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    Kitchen ideas with beautiful unexpected features –

    Are you looking for kitchen ideas with beautiful unexpected features? Here we are to help you. Spending time on the kitchen design is an overwhelming process. Sometimes the information can seem puzzling. And if you don't know where to start, start with the budget. Kitchen decoration is an expensive investment, but if you plan to spend money, you can pay when it is resold. Another question to ask yourself is what your goals are, what is missing from your current kitchen design and what you would like to see.

  • Handmade pictures for the kitchen
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    Handmade paintings for the kitchen

    Beautiful and creative handmade paintings to decorate the kitchen. Are you looking for homemade, simple and cheap projects to dress the walls of your kitchen? Today we share many ideas to customize your space. Designs made by yourself. Original crafts that will add a very personal touch to your kitchen. Get inspired by these ideas to create your own handmade paintings for the kitchen.

  • small modern kitchens
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    +50 photos of small modern kitchens full of inspiration [2019]

    More and more people have to live in apartments and small houses. This is the most normal, especially if you want to live in the city. This has made all rooms in the house small, forcing interior designers and interior shops to look for new solutions for new needs. The kitchen decoration It isn’t an exception, therefore modern small kitchens They have gained popularity in recent years. Modern white kitchens: help gain amplitude and luminosity One of the most used colors in the decoration of modern small kitchensIt’s the target. White helps to achieve a very powerful visual effect: that the room seems larger. That’s why the White color is…

  • Kitchen open to the living room
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    Kitchen open to the living room, pros and cons

    It is known as American kitchen to one that isn’t delimited by four walls but is connected to the rest of the space, which is usually the living room. Taking into account that the size of the houses is increasingly smaller, this is one of the main trends of decoration nowadays since it allows to create diaphanous and wide spaces. Of course, one kitchen open to the living room It has both advantages and disadvantages, which are worth knowing to assess whether it suits personal needs or not. Advantages of the kitchen open to the living room The creation of this type of space is an ideal solution for small…

  • Modern kitchens with island
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    Modern kitchen with an island: The best ideas

    Your home deserves to look shiny, modern and spacious, where you can prepare your food with comfort and safety. In case you have a kitchen with an island, we show you some tricks to adapt it to your style. Here are some simple tips of space, lighting, and decoration to create your modern kitchens with this style. Make efficient use of available space This is important. Before organizing furniture without a specific order, first measure the soil availability in square meters, you can help make a sketch to propose different options, either locating the island in L or in U. Prioritize a model with more space because you will use…

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    8 Ideas for Decorating a Small Kitchen

    Do you have a small kitchen? Are you thinking about your decoration? With these 8 ideas to optimize spaces and decorate small kitchens, what you lack in space you will compensate with style. Don’t you have space to tear down walls and create an open-plan dining kitchen? Do not worry! We have put together 8 ideas to maximize a small kitchen and make the most of the limited space available. They cover everything from storage to lighting, so I hope you find some idea that will help you transform your own kitchen into the most elegant, practical and useful corner of your home, whether you’re starting from scratch or updating…

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    The taste for recycling is increasing and recycled pallets have become today in another element of our home. With this material, you can build furniture and decorative objects with a lot of character. There are many companies that are dedicated to transforming pallets into unique objects. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can start your own project. Today we propose ideas for decorating kitchens with pallets. Proposals for you to integrate this material into your kitchen in a unique and exclusive way. Inspire yourself in the photographs that we have chosen, take note of what catches your attention and dare! If you look for a total renovation, check this:…

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    Concrete: 65 designs with exposed concrete wall

    A concrete wall will provide a rustic effect, also very popular in the industrial style, and now also infected contemporary housing in order to be a widely used solution. The reasons for this popularity are related to aspects such as ease of use, durability, the ability to cover large continuous surfaces, and also the aesthetic qualities. Concrete and marble option for bathroom walls Definitely, there is a distinction that must be made between the raw concrete walls exposed and those that have a concrete effect. Two very different results, the first one is immediately recognizable because the forms left by the molds that were used of reinforced concrete are obtained…