12 Benefits of Pergola in Your Backyard

After a busy and tough day, I love relaxing in my outdoor space. Pergolas are the best outdoor space to relax and regroup. There are plenty of benefits of a pergola in your backyard. Having this structure in your home gives you enough space to host family dinners, entertain friends, relax and more. These structures come in different sizes and shapes and vary in prices. They are also easy to install.

If you are still on the fence about having a pergola in your home, this article is for you. We’ll discuss the benefits and purpose of a pergola. These structures are growing in popularity and these are the reasons why most homeowners love a pergola.

Benefits of Pergola 

1. Adding value to your home

Homes are not just a place to live, but they are also investments. Landscaping is a major factor home buyers keep an eye on. If your home has a well-manicured yard, its value will definitely shoot up. This is one of the main benefits of owning a pergola. 

These outdoor structures can make a great difference in case you decide to sell your home. And you are likely to get a better price if your pergola has vines, flowers, lighting and other pergola decorations. A home with a pergola will attract buyers quickly. If you are considering selling your property some years from now, consider adding this outdoor structure.  

pergola with curtain

2. Great for shades and protection

Lounging under a pergola that has a shade canopy is heavenly. A pergola with canopy will not only protect you from direct sunlight but also give you a continuous flow of fresh air. The modern models of pergolas have a canopy that you can open and close at night as you relax under the stars. In case your pergola doesn’t have climbers, you can use light fabrics to keep you away from direct UV rays.

3. Creating Additional space

Pergolas are a great way of creating more space in your home. If you have a small home, this structure will help add room to your home without the extra costs. The structures are versatile and can be used for the following.

  • Partying and Dining-There are some seasons where we have to celebrate our loved ones. This could be during their graduations, dinners, weddings, or birthdays. During these times you may have to play host and your indoor space might not be enough. A pergola can be used instead, just transform it with some outdoor furniture and lighting. This will allow you as the host to enjoy the parties with your guests.
pergola furniture
  • Lounging-Nothing beats the moments that come with the summer season. Summer nights are great when spent out under the illumination of the stars and moon. Having a well-personalized pergola with chairs, cushions and couches will give you a perfect, cozy and relaxed environment for chilling out with friends. Also, pergolas create space for parents to get some ‘me’ time
  • Cooking-Do you like cooking while enjoying beautiful scenery? Well, pergolas can be transformed into an outdoor kitchen with a few easy adjustments. You can add some worktables, cabinets, or outdoor fridges and outdoor grills. Also, you will not be choked by smoke since there is enough airflow, unlike in an indoor setting.

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3. Privacy

Sometimes your house may not provide the privacy you need, especially when kids are up and about or have some relatives around. A pergola could be your ideal escape place. Naturally, pergolas are built without privacy in mind, open wall and all. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have privacy in your backyard. You can create some ways of covering your pergola and have your alone moments. Here are some ways of making it private.

  • Use leafy Plants-Growing quick-growing leafy plants will be a great way of getting some privacy. The best plants are the ones that can be moved in and out depending on the season. The covering from the leafy plants will keep away from everyone.
  • Plant Trees-Planting a few trees around your pergola also translates to privacy. Make it interesting and glamorous by going for trees of different colors.
climbing plants for outdoor
  • Use Hedges-Hedges come in handy, especially when you don’t want to fence. They will block people from seeing you and also curb high winds and noise.
  • Also pergola curtains are a great way to add privacy

Using any of the above in your pergola is a guarantee of your privacy.

4. Addition of aesthetic touch to your yard

Vines for patio

A pergola presents you with the perfect opportunity to add color and glamour to your home. Nothing beats the warm feeling of retiring to a warm and colorful home after a stressful day. It’s believed that colors are therapeutic. You can add some color and beauty by painting your pergola to match your home.

Also, a pergola allows you to diversify your yard’s beauty by hanging plants of different colors around it. These plants will not only bring some natural beauty, but they will also ensure more flow of natural air and fragrance. We all love flowers, and pergolas are a perfect site for flowers. Adding flowers to your yard will brighten your home and make it warm.

5. Protection of herbs

If you have herbs in your garden, you may have noticed that winter can be harsh on them. This is due to water logging and frost. Another benefit of pergola is it’s a great way of keeping your herbs going through the winter season. I am sure you are wondering how this is possible. 

You can hang the herb pots on your pergola to protect them from too much water. When hanged, the holes under those pots will drain excess water and allow your herbs to thrive. Additionally, if your pergola has a shade, you can put the herbs pot in it to shield it from raindrops and snow. This way, your plants will thrive no matter the season.

6. They create a romantic atmosphere

Your backyard will never be dull if you invest in a pergola. Pergolas have lights that illuminate your and transform a yard. Once you have your pergola, you have several choices of lights to go for. Here are some of them.

  • String lights-These lights are stringed from railings to trees. String lights are the best for free-standing pergolas. You can be sure to have a dreamy atmosphere at night.
  • Hanging Lights-Hanging lights offer a perfect illumination with a touch of style to your yard. However, they are only ideal for pergolas that are close to the electricity source. These lights are a guarantee a wonderful ambiance in the cold of the night. Your home will never be dull again.

7. Maximizes outdoor space

A pergola will maximize your outdoor space by giving you some extra space. You can use the space for keeping the furniture that you no longer use in the house. If you want a makeover and are wondering where to keep the old set of sofa, then the pergola space will accommodate it. Also, it is a great shield to your house against strong winds.

pergola home structure

8. Great for partitioning

Have you been wondering how to distinguish an area in your compound?  Pergolas will do it for you. This outdoor structure will further help create a theme within your garden, separate the dining and seating areas by maybe taking the dining outside. Additionally, pergolas are great in creating a boundary between your house and the pool. This is a great way to enhance the safety of your kids and pets.

9. Low maintenance and durability

Life is costly, and everyone is going for something that doesn’t eat into their pockets. Pergolas are easy to maintain with almost zero maintenance cost. Once you purchase this outdoor structure, all it will need is cleaning. The only thing that might slightly cost you is maybe some repainting, which you can DIY. Also, pergolas are long-lasting and can serve you for decades.

10. Made with different materials

Pergolas are affordable and can be made with different materials, including metal, wood, and vinyl. This allows you to go for what suits your budget, taste, and style of your home. Multiple materials allow diversifying in picking the best for your home.

11. Combined with other structures

Investing in something that goes with other structures in your home is a plus. Pergolas are pathways to other structures. You can also place it in the backyard and make it a lead way to your pool, giving you a glamorous outdoor living site.  Pergolas do not have to be on their own. They blend so well with other structures.

pergola with pool

12. Easy to install

Pergolas are easy to install, especially if you DIY. All you need to do is get the pergola kits with pre-cut wood and all other necessities. With proper tools to raise the beams and skills, installing a pergola is easy. On the other hand, if you prefer getting a professional, many companies deal with landscaping, which will help you install.


 There are many ways to make our homes look better and welcoming, and installing a pergola is one of them. This structure is an escape zone where you can relax after a long day. Also, it’s a perfect entertainment spot for your guests. Pergolas will help you create more outdoor space and enjoy freedom. This article has discussed all the benefits of a pergola, and why it is a worthy investment. There is no better way to add value, style, and glamour to your home than installing a pergola.

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