• DIY Sock Sloth Free Sew Pattern & Tutorial

    DIY Sock Sloth Free Sew Pattern & Tutorial

    Sloths are very funny animals and now they are quite popullar among childeren. Thus there is a huge amount of DIY projects on internet about sloths. This tutorial maybe the best one we have seen so far. Simple yet very cute. Your kids will love them. You’ll need socks and some little sewing skills. If you want to check out here is the link: DIY Sock Sloth Free Sew Pattern & Tutorial

  • 50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles

    50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles

    I love this beach glass paint! It is so easy to use and makes everything so pretty.  This 1-moment craft creates cool, sea glass wine bottles great for coastal decor. Two coats took a clear, boring bottle, to something really cool. All it takes is a clear wine bottle, and a coat of Krylon sea glass spray paint. Spray on more coats if you like a more matte look. You can use this spray paint on every glass material like bottles, mason jars, vases. All of them will look awesome. It has 8 different colors too. If you want to check, you can click HERE

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    Rustic Livingrooms Inspirations

    We love the decoration of refined rustic style, that is, create environments full of natural materials, wood, stone, wrought iron, etc … but these are far from that feeling of “the house of the grandmother”. More eclectic spaces in which other trends converge, modern objects, straight lines and above all comfort and warmth, because this is the most interesting of this style, the warmth that comes from the noble materials and the comfort that the earth tones create. most used for this unique decoration.

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    +80 Ideas For Wall Decoration

    In all the houses there are walls that we don’t know how to decorate, they are walls that are empty, that have no furniture and that we do not know very well how to fill. Today we want to show you wall decoration ideas so you can find ideas and inspiration to help you decorate the desired wall. Below you will find ideas for hanging pictures, photos, for you to use murals and wallpaper, and a host of other ideas that you surely like and help you find the perfect idea for your wall. Walls decorated with pictures and photos One of the most conventional ideas for wall decoration is…

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    Valentine’s Day Romantic DIY Decor Ideas

    Today we are going to show you some very original Valentine’s Day decor images. Valentine’s Day is coming up and on February 14, as every year, couples in love from all over the world will celebrate their love. Celebrated in much of the world especially in Europe and the USA. The anniversary of the lovers is a special moment to celebrate a marriage, a couple or family love. To make it even more unique this year, you can make many decorations for the home or for a party too. These are some examples of decorations for the home or for a Valentine’s Day theme party. Do you want to create a…