23 Stunning Apple Kitchen Decor Ideas

Have you been giving your kitchen the attention it deserves? Long gone are the days where kitchens were simple and boring.

Times have changed and people have embraced interior decor even in their kitchens. Are you wondering what you can do to achieve a beautiful, classic, and functional kitchen?

This is the perfect read for you. We have come with a list of the top best apple kitchen decor ideas that you can choose. Keep reading to know more.

Apple Themed Kitchen Decor Ideas You’ll Love

1. Egobuy kitchen rug set

Brighten up your kitchen with this large and floral apple kitchen rug. It sticks to the kitchen floor well with ist apple color adding to your home kitchen decor.

The runner absorbs water perfectly and also dries quickly thanks to its polyester material. You won’t have to worry about your kitchen being moist and stained.

The set of two is also slip-resistant making it safe for kitchen use. It is washable using a machine or a vacuum cleaner.

2. Ceramic apple cabinet knobs

Add decor to your home with these cabinet knobs and you will be glad you did. Their rustic style and red color will give your kitchen cabinets a perfect look.

The apple knobs are versatile and will blend well with country kitchen decor. The knobs also come in handy in giving your old kitchen furniture a new beautiful look.

Since they are made of ceramic, the knobs can withstand long use and pressure. The set of 10 apple knobs is easy to install and can add decor to your kid’s playroom.

3. Red ceramic apple canisters

Improve the look of your kitchen with these red ceramic apple canisters and note the transformation. The set of four is made of ceramic, hand-painted, and will perfectly fit in your country kitchen style.

You will also love the design and shape of these canisters that make them easy to grip. You can also remove the lids, hand wash the canisters and fill them up again.

The glazing of these canisters is irresistible and will complete your apple kitchen decor incredibly.

4. CHF & You red delicious country apple curtains

If apple kitchen decor is your thing, then you should incorporate this set of three apple curtains into your kitchen.

They are made of cotton and are multicolored thus brightening up your kitchen since they are light in weight. Additionally, these curtains are large enough to cover your kitchen window perfectly. 

The 3 tier set is also easy to hang, machine washable and you won’t have to iron them since they don’t get wrinkled.

5. Apple mechanical kitchen timer

If you are a professional cook, you know the importance of having a timer in your kitchen. By buying this apple timer, you will not only be time conscious but it’s the perfect unit to add to boost your kitchen decor.

This is a long-lasting apple cartoon timer thanks to the metal and plastic that makes it. Additionally, this home unit is reliable and highly functional since it doesn’t use batteries and will help you in timing your cooking, not to mention its loud alarm.

6. Red apple-shaped scrubby sponge holder

When it comes to apple kitchen decor, it is usually the small things that matter. That’s why our list of the best apple kitchen ideas can’t be complete without this red apple sponge holder.

It creates a neat place for your dish washing sponge as you rinse the plates thus making dish washing fun and easy.

It also comes with a dish scrubber and it is also multifunctional thus you can use it as a jewelry holder or in the bathroom.

Besides functionality, this apple-shaped holder will add to your kitchen decor with its bright red color whenever you place it on the countertop. It is also not limited to any kitchen theme.

7. Rustic country apples peel and stick wall decals

Elevate your kitchen decor with these peels and stick wall decals. Thye easily come off paper are installing them is also easy.

Their bright and beautiful color will keep your kitchen walls alive and bright always.

Also, you will peel them off anytime you want to remove them and they won’t leave any sticky residue on your wall. Give your kitchen an instant make-over with these decals and you won’t regret it.

8. Franco kitchen designers dish towels

Getting a set of kitchen towels that matches with an apple kitchen decor is not easy. However, Franco kitchen has brought your search for such towels to an end with these cotton dish towels.

The towels are made with different print types and therefore you will have a variety to choose from. They are high quality and easy to clean.

You will love them for their multifunctionality as you use them to dry your hands or the dishes after washing.

The other outstanding feature of these towels is their quality. They are made with pure cotton and therefore you can count on them for durability. Folding them is also easy and you will not see them fading or getting wrinkled.

9. American linen oven mitts and pot holders

Shop for these dishcloths and kitchen towels because they will be a worthy purchase. They are made of cotton and polyester material and are five pieces.

The set has a potholder, two dishcloths, one kitchen towel, and an oven mitt all of which are highly functional. Since the towels are made of pure cotton, they are highly absorbent and durable.

10. Dining room chair covers

Wake up to a bright and beautiful dining area by buying the apple chair covers. They are made to protect your dining chairs from accidents, tear, wear, and stains.

