Tips for furnishing your first home for little money!
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Tips for furnishing your first home on a budget!

What an amazing excitement to have your first house! Although there are times when this illusion vanishes very quickly as soon as we calculate the costs! If you are worried about the budget, and you need to dress your first home today, well, we are going to give you very interesting tips. We tell you what furniture is essential so you spend only on what is necessary. You will find the best website with cheap internet furniture, so you’ll save, in addition to money, a lot of time.

This post will also encourage you with DIY projects, and with the philosophy of “recycling”. Well, it’s a trend where creativity and home DIY come into play. Do you like what we are talking about? Well, read on to learn how to furnish your first home for little money! You will learn how to decorate your home on a budget with simple home decor ideas.

Tips for furnishing your first home for little money!

Essentials to furnish your first house

If you have never lived solo, you will not be aware of what furniture is essential when it comes to furnishing your first home. That is why we want to propose a very simple task. Make your own list of “basic furniture”. Why? It is obvious that what is essential for one person can be bullshit
for another. Sure we agree on many sections, but still, the list of your essentials will be personal and unique, like you. And then decide on your personal budget. A personal finance spreadsheet can be useful for this

Main rules

-In the bedroom: a bed with its mattress and a closet (or object that does the function of storing clothes) About the bed, we can tell you that comfort is very important. Do not hesitate to invest in a good bed and a good mattress.

The wardrobe is essential to carry a certain order with the clothes, but it is not necessary to buy a wardrobe at first. You can use the well-known “hanging bars” for clothes. The rest of the bedroom furniture can be added little by little, as your economy recovers.

Useful Ideas: Bedroom Wall Covers

Essential to furnish your first house

Hanging bars, are very functional and very cheap!

-In the bathroom: everything you need in the bathroom is already included in the apartment. To say something, if you have space, a shelf or storage cabin will be handy. But it isn’t urgent either unless you are going to live with many people at home.

simple bathroom tower storage unit

-In the living room: we will agree that the sofa is one of the basic furniture that can’t not be missing in any home. Coffee tables, TV cabinet, etc … can wait. Stay with simple living room ideas. You can find many examples of interior design for small living room in our blog.

Essential to furnish your first house

The sofa is one of our essentials. Your choice, of more or less quality, will depend on the hours you spend on it.

-In the dining room: Before deciding to buy the dining room furniture, think about this question. Are you wine and dine with friends or family? Well, in this case, you will need a table with some chairs. In the event that you don’t receive people at home, or that you have table service in the kitchen, this step can be ignored as well.

Essential to furnish your first house

If you think that your dining room will be tarnished with just a table and chairs, take inspiration from this image. A simple sheet or picture can fill the room completely.

-In the kitchen: If you have space for a table and chairs, they are great for informal meals, quick dinners or breakfasts. We usually recommend, if you don’t have space for a table, you can decide to place a high bar counter with stools. That can serve as table and work surface.

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Essential to furnish your first house

Do not like your kitchen furniture and can’t change them? So change your appearance with paint or paper. It will completely change the look!

Have we finished yet? Well, if you agree with us so far, you can add some more furniture if you have a budget. If this is not the case, we recommend reading below “Furniture and recycled objects”. You will be amazed at what you can do with DIY projects!

Internet: the paradise of cheap furniture

How to find cheap furniture on the internet? We put in total saving mode and we give you tips to save up when buying furniture online.

  • Wait periods of sales, offers, promotions. In addition, many furniture chains offer monthly discounts on a selection of their products. If you know what you want, wait for that piece to appear in the promotions catalog, since there is usually a rotation of new collections. I did it that way with the furniture in my bedroom and I saved a considerable amount of money.
  • Beneficiate Social Network campaigns. Nowadays, all online stores have a presence in Social Networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the reference portals. Here they usually do great campaigns to retain customers. From punctual discounts to free shipping, and even fabulous raffles. Follow them so you won’t miss anything!
  • Buy in the outlets. Many stores or manufacturers with distribution have their own outlet. You will find products from old collections, discontinued pieces, and even display product. Of course all with good discounts on their sale price. You can find lots of cheap home decor.
  • Learn how to search. And now you will think that you already know how to search and that I am stupid. Well, I don’t want to offend anyone, just in case you don’t really dominate the internet, I give you some tips. Suppose you already know what furniture you want. Its price can vary greatly from one store to another. The first advice I give you is to search by brand, model and reference. Think that; more precise your search, better results you will get. In this way, you will find more stores that distribute the exact same product. And so you can compare their price. The second is to search by image. Keep in mind that the same piece of furniture can be called completely different depending on stores, but the photo will always be the same. Download the photo to your computer and then upload it to google images. And investigate!

And don’t be limited to furniture only. Stay on hard-core saving mode. Decoration, appliances, clothing, accessories, and much more. Take advantage of the online business in all sectors.

Furniture and recycled objects

If you read us often you will know that we love DIY on a budget , the culture of recycling and giving new life to objects that are no longer used. We love the character that the recovered pieces add to our home. We appreciate the ingenuity of people when converting objects and giving them a new opportunity. And in addition, this practice can save a considerable amount whenfurnishing your first house. We offer you some ideas with home decoration images :

Furniture and recycled objects
Furniture and recycled objects
  • Old or damaged furniture, pieces inherited from the grandmother. You can’t imagine what you can do only with a paint can. And if you are a creative soul you will make masterpieces with brushes and markers. Also, Shabby Chic style is still very trendy these days. Let’s look at some examples.
Furniture and recycled objects

Another opportunity to an old dresser.

Furniture and recycled objects

A screen from another era can serve as a headboard.

-Furniture made from pallets. With the fashion of making furniture with wooden pallets, there is a whole life culture. On the internet, we have found everything from beds, tables, or sofas made with pallets! The pallets are cheap and the furniture made with pallets is a trend! There are lots of easy DIY furniture projects. You can easily learn how to build pallet furniture.

Amazing diy pallet furniture.
Furniture and recycled objects
A very cozy pallet sofa.
A pallet coffee table

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