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Green marble, luxury for bathroom and kitchen

green marble bathtub

In this article, we will show you green marble bathroom ideas for this spring. The incorporation of green marble in any room scheme will add a classic charm for sure, but sometimes it may have a not so lovely price.

marble luxury bathroom

If you are looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your home and more specifically to your bathroom, but you don’t want a full green marble wall, then you can consider marble bathroom fixtures or marble effect pieces. Here you will find some of the best ideas for green marble bathrooms: from wallpaper with a marble effect to marble coasters and even precious stones.

green marble bathroom ideas

Be inspired by the green marble bathrooms to enhance the decoration of your home

luxury bathroom green marble

In the photo above you can see a green marble bathroom with custom design with small golden details to add that touch of sophistication and luxury to space.

floor and marble wall

Modern bathroom design with green marble on the walls and floor.

green marble basin

Elegant bathroom details made of noble material: an impressive green marble sink with luminaire and brass mirror.

green marble bathroom

A modern design bathroom with green marble sink. A very nice and sophisticated suggestion.

green marble countertops

A classic bathroom with black furniture and dressing table with green marble countertop.

green marble siding

A bolder inspiration. Elegant toilet where wallpaper does the work.

Decorating fashion ideas with green marble

Marble is a timeless material that never goes out of style. It is super durable, very resistant to everything you can imagine and instantly provides an elegant feeling of luxury. We are all accustomed to seeing gray, white and black marble decoration in kitchens, bathrooms and even living rooms, but some of you may say that it is outdated and far too common. So if you want something more memorable and creative, opt for green marble. It will add a refined tone to space and the design will remain very timeless. Here we will give you some ideas on how to use green marble in several spaces.

green marble effect tiles
The green marble in the bathroom

Marble is widely used in bathrooms, and to make your space special, you can use toilets, walls, floors, and even green marble sinks. The material is durable, elegant, refined and resistant to scratches and water. Add copper or brass accessories to green marble for a super beautiful appearance.

marble green kitchen countertop

Try adding green marble countertops to make the kitchen look amazing and at the same time get a very durable work surface. Opt for furniture with green marble countertops: this furniture will surely make a bold statement and give a touch of color to the design of the interior. And again the brass, gold and copper touches will make the color and nobility of this material stand out even more. Do not forget that the excessive use of green marble can make your space seem too capricious or sumptuous, which isn’t always a good idea.

green marble luxury table
A beautiful modern side table with a green marble slab and a glass top makes a refined statement
green marble side table

A half-green marble coffee table adds a refined and elegant touch to the living room

green marble luxury sink

Fabulous green marble sink with minimalist design and matching green marble tiles for an impressive bathroom

A modern green marble dressing table in a small bathroom overlooking the patio
green marble bathtub and wall

A green marble wall and a bathtub covered with brass fittings create a really refined and luxurious space
green marble bathrooms
Bathroom vanity with a green marble countertop and a laconic white sink for a contemporary space
green marble bathroom sink

A dark stone sink and a green marble countertop with brass fittings make a bold and elegant statement
green marble sink
A beautiful brass finish and a green marble countertop create an elegant and bold look
clear green marble bathroom

A green marble bathroom wall with a matching sink and a laconic square mirror to create a natural, refined feel for guests

green marble tiles
Green marble tiles and wallpaper

If the real green marble is too expensive, replace it with tiles and wallpaper of the same appearance. Cover your bathroom with green marble tiles, totally or partially, and don’t forget that it may seem too dark and dark, so some bright or clear accents are required, for example, white tiles in some part of the bathroom. The green marble wallpaper will completely transform your space and make it refined and special, wherever you use it. Do not use too much, just an accent wall will suffice. Get inspired!

marble bathroom
A beautiful and elegant bathroom with green marble tiles on the walls and floor and in the shower.
green marble hexagonal tiles
Hexagonal green marble tiles of different colors on the walls and floor for a bold eclectic look
green marble bathroom design
An impressive natural bathroom with green marble tiles, a dressing table, and touches of wood.
green marble tiles
What is green marble, where does it come from and what types are there

If we want to use green marble in decoration it is good to know a little more about this material whose beauty attracts us and fascinates us so much. For this reason, we have collected some interesting information to the respect below.

dark green marble

Origin and history

Green marble: marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, commonly calcite or dolomite. The marble can be foliate. Geologists use the term “marble” to refer to metamorphosed limestone; however, masons use the term more broadly to encompass non-metamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a construction material.

marble green green color forest

The word “marble” derives from the ancient Greek μάρμαρον (marmaron), from μάρμαρος (marmaros), “crystal rock, brilliant stone”, perhaps from the verb μαρμαίρω (marmaírō), “to flash, shine, shine” is also suggested that a probable pre-Greek origin.

