needs during a year, so its installation helps to improve the quality of the air that surrounds us.

vertical gardens

It has been shown that having Vegetation near work improves work performance. And, in any environment, they help to improve the quality of life of the people who inhabit these constructions.

vertical gardens

Vertical gardens at home?

Yes, although initially, it started as an exterior idea, little by little it has also been gaining a place in interior spaces. And it has not been limited to offices, hotels, restaurants or all kinds of public spaces. It has also entered our homes. The houses are green again! Discover in this article how to make a vertical garden in your own home!

vertical gardens

It is surprising to find them in washbasins or in unexpected places, but they can be used both for a living area and for an entrance. Although the usual is to place them in terraces and patios or outdoor spaces. But there are no limits for them! The vertical gardens are an increasingly popular option.

vertical gardens

It doesn’t need to occupy a whole wall, it can be just an accent on a wall that will fill it with originality and make it stand out. In any place, it will steal all eyes and will become a centerpiece of the decoration of our house. And it will help us to rest better.

vertical gardens

A vertical garden on your terrace or patio

The perfect place to install a vertical garden is the terrace or patio of your home. There is its natural space, perfect to enjoy it to the fullest. It is not necessary to occupy the entire wall, even if it is a small space, the result can be that spectacular. We love!

vertical gardens

You can find a wide variety of options when creating your own home vertical garden. Let yourself be advised by professionals and you will obtain a spectacular result. They will detail how to have your indoor vertical gardens. With professional installation, the plants will have their dose of nutrients and water and won’t require hardly maintenance.

Other ideas to have a vertical garden at home?

Vertical trellis gardens

But you can also use your imagination and create your own vertical garden with ingenuity … With these ideas that we teach you below, you can do it easily? For example, using a wooden lattice as a base.

A simple and easy way to install on any wall of the terrace, patio or garden. Cover them with plants to achieve a vertical garden effect. So beautiful! You can also use a metal lattice, although our favorites are the wooden ones, what do you think?

Vertical gardens with pallets

Pallets can also serve as a base to create our own vertical garden on a wall. At the same time, we recycle it and will be as decorative and original. An idea that we would love to copy for our home.


There are multiple ways to use the pallets for this function. From covering the entire wall with them, to occupy a small space or corner as the image that we show you. they conquered us. The pallets are a great base on which to build your vertical garden.

The combination of wood and plants will help us to give a climate of peace to any corner. So they are ideal for terrace areas, next to sofas, or loungers. It will be our oasis of peace after a long workday.

Traditional designs: Vertical gardens with pots

Who says that this isn’t a vertical garden of the most original and different? The classic style of hanging pots on a wall may be your way of turning that wall into a paradise of greenery.

You can place them in a traditional style. Or look for more original and innovative solutions that turn your vertical garden into a very special place in your home. If you bet on pots as innovative as these, the result will be surprising.

Today there are planters designed pots that fit on walls, so the solution is simple and effective. Go ahead and fill your plant walls! The result won’t disappoint you.

vertical gardens

Hanging plants can also be a solution

The hanging plants are fashionable and if we cover a wall with them, they will have the effect of a vertical garden. So simple and stylish. Don’t you think it’s a great idea?

vertical gardens

We can choose macrame pendants, which is very fashionable, and very decorative. There is no excuse for not having a vertical garden in your home!

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What kind of vertical garden do I need?

If you have arrived here, then you are clear that you want a vertical garden. But maybe you are not so clear, what kind of vertical garden you need for your home. If you have doubts about it, it is best to go to an landscape architect, who will give you their best opinion. Today, there are already specialized companies exclusively in this field.

vertical gardens

You see there are many options of vertical gardens small or large, using pallets or lattices, artificial, using macrame hangers, with special pots for walls … It is sure that among so many ideas you can find one that is perfect to enjoy a vertical garden in your home. With them you will be able to create a haven of peace where you can relax and rest, surely you get a lot of profit. We hope you enjoyed this article and you can always find more images and inspiration on our Pinterest page. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and give a 5-star ranking if you like us. Stay tuned for more posts like this. You can subscribe to get every idea to your mail. If you want us to write about a topic, we always welcome comments and ideas, feel free to write them below. 

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