17 Basket Wall Decor Ideas in 2022

Do you want to decorate your bare walls? Most people find it difficult to decorate their walls especially when they don’t want a gallery look.

Truth be told, baskets can be used to create eye-catching rustic wall decor effortlessly and good thing you can reuse old baskets to decorate your walls. You only need to get the baskets and choose ways you’re going to decorate using them.

Baskets, no matter the size, can be used to create a boho, modern style or a tribal touch at any point of your home.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the amazing wall baskets that you can use to decorate your entryway, living room, kitchen or even bedroom. We are also going to share some wall basket ideas that you can incorporate to decorate your blank walls.

1. Farmhouse Tobacco Wall Baskets

Coming from Pam’s Glam, these three farmhouse tobacco wall baskets are incredible for decorating your living room, kitchen or even dining walls. You can use one basket to decorate the walls or use all of them as a grouping.

Generally, tobacco wall baskets are expensive. These three come at a fair price and you can paint them to get a basket wall decor that matches your home decor.

You can upgrade your decor game by using the basket wall decor  by adding a bow and wreath. Hang them separately or use them together to create a versatile farmhouse decor.

2. Boho Baskets For Table or Wall Decor

Boho wall baskets come in a set of six hand woven baskets made from natural materials. These wall baskets are woven by African women using rafia palm and banana leaves. The weavers cut the materials by hand and sun dry them before spending hours making these beautiful baskets while paying attention to detail.

The set of six woven baskets come in different sizes and they come with a loop that makes it easy to hang them on the walls.

You can use all the six baskets to decorate your living room wall or use one or two of them as a centerpiece and decorate your table with them by adding some faux fruits to the baskets.

If you like the Afican vibes and want to bring them into your home, these boho woven baskets are a great choice. They blend well with modern and traditional decor without clashing.

3. Round Tobacco Basket wall decor

If you’re looking for a wall basket decor that will add a farmhouse rustic look to your farm-chic decor then these round tobacco baskets will work perfectly well.

These three can be hung on the walls or be used as an ancient piece of decor on the table. You can also use one of them as a storage and hand two to complete your vintage decor.

The baskets are woven using fir wood making these baskets durable. We love how the weavers have also paid attention to detail when working on these baskets.

4. Go Big!

Artera wall baskets come in a set of four big flat baskets. Artera wall baskets are made in Vietnam and they are made from seagrass, a natural material making them eco friendly.

The artisans who made the baskets did a great job in playing around with different patterns. The baskets also come with a string on the back so you can easily decorate your walls by hanging them using the strings.

5. Rattan Baskets

Made from rattan, hyakuoku baskets are used as decorations and storages too. These beautiful baskets come in a pair and are great if you want to achieve a country decor.

Although most people use them to store fresh produce, you might want to add a rustic touch with two baskets to your modern decor.

Hyakuoku baskets can be placed anywhere from the kitchen, to the bathroom for storing bathroom items just like you’d use it for a pantry.

Rattan is a durable material so the quality of these baskets is undeniably great and can serve you for a long time.

6. Wanna-Cul Farmhouse Cotton Wreath With Square Tobacco Basket

Wanna-Cul farmhouse cotton wreath on a square tobacco basket can be used as an indoor decoration or an outdoor decoration for special events. This piece of decor can also be used as a door wreath or you can hang it at any point of your house for a greenery look.

The wreath has real wood twigs and gives it a natural feel. The green faux leaves blend perfectly with different kinds of decor. The only downside is that the wreath doesn’t come with a hanging loop.

7. Artificial Green Succulents In Bamboo Basket

If you want to add some succulents and green faux plants to your decor then this woven bamboo basket with faux succulents and other faux plants can be ideal.

Faux plants are not eco friendly but most people love them because they don’t need any care. You just buy and hang them at a strategic point as wall art.

The combination of the bamboo woven basket and succulents can be a superb wall art for your modern or farmhouse decor.

You can use this piece of decor to decorate indoor and outdoors but if you’re going to place it outdoors ensure that it is protected against water.

Basket Wall Decor Inspirations

After going through some of our favorite basket wall decor items, we would love to share with you some of the best decorating with baskets ideas.

Check them out to get inspiration and you might like some of the ideas.

8. Mix and Match Wall Baskets

wall baskets

Source: @alexongreystone

If you just want to decorate plain walls without incorporating plants in your modern living room then this basket wall decor idea can be a perfect choice.

You can decorate your walls with different designs and sizes of baskets. Baskets add an electric touch and you can add baskets with a different accent be it a farmhouse, modern or vintages accents.

Just be sure to choose baskets that have similar colors, you don’t want your room to look weird.

You can also use mix and match woven baskets for special event decorations like birthdays, weddings and Christmas.

9. Spruce Up Blank Walls With Mix and Match Boho Baskets

wall decorating with baskets

Source: @wickerandivy

Add an electric touch to your blank walls by mixing different kinds of baskets with some patterns on your empty walls.

The space looks superb with the plant on top of the chair and a white planter. Baskets look great when accessorized with other decorations and this idea gives you a hint on how you can turn those boring walls in your home to a mini basket gallery.

10. Wall art With Bohemian Baskets

wall basket decor

Source: @tribebysonal

The beauty of bohemian baskets on the walls can not be underestimated. These hand woven collections of baskets can be a great wall art  for decorating living room walls, home office and any space to add a visual interest.

11. Organic Look In a Modern Space

hanging wall baskets
Source: africandy_kenya

Do you want to add basket wall decor to your modern home decor? The beautiful thing about baskets is that they can be used to decorate modern homes and farmhouses too.

Wall baskets are not only the best but they’re inexpensive and they bring an instant change to your spaces.

12. Mixture of Baskets On Bedroom Walls

Wall decor ideas

Source: @starhomestudio

Another great idea of adding a farmhouse style in your bedroom. As you can see, the baskets are not similar when it comes to their design.

Choose different shapes, colors and designs to create a new look in your bedroom. From wicker baskets to boho small and large baskets to give your space a chic look.

Although you want to have a mixture of hand woven baskets, choose wall baskets that work well together. A mismatch may make your walls look awkward.

13. Baskets Over The Bed

wall baskets

Source: @wickerandivy

This idea is incredible if you have a small headboard and want to decorate the free space above your head.

You can also use this idea if you’re planning to buy a new bed with no headboard. Experience a vintage accent with different designs of woven baskets on your walls.

14. Baskets On Shelves

decorating walls

Source: @boughtbeautifully

Trying to find a way of decorating your shelves. How about adding  a few pieces of woven baskets and an animal head and a little bit of greenery? You can still achieve that ancient look in your home in 2022 with this incredible idea.

15. Spice It Up With Plants And Photos

woven basket decor

Source: @wickerandivy

Do you know you can go overboard and add your favorite photo and some plants to the collection of your wall baskets? Love this idea and the plants give space life.

We love the way everything looks so cute. This basket wall decor is incredible and can be used in special occasions too.

16. Plants In Basket

hanging wicker basket

Source: @thehoughshome

You don’t have to add a collection of baskets for your walls to look beautiful, you can utilize a single hand woven basket and add some plants to create a farmhouse craft design to your empty wall.

17. A Ladder and a Basket

If you don’t want to hang your basket, here is a simple way to go about it. Get a ladder, lean it against your livingroom wall and place your basket. Flowers from your garden can add beauty to the space.

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