• outdoor weddings
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    Outdoor Wedding: Decorating tips for different styles

    Getting married is one of the best moments of life. It is a moment of happiness, joy, and prosperity. And that why we want everything to be perfect on the wedding day. So if you think about ideas for outdoor weddings, we are going to give you some decoration tips for the perfect dream wedding. Tips for decorating outdoor weddings There are different themes for outdoor wedding decoration. There are rustic weddings, vintage wedding, and even beach weddings. Each of them completely different and for that reason, we are going to give some decoration tips for each of these outdoor weddings styles. Outdoor rustic wedding Lately, we see how the…

  • How to decorate a rustic style living room
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    9 Rustic living rooms that will make you fall in love

    The rustic rooms have stolen our hearts. And it is logical, combining the warmth of the wood and the elegance of the stone, is a perfect decoration style to decorate the living room of the house. Here I show you a series of ideas, but I warn you, with these rustic-style rooms … You will want to go to live in the country! Think of the rustic decor, and the first thing that will come to mind is a beautiful and cozy wooden cabin in the Alps or an old stone and wood country house. The term “rustic” is somewhat ambiguous but simply refers to what is linked to the…

  • Minimalist decoration in the home
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    Minimalist Decoration: Definitive Guide (2019)

    The minimalist decoration is a style characterized by the intention to simplify as much as possible (less is more), get rid of all the superfluous elements and reduce the decoration to the essentials. And we love the idea! Do you? The minimalism is a movement that went from art to design and interior decoration in the 1920s, but which today is still considered one of the most innovative styles. If you want to embrace the minimalist style, but you don’t know where to start, then I show you their main ideas, so you can apply them in your home. What is minimalist style decoration: Less is more The minimalist decoration…

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    7 ideas for a baby room in neutral tones

    A baby room in neutral tones… boring? None of that, today we show you 7 Baby room paint ideas that will inspire you. If you are looking for ideas to decorate a baby room in neutral tones, today we show you a few examples to inspire you. Because a room in neutral tones does not have to be dull or boring. And these examples show it. Don’t miss them! Neutral colors are ideal for baby room interior design, because they transmit harmony and calmness, and create a relaxed mood. In this way, we encourage the baby to rest. In addition, light tones will help you make the most of the…

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    Vertical Gardens: Ideas To Inspire Your Decoration

    Vertical gardens are one of the trends of the moment, both outdoors and indoors. We are going to discover them. Surely you’ve heard of vertical gardens. This decorative concept has been with us for some time and, more and more, we find it included in all kinds of spaces. From offices to fairs to shops, restaurants, and homes. We love! And we have been seeing how the taste for natural elements advances in all areas. In this world in which we live, we have rediscovered everything related to the eco, the biological and the natural. And living walls are another expression of that need to return to nature. Green walls…

  • Wedding Decoration Trends 2018-2019 - Decorating Ideas - Dicoro
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    Wedding Decoration Trends 2019

    Today we discover the trends of wedding decoration in 2019. So don’t miss any detail. Inspire with our simple wedding decoration ideas. It is already that time of the year when weddings occupy most of the weekends. But we’re not going to deny it, we love weddings. We love to see the decorations that are used and they are more detailed and personalized day after day. In case you are about to say yes or just want to know the 2019 wedding decoration trends, today we will tell you the latest ones. To get an original and different wedding decoration that leaves all guests with their mouths open. And for…

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    Raw Decoration: The beauty of imperfection

    In this article, we will talk about Raw decoration style that uses wooden elements in the most natural state possible. A commitment to the beauty of imperfection, which makes each element unique. Today we are going to review a trend that is taking strength in decoration. The raw decoration is based on using wooden elements in the most natural state. Wood must be in its pure state or look as natural and imperfect as possible. But we are not talking about a rustic style decoration or country house, on the farmhouse. It is about using a modern decoration of pure and modern lines, together with raw or raw materials that…

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    Wabi Sabi decoration: nature as inspiration

    If you still don’t know what is the Wabi-sabi decoration, discover this aesthetic, close to the Zen philosophy, that will fill your home with nature and balance. One of the decorative trends of 2019 is the Wabi Sabi. Close to Zen philosophy, it is inspired by nature to find beauty in the simple and imperfect. If you didn’t hear about it, we will explain it to you and tell you how to include it in your home. Wabi-sabi is much more than a trend, it is a way of life. And no, it’s not a typical condiment of Japanese cuisine, although its name is very similar. Little by little, and…

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    15 Crafts to decorate walls

    I present you with more ideas to give different look to your walls. Forget about painting, I bring you some original and novel ideas to put into practice and create spaces full of personality in your home. Then a lot of crafts to decorate walls. What are you waiting for to give a new atmosphere to your house? 1. VERTICAL GARDENS The vertical gardens become a resource of great tendency and it is also an ecological and natural option. The ideal is to make them with a natural plant, but if this is not possible, they can also be made with artificial elements creating effects such as those we see…

  • Living Coral Pantone 2019 - 33 Photos of environments
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    Living Coral Pantone 2019 – 33 Photos of environments

    We can’t miss another day without telling you about the color of the year Pantone 2019: Living Coral. And of all its decorative options, of the applications in the different environments of our home. We share photos of rooms decorated with the Living Coral for inspiration. We reviewed the hype of Pantone and the properties of this striking tone. Living Coral Pantone 2019 The color of the Pantone 2019 year is, according to the brand, a lively and vital tone that bets for life. The Living Coral comes to our homes to provide a feeling of warmth, comfort, and affection. And of course to add a touch of color to…