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Water Green: 2019 Summer Color Trend

In cushions, vases, lamps … even in sofas, the water green arrives to fill your house with light, softness and a touch of a sea breeze. Do you need ideas to inspire? Here you have 15 amazing examples.


COMBINE WATER GREEN AND YELLOW: Summer in its purest form

Of course. Look at the effect that these two colors produce together on white sheets. The softness of water green takes us to the sea and the life of yellow to the hottest sun. A very easy way to change the look to your bedroom without spending a lot of money. 

water green lamp


Hang a lamp like this in your house. Vintage-style will be perfect for an outdoor dining room or in your kitchen.

water green exterior

A Relaxing Outdoors

Water green has that power: it relaxes. And as it dominates on this porch, the disconnection is served. Water green on the chairs, but also on the table runners. A 100% summer table.

water green tablewares


Luminous and super summery, these glasses and the vase of white china painted in water green and golden notes fill the table with style and fresh air. And the good: they fit in both country looks, as boho tables or more classic. Ideal

Water Green for furnitures

Water Green for furnitures

Why not? The owner of this house wanted to try in her kitchen furniture, but she couldn’t dare and finally, she used it in the laundry, and today she says: “I wish I had put it in the kitchen too. It does not surprise us.

Nordic Style Summer water green chair

Nordic Style Summer

Chair with a plastic seat and wooden legs gives an amazing Nordic air

water green stool

A Stool For Any Corner

For the living room, a corner of the hall, in your bedroom … It is a very useful piece at a good price that will help you to give a summer touch to your home.

Water Green And Wood

Water Green And Wood

Another 100% summer combination. A small detail like a vase or a tray in water green can replace your winter accessories and with this simple gesture, you will be giving a more summer look to your living room.

Water Green And Intense Green

Water Green And Intense Green

They combine so well … For stunning looks. The green water and intense green, together, create a jungle atmosphere. Pure summer but tropical summer. You have never felt so much freshness at home. 

water green total look

Total Look

We love this idea. The result is truly pictorial. It seems like an ideal corner that creates a magical, fresh and ultra-relaxing atmosphere. 

Give Depth to Spaces with water green

Give Depth to Spaces

Two rooms together communicated by a broad passage. One, the main one, thought to meet and be comfortable and relaxed. The second, the most intimate reading room, in dark green.

water grenen cushions


The easiest and most economical way to bring the color of summer to your sofa or bed.

water green and roses

With Roses

They fit very well. They are immediate freshness on your table. Bet on a detail like this for any corner of your home. Total summer look.

water green wallpapers


There are a thousand models in this color but we have chosen this one: pattern like ferns, as trendy as the green water itself.

Water Green And Living Coral

Water Green And Living Coral

Green and Living Coral. Great combination. Fresh, feminine, very cool. Apply it on walls or on accessories, like cushions. The result is so eye-catching. And to add freshness: some sheets of green leaves, which continue to trend.

But this color does not come alone … it seems that it will be the premise of the one that will devastate next year: mint green.


The Neo Mint is a luminous tone that, can even be a contemporary alternative to the eternal gray. Your personality: combines technology with nature. Perfect for cool and very cool spaces.

Neo Mint

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