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Original and cheap bed headboards ideas

We bring a selection of photos of original and cheap headboards. You can take ideas to create your own exclusive bed head.  These headboards have a lot of character and also they are very economical. You will see that it is not necessary to make a great investment to decorate your bedroom with style. We hope our suggestions serve you.

Our selection of original headboards is characterized by the fact that all of them are made with simple and economic materials. As faithful DIY lovers, you will find some very interesting projects.

Original and cheap headboards

All our suggestions for original headboards can be done at home easily. In addition, as we have already told you, the investment you need to make for your headboard project is minimal. So if you have a tight budget, take note of the ideas that best suit your needs and tastes.

With some simple pillows and some leather ribbons, you can create this unique head.

Here we see another original idea made with a garland of ribbons.

Small and decorative natural fiber tablecloths serve as the base material for this cool design.

And an alternative similar to the previous one composed of individual wicker placemats.

With two simple pallets, nothing more.

And if you are a DIY lover here you have a slightly more detailed, but equally simple idea. This option combines three pieces of woodcut in the shape of a house with a very delicate painted design.

The famous pegboard for craft lovers.

A traditional hurdle is an excellent option for homes with a rustic touch.

Photos: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8

What creativity! This headboard designed in an intense yellow color frame.

With a nice wallpaper, you can also create a cute headboard. Limit the space with a small wooden profile.

Painting is a simple and cheap resource when designing your original headboard.

As we love the washi tape, we want to share several ideas about this economic and versatile product.

With washi tape, you can create such a modern composition.

Also washi tape but even simpler ...

Our latest recommendation is a large format framed photograph. If the photo is very expensive, you can always opt for a poster or sheet. You can make the frame yourself with some wooden slats.

If you need more information about the images, then follow the reference links: 1 , 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7

Bed headboards with screens

More offers to decorate your bedroom in an original way. Then we encourage you to use a screen or separator as a headboard. Look at more elegant and personality-filled environments, each in its decorative style.

We like this option so much.

Make original headboard

Attention handyman! We continue with another idea to make original headboard. To carry out this simple project you need a wooden frame and two different types of rope, if possible that they contrast with the tone of the wall or that combine with the bedding set.

Make holes with a drill in the wooden slats to pass the ropes from one side to the opposite and knot the ends.

More ideas of original headboards with recycled materials

The headboard, the main element in the decoration of bedrooms, is a leading piece that captures all the attention. Why not leave the routine and bet on something different? Below we present a selection of the most original headers on the internet, all of them created in home projects and this time, built with recycled materials.

Photo 1: concretejunglecrafts  Headboard formed by recovered shutters.

Photograph 2: sheknows  A composition of windows and frames form this original headboard.

Photo 3: aimee-weaver  In this proposal, it acts as a headboard an old door.

Photo 4: casanovawong  A panel formed of reeds serves as headboard in this house. Again the famous hurdle that is used so much today to cover the fences of the gardens.

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