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Wood walls in a bedroom – ideas with a rustic touch

We have previously seen the use of exposed bricks in bedrooms and other areas of the house. We have also seen what a certain space looks like with murals and wallpaper. This time, let us show you great bedroom designs with wooden walls. Wood can be added to the interior of a room in different ways in the form of wooden panels or tiles, so that it can be organized in various creative ways.

Wooden walls for rooms and bedrooms

Wood is such a classic material that it might seem that there are not many ways to innovate with it, at least not without embracing something completely outside the comfort zone of most decorators. This article hopes to challenge that concept by presenting great bedrooms that use creative wood walls to their advantage, while remaining perfectly accessible at the same time. Whether you’re interested in textured wall panels, elegant contemporary designs or something with a more traditional influence, this publication should have something to inspire you for your next big renovation.


Accent walls with wood paneling

We will show you rooms with wooden walls. The wood could be used for all bedroom walls, but it can also be used simply for decorative walls. You will also see how the textures of the wood vary and how the wood creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the rooms. This bedroom that we see above includes the variety of natural wood tones. The waves alternate between chocolate and honey. The contrasting sensation and vertical alignment guide the eye towards the more decorative arrangement of the wall and the bed of the headboard. 

Design of rooms with wooden walls

This contemporary space could be the bedroom of everyone’s dreams due to the atmosphere it creates. You can see the wood panels on the wall that match well with the rest of the elements inside the bedroom, including the platform and the carpet.

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Spell the beauty and you can surely insert this room in it. This modern contemporary creation is without a doubt impressive.

Wooden walls can also play the role of headboard while adding character and texture to a room.

Headboard wall with wood siding

Who said that a luxurious room with a hotel feel could not use wood panels? This design would make him change his mind if he did not like wood accents before.

This room is luxurious with a contemporary touch. The furniture is simple but with good details. The use of wood panels in the head part adds more beauty to this space. Accent lighting draws even more attention to depth, even during the day.

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It is difficult to ignore the dynamic influence that lighting has on the headboard as well. Texture materials absolutely enjoy the interaction between shadow and light.

The romantic staging highlights the atmospheric potential of the wood cladding in the bedroom. While many designers prefer gnarled wood varieties, this space makes good use of rich, soft tones that blend seamlessly.

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Designing a unique and modern interior with such a traditional material requires a great deal of creativity, and this room has it. The industry-inspired elements such as bedside tables capture the attention with urban influence, while the variety of painted wood tones instills a more informal and fun aesthetic.

Modern room design with wooden accent wall

The wood is not always brown. It can also be gray. This modern room looks beautiful with the gray touches.

The decoration, however minimal, made this room look beautiful. Patterns and patterns of bedding are a sure beauty.

Bedrooms with natural wood walls

While the rest of the bedroom designs made use of varnished wood or laminated wood, this used raw wood exposing their real textures. It is a design that embraces the rustic style making it really attractive.

Upstairs we can see a bedroom with a high ceiling accented with wood not only in the head part of the bed but also on the floor. White furniture continues to be the bright subject without flaws. The good news is that a highly polished wood finish would look just as charming along with matte materials as it would with other brilliant selections.

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Great modern room with laminated wood wall

The wooden tiles are used for the detail of this accent wall. Is not it charming? In some way, metal is a natural contrast with wood. One is forged and mechanized from the depths of the earth, while the other easily lends itself to decorative purposes with its organic beauty.

An eclectic room also looks more attractive with these wooden planks as an accent wall.

Headboard with wood paneling

Add sophistication to your room with a wooden accent wall like this. You can even add shelves, which is a good idea.

Modern bedroom with wooden accent wall

The aura of this bedroom with palette of blues and grays is relaxing and serene. The thin vertical panels are another way to take advantage of all the possibilities of texture that the wood covering has to offer. It is deep, modern and is likely to remain relevant in the coming years.

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After seeing the images above, you will agree that wood can help you express your creativity because you can do many things with it. Just observe how the variations of designs are made in the previous examples. In addition to wood, you can also try other decorations on the wall of the home. Choose those that fit the design and interior style of your home.

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