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    50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles

    Try out our 50 Wine Bottle Crafts, to reuse and revamp your old wine bottles. Not only does it go easy on the planet, it goes easy on your budget. Going eco is the hot new trend, and for good reason. Sure, you could throw your used wine bottles into a recycling bin—and in fact, you should–but why not try your hand at upcycling instead? By upcycling your old wine bottles into candelabras, wind chimes, and all sorts of crafts, you save tons by not purchasing store-bought decor. So jump into our long list of 50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles. It’s got something for…

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    Easter flowers to fill the interiors with color

    On Easter days the decoration of the interiors is very thematic and for this, we use the decorative details typical for these holidays such as eggs, flowers and decorative figures of animals. However, in this article, we are going to talk about the flowers of easter and the way you can decorate your interior with them. Also with them, you can combine the decoration with painted eggs and some figures of rabbits with which you can complete the decoration of your interior. Easter flowers to decorate the interiors in a thematic way Keep in mind that the flowers of Easter will fill your interior with color and joy but you…

  • how to make easter eggs-decorate
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    Wreaths Decorated With Easter Eggs

    Easter is already knocking at our doors. Therefore, this article will be dedicated to these significant and symbolic celebrations of Christian culture and religion. What we will really talk about is the Easter eggs and the wreath decorations we can make with them. In addition, we will also pay attention to the origin of the parties and the origin of the eggs. I hope the article is useful for you and I hope you will be inspired to create some unique decorations for these special days. Easter eggs and the origin of the holidays There is a very interesting fact about what Easter is and this fact is hidden in…

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    Succulent plants to make original decoration

    Succulent plants are probably the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners and have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. With the right information, the succulents are easy to care for and the succulent gardens and terrariums can illuminate any interior space. Take a look at our tutorials with succulent plants to decorate the house and to grow indoors! After seeing these ideas you may start planning your own urban jungle. Succulent plants for decoration Succulent plants are loved by many for a reason. With juicy leaves, stems or roots, the succulents form a vast and diverse group of plants, which offer easy-care plant options for your home. In addition, they look…

  • hippie room
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    Hippie decoration – A variation of Bohemian Decor

    The vintage style decoration becomes increasingly stronger with the new hippies’ trends. This decorative style allows to combine in a very effective way elements of the past, but giving a current and original touch. Knowing how to correctly combine the different elements will allow you to provide your house with an energy and a good special roll. Do not cut yourself in Mix colors, textures and various materials like carpets, cushions, vinyl or paintings. Below we give you the keys so you can make your own chic hippie decoration. Keys to hippie decoration If you want to give an alternative touch to your home you must escape from the structures…

  • Ideas to decorate with recycled jeans
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    Amazing Old Denim Jeans Repurpose Projects

    We collect the genius creative ideas to decorate with recycled denim and we share them with you. Surely you want to take some of these projects into practice because we all have denim jeans waiting to retire at home. Which have become small, or those that have gone out of style, will now have a long life. Give your old cowboys a new chance. Wall organizers with jeans All the decorative crafts with recycled jeans are fantastic but this is, in my opinion, the best. For this project, you will use your pockets. You can start collecting jeans pockets and make the wall organizer when you have enough. We show…

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    10 DIY ideas to decorate your home in the spring

    If you thinking about decorating your home in the spring, today we give you some DIY ideas that can help you. Do not lose sight of them! The change of season has already arrived and we are looking forward to adding spring elements to our home. Therefore, if you want to renew your home with spring details, today we tell you a few that can go very well. It’s time to forget the dark tones and turn our eyes towards the colors. It is time to include the flowers in our decoration, because nothing symbolizes the spring better than the return of color. If you are wanting as we include…

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    Are you looking for ideas to make a special decoration on Valentine’s Day? Because if so, you have come to the right place. We bring many ideas to decorate your bedroom on Valentine’s Day, are you coming with us? We will give you all the keys to surprise your partner. A reader asked us to help decorate a bedroom with petals and candles. We have put ourselves to work and we bring you everything we have found. All rooms with a decoration worthy of Valentine’s Day. Perfect for a very special day. We hope it will inspire you and we also provide other ideas to decorate your bedroom on Valentine’s…

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    Valentine’s Day Table Decoration Ideas

    We bring you new ideas to decorate table for Valentine’s Day, so that Valentine’s Day ends perfectly. A dinner for two intimate and very romantic, or a dinner with other couples of friends, anything goes to celebrate February 14 as tradition dictates. Prepare a romantic table for Valentine’s Day and get inspired by our photos. Learn about our proposals for table runners for Valentine’s Day or the best centerpieces for Valentine’s Day. All this and much more then. In our effort to provide ideas to celebrate this romantic holiday today we focus on a particular element and we help you decorate a table for Valentine’s Day. We begin with a…

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    Inspirations For Valentine’s Day DIY Decoration

    A special day deserves a special decoration. In Valentine’s Day surprise your partner, or family, with a thematic environment. Add a touch of romance to your home, get inspired by the ideas we share today to create something exclusive and personalized. Ideas for Valentine’s Day A fantastic heart made with plastic flowers stuck on a cork. Perfect to place in any corner of your home. Also You May Like : Valentine’s Day aforddable decoration ideas to do at home The red color is the most used on Valentine’s Day. With this delicate combination of garlands, decorative elements and cushions you will get a very romantic space. We return to the…