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7 Cast Iron Table Base Ideas 2022

Many people want to know what is the best way to set up a table. Some prefer to use cast iron as their table base as it can provide stability and an industrial look. A cast-iron coffee table base will provide a more stable foundation for your coffee table or any other furniture on top of it. Cast iron pieces are large, heavy, and expensive pieces which will make your room appear more sophisticated.

In the article below we’ll explore the best cast iron table bases, different designs, how to choose the best for your home and more.

Cast Iron Table Bases Ideas

1. Lisuden Metal Table Legs

Have a 30 – 32 table top? This metal table base is perfect for wood table tops. With a gorgeous X-frame design, this frame is ideal for farmhouse dining tables or use in your home office. This table frame measures 28 inches high and 30 inches across. It’s stable enough to hold up to 1000 lbs, making it ideal for everyday use. It weighs 35lb and is easy to install.

2. Happybuy Metal Table Frame

Simple yet beautiful. Made of sturdy material, this unique table base is perfect for a modern dining table. It’s black exterior will complement your existing furniture and also protect the metal from rusticity.

This table stand measures 16 inches high and 10.8 inches wide. Because of its simple shape, installation is easy. Where can you use it? With a load capacity of 661 lbs, this frame is ideal for the living room, dining or office. Also, it comes with adjustable rubber feet to protect your floors.

3. Pipe Coffee Table Stand

Sturdy and stylish. Looking for something that’ll stand out? You can’t go wrong with this piece. With its price lower than most table bases, this pipe table stand is a great find. What size of top should you place on this base? We recommend a 48″ by 20″ table top. Your package includes all the needed flanges and fittings. Perfect way to add industrial charm to your living room.

4. Tospky Adjustable Tables Stands

Looking for something for your home office? Tospky is a top-rated brand that designs cast iron table base for computer desks. You should go with this option because it is noise free, has a higher load capacity compared to other bases, and is made of durable metal. It’s dual motor feature makes its operation easier and faster compared to stands with single motors.

5. Flash Furniture Restaurant Table Base

Looking for a base for an outdoor table or restaurant? Flash Furniture has designed this beautiful counter height stand that is ideal for these settings. Made of durable iron, it features a strong X-base and a round top. The black finish gives it industrial vibes while protecting it from rust. Floor caps help protect your floor against scratches.

6. Gold Hair Pin Legs

Don’t like black? These gold hair pin legs will definitely add glamor to your room. In my search for the best bases for tables, I came across these small but sturdy gold hair pin legs. I was intrigued.

Though they are considerably smaller compared to their counterparts on this list, 6 inches table legs can support up to 440 lbs. The gold coating adds a touch of glam and simplicity to any room. These iron hairpin legs can also be used to support accent chairs and side tables.

7. Cast Iron Base with Shelf

Need something with extra storage space? This iron table base is the right pick. Featuring a beautiful black rustic look, these metal legs measure 28 by 17.7 inches. The pipe legs are sturdy and can hold up to 800 lbs. Its style plus size makes it ideal for any room at home.

Why choose a cast iron base for the table?

Table bases are made of different materials. From wood to iron to glass, there is plenty to choose from. In a recent article we looked at the various types of bases for tables. Now, below is a list of reasons why you should opt for a base made of this material.

1. Cast iron, the material, has more carbon compared to stainless steels. This means that it’s heavier and sturdier.

2. Because of its sturdiness, an iron made table can support more weight compared to other metals.

3. Bases made of this material come in different designs, adding style to your decor

4. They come at different heights so you can pick one to use on a coffee table, bar, or outdoor setting.

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