Bali Outdoor Fire Pit: Top 7 Options

Most of us hate staying indoors all day. And, because of recent events, this has become a new way of life. Rather than spend your day cooped up, you can use the Bali outdoor fire pit to enjoy and relax in your backyard at night.

Bali has various types of fire pits including square pits, fire tables, round pits, chimineas and more. So, which pit is right for your home? You need a great pit for your patio and before you spend on one, read this guide to the end and identify what will work best for your home.

Why choose Bali Outdoors products?

Since the year 2000 Shinerich, Bali outdoors manufacturer has committed to designing and producing versatile and affordable products to help more people enjoy spending time with family in the outdoors without breaking the bank.

This top-rated brand is ISO certified and their fire pits are some of the most popular options on the market. They provide well-build and well-equipped pits so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Bali Outdoors Fire Pits Reviews

1. Bali 28 inch Propane Gas Fire Table

bali square fire table

One of the best Bali pit ever … just stylish and value for money. This 28 inch square fire pit stands at 25 inches and will be a great addition to your patio. Its square design ensures it does not take up much space, making it perfect for small spaces.

The firepit is made of stainless steel metal with a black antique finish that makes sure it blends with different types of decor themes. And, apart from the black finish, its exterior features stylish X patterns that adds a touch of style. Now the table top is something to look forward to. This gas fire pit table boasts of a wide 28 top which includes wide edges and  pit. This pit has a 50,000 btu output which is sufficient for most homes. It also includes blue decorative fire glass that shines to the dancing flames.

And when not in use, you can use a cover to transform this bali gas fire pit into a coffee table. It’s also worth mentioning this fire table uses an electric ignition system that makes it easy to not only turn on/off the pit but also control the heat output. With this square firepit, you can enjoy the outdoor during those quiet summer evenings.

2. Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit

bali wood burning fire pit

If you are looking for a portable option, the Bali wood burning fire pit is the perfect option. Also, this option is for anyone that enjoys the warmth of a natural fire. This round firepit measures 25 by 32 by 32 inches and weighs about 27 lbs, making it one of the lightest options on this list. The pit is made of durable metal material and powder coated with rust resistant paint.

The sides feature a gorgeous cut out design that allows you to watch the flame dance. And, to keep burning logs inside the bali, the manufacturer has added a mesh insert. This will also ensure the ash settles at the bottom for easy clean-up. Also, another feature worth noting is its strong 4-leg base that ensures the pit does not tip.

Now, another reason why this small fire pit is the perfect addition for your home is the double design. This wood fire pit is multifunctional. It comes with an adjustable grill grate for fire pit cooking. Though we found it to be a bit small, it’s perfect for s’mores, marshmallow, and small amounts of food. You can adjust the height to prevent food burning. The grill also swivels 360 degrees. So, if you are on a budget and love a good fire, this wood Bali model is the right fit for your patio.

3. Bali Outdoors Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

When considering different types of fire pits, think about the space on your patio. If it’s big and you have a large family or host lots of friends, you need a large propane gas fire pit. This 42 inch 50,000 Btu rectangular fire pit table is the best option for large spaces.

One of the features that sets it apart from other Bali Outdoors pits is the large tabletop. The large 42-inch driftwood color top is not only stylish but also offers enough space to do meal prepping and more.  Also the tile on the tile on one side is removable for easy cleaning.

The pit features a stainless steel burner that produces enough heat to warm up your patio. Also included in the delivery is a pack of fire glass for added beauty. Also, like any other Bali fire pit table, this pit uses propane fuel type. The manufacturer has added a secret compartment where you can hide the propane tank. The tank is sold separately. This 77 lbs pit is perfect for any outdoor living space.

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4. Bali 60,000 BTU Portable Pit

Aluminum is the most sturdy of materials in the construction of fire pits. Aluminum is resistant to the elements. Plus, the pit features a black finish that adds style and elegance to your backyard. This propane gas fire pit table needs some assembly and stands tall so you can use it comfortably. 