green marble in large bathroom

This word is also the basis of the English word marmoreal, which means “similar to a marble”. While the English term resembles French marbre, most other European languages ​​follow the original Greek: see Marmar in Persian and Irish, Spanish marble, Italian, German, Portuguese Marmor, Welsh, Slovenian, German, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, Finnish marmori, Romanian marmură, Polish marmur, Dutch gunsmith, Turkish mermer, Czech mramor and Russian мрамор (mramor). In Hungarian, it is called marvány.

natural green marble for floors

Physical origins

Marble is a rock that results from the metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, most commonly limestone or dolomite rock. Metamorphism causes variable recrystallization of the original carbonate mineral grains. The resulting marble rock is typically composed of a mosaic of interlaced carbonate crystals. The textures and primary sedimentary structures of the original carbonate rock (protolith) have typically been modified or destroyed.

marble green bathroom countertop

Pure white marble is the result of the metamorphism of a very pure limestone (poor in silicate) or protolith of dolomite. The swirls and veins characteristic of many varieties of colored marble is usually due to various mineral impurities, such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxides or quart, which were originally present as grains or layers in the limestone.

green marble wall

The green coloration is often due to the serpentine that results from limestone or dolostone originally rich in magnesium with silica impurities. These various impurities have been mobilized and recrystallized by the intense pressure and heat of the metamorphism.

green marble wallpaper

Some uses: Sculpture

White marble has been appreciated for its use in sculptures since classical times. This preference has to do with its smoothness, which facilitated the carving, the relative isotropy, the homogeneity and relative resistance to breakage. In addition, the low refractive index of calcite allows light to penetrate several millimeters into the stone before dispersing, resulting in the characteristic waxy appearance that gives “life” to marble sculptures of any kind, which is why many Sculptors still prefer Marble to sculpt.

green marble bathroom floor

The green marble in construction

The marble construction is a stone that is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine that can be polished. More generally in construction, specifically trade in construction stone, the term “marble” is used for any crystalline calcite rock that can be used as a building stone.
Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan, was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records of 2013 with the world’s largest concentration of white marble buildings.

green marble wall

Green granite is a popular natural stone for decoration and construction. In India, there are many suppliers, exporters, and manufacturers of Indian green granite whose objective is to obtain slabs and tiles customized and standard for the following uses or purposes:

  • Countertops and floors
  • Wall cladding, vanity tops, and worktops.
  • Cobbles, curbs, and steps.
  • Dashboards, thresholds and construction plates.
  • Decorative items and cemetery monuments.

If you need customized solutions, look for the professional consultation of stone experts and professionals.

shower cabin tiles

In addition to the known granite deposits in India, the country also has the largest deposits of Green Marble (sometimes known as Green Guatemala in international markets). Its technical definition would be a compact variety of metamorphosed limestone able to take polish, rock composed of serpentine. Indian green is a very compact marble, hard and strong. Its hardness/strength is higher compared to other green stones found elsewhere. For example, Indian marble doesn’t deform. Unlike others, it doesn’t fade over time and it doesn’t rust either. From the architectural and aesthetic point of view, it has a soft green tone, for example, a whole floor of green marble looks very well. In addition, it provides excellent contrast when installed in combination with other marble colors.

green marble floor

The green marble deposits are found in Aravali’s mineral-rich mountain. The exact location is in the districts of Udaipur and Dungarpur, in the southwestern part of the state of Rajasthan. The deposits extend over a vast area in the districts with many villages, of which the Kesariyajee region in the Udaipur district and the adjacent areas of the Dungarpur district stand out. These deposits were discovered in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The mineral deposit is huge and the area is mainly hills and mountains.
There are a lot of quarries that work in the region. The concessions for the quarries are granted by the government for mining under a lease scheme that normally lasts 20 years. The lease is usually renewed at expiration. There are almost 300 quarry leases in the green marble region.

Extraction of green marble

The excavation of green marble from the quarries is done in a completely mechanized way at present with state-of-the-art machineries, such as chain saws, wire saws, drilling machines, etc., used to a great extent for extraction. Heavy earth moving machinery is also used in quarries, which alleviates the problem of overload and handling of marble blocks. Thanks to the previous technology, the production capacity of green marble has increased dramatically. Production in 2011 was estimated at around 150,000 metric tons. The blocks extracted from the quarries are large and, therefore, large slabs are available without any problem.

green marble wall-coated

The different varieties of green marble

The available green marble in one region comes in various shades and the hue differs slightly from one region to another. Basically, it can be divided into two types:

1) One is dark smooth green with flower structure

2) The other has a green base with white streaks.

The tone and texture of the marble differ from one place to another and are classified to different varieties. Of the first type, the tone can vary from light to dark and these tones have been given different names such as forest green, Jade green, ocean green, green oasis, etc. The second type is similar to the previous one and the veins and clouds can also vary, such as being scattered, crowded or having thin veins, thick veins, etc.

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