17 Boho Wall Decor Ideas for Every Room

Are you in love with boho wall decor and you don’t know how you’re going to achieve the boho look? Don’t trip, we are going to show you how you can achieve a boho look in your home effortlessly.

Boho decor is usually bold with vivid colors, different kinds of prints, patterns and textures. Unlike modern decor that is mostly neutral, boho decor combines several decorative items with a spark of diverse colors to create an inviting atmosphere.

In this article we are going to show you some of the boho wall decor items that you can buy to achieve a bohemian style in your home.

We are also going to share with you some of the best ideas you can use to create a beautiful boho themed home.

1. Macrame Wall Hanging With Free Moon Wall Decor

Macrame wall hanging is a dazzling piece of art from Jade Luxe. The wall hanging comes in a pair with a free moon wall decor.

The hanging is handmade using natural materials like cotton rope and the weavers did a great job in weaving the wall hangings tightly making them durable.

The macrame wall hangings come with hooks and they are big enough to cover a big space on your wall. You can gift these beautiful pieces of art to your friends and family.

Macrame wall hangings can be used to decorate your living room, bedroom, dining and even the entry ways.

2. Macrame Wall Hangings

The macrame wall hanging or curtain is a big piece of wall art measuring about 52 by 57 inches. You can use this wall curtain as a door curtain or simply decorate your walls with it.

If you have big plain walls then this wall hanging is made of cotton material carefully knotted by its hand. The macrame wall curtain is good for minimalists who want plain colored pieces on their walls.

Looking for something to use as a headboard? The macrame wall hanging/curtain can help you achieve custom headboard look effortlessly.

3. Dahey Macrame Mirror Wall Hanging

If you want to add a wall hanging with some reflections then this boho wall decor piece is your best pick. Darey macrame mirror wall hanging has a beautiful bohemian design with a fringe decorative mirror in the middle.

The Dahey macrame wall hanging is a great piece for minimalist spaces and can be hung in the living room, bedroom and even entry ways.

4. Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This wall art paint can break the monotony in your living room, bedroom or even dining. Made from eco friendly canvas material and fir wood frames, this painting will make you fall in love with your space again.

This wall art comes with hooks at the back making it easy for you to hang it on your wall.  Another thing you’ll love about this painting is its size. The wall art is large and can cover a large space of the wall, breaking the monotony of the room.

5. Juegoal Metal Flower

You don’t have to stick to macrame hangings only, you can also try different types of wall art pieces like this Juegoal metal flower to achieve a boho decor.

This pink color metal flower adds that spring atmosphere to your room. You can’t go wrong with this contemporary piece. You can use the juegoal metal flower to decorate any room indoors and outdoors too.

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6.Timeyard Macrame Wood Shelves Wall Hanging

Timeyard macrame wood shelves are great for decorating the living room, bedroom and bathroom walls. These three tier shelves are handmade using all natural materials. The shelves are painted black and they are held together by hand woven macrame codes.

The materials used to make the shelves like wood planks and cords are strong enough to stand the test of time. Apart from decorating, you can also use these shelves as storage of bathroom items like towels and diffusers.

If you’re using the floating shelves to decorate your living room, you can add some planters and photo frames to create some memories.

7. Bohemian Elephant Yoga Tapestry Wall Hanging

This bohemian elephant wall hanging is made of polyester and it measures 150 by 130cms. The material used to make this wall art is of high quality and it doesn’t form wrinkles or shrink.

The wall hanging is easy to clean and dries fast due to its material. The wall hanging comes in many different colors and you can choose the color you want depending on your theme.

8. Owl Macrame Boho Wall Art

If you haven’t added animal wall arts to your decor then you might want to start with this owl ornamental wall hanging.

The wall art comes with a set of two owls and can give you bedroom, living room or any other place a touch of boho decor.

This piece of wall art is large with a big and small owl and can turn your blank wall into something interesting. Made of cotton rope and wide eyes, the owls can spruce up your room and blend in with different themes effortlessly.

Boho Wall Decor Ideas: How to Style Your Space

9. Groups Baskets

bohemian wall art

Source: alteredpine

If you want to achieve a boho decor look fast then this idea of grouping baskets of different sizes and designs is a great idea. You can add the baskets to decorate blank walls on top of your dresser or on any walls in your house.

You can use old baskets and chalk paint them to get variations of colors or you can simply get them at a store.

10. Macrame Wreath

boho wall art

Source: kopperandknot

Achieve a bohemian accent by adding a macrame wreath on the corner wall in your space. Made of dried macrame, this boho flair can be a great piece for your walls on special occasions or you can simply decide to bring your space to a lively one with this wreath.

11. Angel Wings On A Twig

boho chic wall decor

Source: wildinghearts

Create a bohemian home decor with a spiritual or miracle style. Angels are associated with spirituality and these angel wings on a dry twig.  Made of cotton cloth, this handmade wall hanging is incredible for decorating your walls at any point of your house.

12. Vintage Macrame Wall Hanging On Thick Twig

bohemian accents

Source: beecottagefibreart

This gorgeous bohemian macrame wall hanging is perfect for decorating walls in your living room or bedroom. This extra large wall hanging is great for decorating large wall spaces.

This wall decor piece can make a statement in your patio or decorating other parts of your home. You can also use this macrame backdrop as a background for wedding photos.

13. Tassel and Beads Boho Wall Hanging  For Nursery

boho wall hang

Source: littlepitcherdesigns

Do you want a boho accent in your baby’s nursery? How about this tassel and beads boho wall hanging above the baby court? First off, the choice of the colors used on this handmade hanging makes it a good pick if you don’t want extremely bright colors.

Made from yarn chosen from three neutral colors, this wall hanging can decorate both boys and girls nurseries. You can also use the hanging to decorate your kids playroom.

14. Macrame Car Oil Diffuser For Wall Decor

bohemian room decor

Source: strawberry.atelier

How about this macrame luxurious car oil diffuser on your walls? Car diffusers don’t only make your car smell nice, they can be a great piece of wall decor. Add your favorite essential oils and get a heavenly smell and a beautiful decor piece.

15. Woven Macrame Wall Hanging

Source: wallflowers_hangingart

Add a beautiful view of the mountain and beautiful skyline in your room with this handwoven macrame yarn wall hanging. Sometimes adding a decor piece that depicts nature makes a statement to your modern decor.

Great thing about this gorgeous wall decor is that it blends easily with any kind of furniture and decor whether rustic or modern.

16. Boho Floating Shelf Wall Hanging

boho wall accents

Source: cord_stories

The best boho wall art idea for minimalists. This boho single tier wall floating shelf is handwoven and can act as a planter holder. You can add a photo frame or one or two books on the shelf.

17. Boho Alpaka Contemporary Wall Hanging

Source: @lilaschmidt

If you love contemporary paintings, then adding a set or a single alpaka wall painting can transform your home into a luxurious space. This decorative painting is purely handmade with canvas and acrylic paints.

Bottom Line

Mostly, people love animal paintings in their living room and dining room but you can add this piece even in your bedroom or home office. The diverse colors used on this boho wall hanging with natural features can blend well with any furniture style and color.

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