What rugs are worn in 2020
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What rugs are worn in 2020 – News and proposals

The first thing we do when temperatures drop is to take out the carpets, and this is when we realize how deteriorated or old-fashioned they are. If you find yourself in this situation and you need a change, we will tell you which rugs are taking this 2020. We show you the new models, beautiful products that combine design and trend. Because we assure you that it is also possible to dress your home in the latest fashion with cheap rugs.

What rugs are worn in 2020

If you like to make your house beautiful every season, if you are a follower or follower of trends, today we bring you the models that are succeeding the most. So that you take note so that they inspire you and above all so that they help you when making your selection. Let’s go there!

What rugs are worn in 2020

Today there is a decorative trend for every taste. There are so many options that we aren’t going to discuss them all, we will simply focus on the most followed. For this reason, when we talk about modern rugs we aren’t referring to a single style, but to a set of trends that mark a season or space of time. This year 2020, the catalogs of the best brands and specialized stores are dominated by Berber carpets, those with ethnic design, those with geometric patterns, and those made of leather (synthetic please). We will comment below on the particularities of each style and what they can contribute to your home.

Berber rugs

The original Moroccan rugs or the designs that imitate them are known as Berber rugs. Its origin is located in North Africa and specifically in the Berber tribes that made them. A manual and artisan tradition that has transcended generation after generation until we reach our days. Berber rugs are very special, made of wool, they stand out for their colors, generally in black and white, and for their simple designs with geometric lines that represent symbols of the culture. A Berber rug in your home will add warmth as well as an exotic touch. Due to their colors and patterns, they are perfect for all types of environments, from the most modern to the most classic.

Berber rugs

Ethnic style

The ethnic style is very plural because it encompasses a multitude of exotic cultures: African dyes, Aztec designs, Hindu airs. If all these cultures have something in common, it is color. The ethnic style will add a colorful touch to your home.

It is ideal especially for creating Boho environments as it is closely linked to this trend since it gives off a feeling of warmth capable of transforming any corner into a very cozy space. Ethnic rugs will help you add that special and personal touch to any room through their designs and textures. And also a fun nod to an overly serious environment. Take note of these interesting models:

Ethnic style rugs
Ethnic style rugs
Ethnic style rugs

Geometric design at your feet

The geometric design print has been established for years as a trend to take into account in interior decoration and far from losing importance, it continues to conquer brands and customers. Geometric patterns are very present in modern decoration with minimalist airs so they are perfect for young homes, teenage rooms, or lovers of less is more.

Geometric design rugs can represent the purest minimal style with a bet on black and white. But also a more sympathetic contribution when they mix geometric patterns with color. We show you examples of geometric rugs so you can see what they can add to your home.

Geometric rugs
Geometric rugs
Geometric rugs

Fur Rugs

And we stressed at the beginning the “synthetic leather” because it seems absurd in our days to use real leather in fashion and decoration. But come on, we understand that it is a personal option, each one who decides.

The best-known leather rugs that have been on the floors of our homes for years are those made of sheepskin. You will have seen them in countless photographs of environments, soft and fluffy, with long hair and generally in white. Perfect for double bedrooms and baby and children’s rooms.

Sheepskin rug

Then there are those made of cowhide, the ones whose design looks like the map of Spain. This very special model is timeless, it never goes out of style, it is perfect for rustic and classic environments, although we are also seeing an increase in its use in modern spaces. They are unique and elegant.

Cowhide rug

Finally, the patchwork leather rugs. A combination of style and technique that you can use in any type of decoration as they adapt to all decorative trends.

Patchwork leather rug

Hopefully, our review of the rugs that are most popular this year 2020 has been useful for you.

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