Its table top consists of a wide top and a large pit with a stainless steel burner. The sides of the table are made of  removable tiles. This means you can change the tiles to suit your decor taste and remove them when moving to prevent breakage.

The tiles are textured to provide a great surface to place your plate or mug. And like other Bali outdoor pits, this 60,000 btu pit comes with a cover for the pit so you can transform it into a coffee table. Speaking of the pit, apart from the steel burner you’ll get blue fire glass that adds a decorative touch. 

Now, its ignition system is electric and you’ll find easy-to-use controls on one side of the table. Using the knobs, you can control the flame and heat output. Lastly, this portable fire table includes a storage compartment for your propane tank. This fire table will be a great addition for your home.

5. Bali Outdoors Chimenea Wooden Fire Pit

Going for an antique look for your outdoor space? With its origin reaching back over 1000 years ago, chimineas are becoming popular options among homeowners. And, this reviews list would be incomplete without the Bali chiminea fire pit. You can’t go wrong with this Bali model.

With full 360 degrees visibility, this wood firepit will make the perfect centerpiece for your patio. Also worth raving about is its quality workmanship. Made of iron, assembly is easy and the pit will last for years. We recommend you get a cover, you have to purchase separately, to protect it against rain and other elements. Plus, this pit has plenty of space for logs with grates that allow for good airflow. Also, because of its design, you don’t have to worry about smoke.

6. Bali Square Chiminea

Another gorgeous chiminea by Bali Outdoors to consider is this square fire pit. Like the model above it’s made of durable material. Assembly is straightforward and it’ll take you about 30 minutes to put together the parts. What sets it apart from other types of Bali pits is its unique design. Its antique design will complement any patio furniture.

Also, this wood pit consists of three parts; a strong base to keep it stable, a mesh pit that allows you to see the natural flame from all sides and a unique chimney that pushed the smoke up. You don’t have to worry about smelling like smoke or dealing with flying sparks.

Inside the pit you’ll find a removable ash tray that makes it easy to clean up and remove the ash. This unique Bali Outdoors model is what you need to add a decorative touch to your backyard.

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7. Bali Outdoor Fire Column

bali fire column

Fire columns are ultra-modern fire pits that offer the same benefits as traditional propane gas fire pit tables without taking up much space. Plus, they are more stylish and come at a pocket friendly price. Bali also has a column that will provide you with the warmth you need during cold summer nights. This 50,000 btu fire pit column stands at about 26 inches which is the same height as most tables

This fire pit table also uses an electric ignition system; this means no wait time. Simply turn on the heat and enjoy the warm flame. Also included during delivery are pretty blue glass fire glass or lava rocks that add a touch of elegance. This fire column also includes a storage compartment for your tank. The only drawback to this fire pit table is the edges are too small to place anything. Plus it does not have a lid. You’ll have to purchase a water resistant cover, separately.

8. Bali Tailgate Portable Gas Fire Pit

In terms of portability, the Tailgate by Bali outdoors dominates this reviews list. The Tailgate is sturdy and reliable. It can be used on top of a table or on the ground depending on your needs. Here are a few key features customers rave about.

The Tailgate is made of quality material, stainless steel, and has a durable stainless steel burner. Like the gas fire pit table that is our top pick, this small outdoor fire pit has 50,000 btu output and is capable of providing heat to your backyard. Also, because of its weight and size, it is portable.

 You can put it in a trunk and go camping with it. This pit comes with a metal lid, fuel regulator and a long gas hose. And instead of the usual blue fire glass, the Bali portable gas fire pit comes with a bag of lava rocks. Lava rock looks exactly like burning coal. So, if you want a Bali Outdoor 50,000 btu fire pit that you can travel with, the Tailgate is the best option.

Types of Bali Fire Pits

Bali has three types of pits that you should know about.

Fire Tables: This style looks like a regular table with a pit. The fuel type of these tables is propane and a regular 20lb tank will work perfectly. A fire table is perfect for large outdoor spaces and these fire pit table units by Bali provide enough heat to keep a small gathering warm.