Their vitality design makes them great to add to your apple kitchen decor and will dramatically elevate the look of your dining area.

The covers can also be used in hotels, dinner meetings, Christmas among other occasions. Maintaining the covers is easy and you can wash them using cold water but don’t bleach them.

11. Tasty apples vintage metal tin bar sign

This is a unique and stylish home decor accessory with a vintage inspiration. The easy to hang bar sign is large and can be used in different in-door locations.

The colorful signs, charm, and beauty of this unit are exactly what your kitchen needs. The bar sign also adds up as a perfect Christmas gift to your family members.

12. Reston Lloyd harvest apple electric stovetop cover

Most people do not pay any attention to their stoves but you can change that by purchasing these covers.

They are great in preventing spills and burns not to mention how they generously add to your kitchen decor. Also, removing them is easy anytime you want to access the burner.

13. Blackwater Trading personalized country apples cider

Be more specific and purchase a personalized unit with a country style. You can have your name on it upon request and this makes it a perfect gift for loved ones.

It is made of engineered wood and therefore it’s strong and you will absolutely love it.

14. Ambesonne fruits tablecloth

Your kitchen table doesn’t have to be boring. Why not consider buying this apple-themed table cloth and brighten up your table?

It is vividly colored with colored ripe red apples in a cartoon style. The cloth is made of polyester and you can machine wash it. Create a perfect atmosphere for your family during dinner times by spreading this cloth on your bed.

15. Maggift Artificial Fruits 6 pack

This apple-looking pack is a perfect decoration that will keep your home kitchen in style. They are made with the best material and are safe for the environment.

Additionally, they are durable, lightweight, and boast a realistic texture and color. This artificial tool can also be used as a play tool by kids.

16. Country apples peel and stick wall decals

Source: walldecals.com

Stick these wall decals on your kitchen walls and make your home kitchen warm and bright. They are easy to install and will effortlessly match your apple kitchen decor. 

Also, these stickers will blend in with a country theme thus elevating your present kitchen decor theme. End your search for wall stickers by buying these decals and enjoy the results.

17. Apple stickers for apple kitchen decor

apple kitchen decor sets
Source: ginnys.com

This is a simple yet unique and functional item to add to your dinnerware, cookware, appliances, and so on. It’s an apple sticker made with the look of your home in mind. It’s also versatile and will blend with any theme from modern, to the country to rustic. You can also stick it on your bed covers.

18. Apple green kitchen  decor

Apple green kitchen
Source: beneathmyheart.net

This is another great alternative to apple kitchen decor. It goes well for anyone who doesn’t want the red apple color but a calm color in their kitchen.

The green apple theme is diverse and allows you to paint the apple green color on the kitchen cabinets and have apple green curtains for the windows.

The idea works perfectly in kitchens whose walls are painted white or orange. However, you can get creative and blend the theme with other colors according to your taste.

19. Apple kitchen decor products for a kitchen table

apple red kitchen

Address the boredom in your kitchen by buying an apple-like flower vase and table cloth. You will appreciate these two items for their apple red color and the way they warm your kitchen table during breakfast. The two will satisfactorily sort a big part of your kitchen decor by making your space look stylish.

20. Modern kitchen interior with apple red color

red apple stuff

The red apple color is amazing and versatile. It will brighten and warm up any space you use. This idea is best used on furniture since it will make them dominate your living room or dining room.

The colors can also be used in bedrooms especially kids’ bedrooms as it blends well with most kids’ themes.

Home kitchen with red apple

Uplift your kitchen’s look by painting the cabinets with apple red color. This will not only add to your kitchen decor but will also help break the dominance of the wood in your space. This is a unique idea that you should miss if you love apple kitchen decors.

Kitchen interior with apple colored refrigerator and tiles

Who said that apple decor can only be on items? The theme is diverse and you only need to be creative. Have you ever thought about painting the door of your refrigerator?

Well, if not, you should try it out with red apple color. You will be amazed at out it will naturally become a centerpiece in your kitchen thus completing your country home kitchen style.


A kitchen is a special place in every home. It’s the source of love and warmth thanks to the many deals prepared in it. Everyone who comes home after a long day at work or school wants to check what’s in the kitchen. It is for these reasons you should pay much attention to it.

Decorating your kitchen is one of the best things you can think of. This article has discussed many apple kitchen decor ideas that you can incorporate and give your kitchen a modern look. They are easy and affordable provided you know what you want and rhyme it with your taste and design.

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