Chiminieas: If you, like me, enjoy antique looking pits, Bali has some gorgeous chimineas. These top rated options include a metal freestanding fire pit and a square option. Both use wood and will add a timeless look to your garden.

Square tables: For those looking for something smaller, this model by Bali is small. And though its size is smaller it does not compromise on its output. You’ll still get the 50,000 btu output


  • Bali is a trusted brand and they ensure the delivery is swift
  • They customer service is top notch in case of any issues
  • Both their propane gas fire tables and round fire pits produce enough heat to keep everyone warm
  • Most of the parts come assembled. You’ll only need to put together a few parts
  • Bali tables are easy to control the heat and flame output


  • The metal pits become hot after sometime and need careful handling

How to choose the right pit for your home

Choosing a fire pit may seem like a simple thing. However, Bali has about 10 options on the market and the answers to the questions below will help reduce the time you would have spent in your search for the perfect match. 

  • Shape and size

with outdoor pits, the shape and size is absolutely essential. Whether you go for a fire pit table or a fire column or the traditional round pits depend on the space on your patio. When choosing, you’ll need to check on the size carefully. Remember, tables are the largest of the batch.

For the shape, metal wood pits need to be thoroughly inspected. For instance, when you use too much wood some metal pits tend to lean. When choosing a wood or chiminea pit, check that there are no dings or dents. Also, check that the legs are not bent.

  • Accessories needed

Your pit itself is the essential part, but think about additional accessories you may need. This will determine the type of fire pit you choose.

For instance, a gas fire pit table needs a tank, most need a 20 lbs tank. You’ll also need a good hose. If you live in a windy place, we recommend you also get a wind guard to keep the flame from blowing.

If you opt for a wooden pit, this brand has some excellent options. Their main pit is multifuctional. You can use it for warmth during summer and also it has a cooking grate that you can use for grilling.

Now a chiminea needs a few accessories too. In this pit’s chamber you’ll find a grate which you’ll use to build the fire. The grill provided is strong but we recommend you get an extra just in case …. And, this pit has a pit screen and stand so you don’t have to worry about those.

Fire pit safety measures

Here are some tips to help you stay safe around your bali fire pit:

  1. For a propane gas fire pit, ensure the hose is fitted perfectly and the tank is kept out of site
  2. The table top should be cleaned and covered when not in use
  3. Also ensure the gas is off especially if you have kids around
  4. Speaking of young kids, if you opt for the firewood fire pit, ensure it has a spark screen and for the chimineas the are well latched to keep little hands out
  5. Also metal pits heat up very quickly, ensure you take proper precautions around them especially if there are children around
  6. Make sure your unit is placed away from flammable objects such as plastics

How to care of your pit

  • For your gas fire pit table ensure all the screws are tightened and check on the propane connections too
  • The best way to light your metal pit is by starting the fire with a few card boards. Add logs when the pit is well dried
  • Clean out the ashes after use and use a cover on all types of fire pits
  • For firewood pits, regularly remove the creosote that builds up on the sides


1. Do I need to put anything in the bottom of a fire pit?

Yes, you may need an insert or fire ring if you are using traditional types of fire pits that are dug into the ground. But, modern options such as gas fire pit table or metal pits do not need inserts.

2. Are fire pits a good idea?

Yes, absolutely! Is there a better way to enjoy summer nights? From chatting with friends to enjoy good food and warmth, a fire pit will bring your backyard to life.

3. What is a good btu for outdoor firepit?

Between 30,000 and 50,000 btu is enough for a patio or garden. Also, go for an  option with an electric ignition system so you can control heat and frame easily.

Final Thoughts

Bali Outdoors has designed and constructed some of the best firepits for home use. These pits include propane tables and  firewood pits. You should choose what meets your needs best. This brand is highly rated and their products are durable, easy to use, and affordable. You can’t go wrong with any of the options above

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