20 Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Ideas (2022)

Cherry cabinets are the best you can have for your kitchen cabinets. The beauty of the wood is unmatchable not to mention its strength to withstand all the storage pressures in the kitchen. Cherry wood is also long-lasting and withstands water and stains.

Therefore you can be sure that your cherry cabinets will serve you for years. In this article, we have the best recommendations for cherry kitchen cabinets. Keep on reading and know more.

1. Classic Cherry and Gray

cherry kitchen cabinet

Source: shoreandcountrykitchens

Everything about this cabinet will strike you. From the awesome finish to the aesthetic look to its functionality. The countertops are big while the drawers offer enough space to store your kitchen items. These cabinets are made to be in style for as long as you have them in your kitchen.

2. Old is Gold

cherry oak cabinet

Source: kellerjefffinishcarpenter

This kitchen cabinet is made from the best wood and it’s dependable. The top counter is solid and attractive and will be the best to choose if you like an organized kitchen. Also, the cabinet features a good storage capacity and an additional storage space and therefore you will have your items well kept.

3. Luxurious Cherry Kitchen

cherry cabinet kitchen

Source: yourfmrealestateagent

Your search for a strongly built kitchen cabinet ends here. The unit has enough space to fit all your utensils.

It also features an attached sink which gives convenience when it comes to cleaning your kitchen utensils. There is also a slot for your cooking burner, a feature that ensures you save your space.

4. Match it with Your Floors

cherrywood cabinets

No better way to transform your kitchen than with this dark brown cherry kitchen cabinet.

The marble countertops will make a statement in your kitchen and enable you to maintain hygiene with ease. The cabinet is not only modern but also functional. Its finish is beautiful for the eyes and won’t show any traces of dust unless you are close.

5. Add charm to your space with these sleek cherry cabinets

how to make cherry cabinets look new

This is one of the best kitchen cabinet ideas that you can pick and not regret. It is designed to accommodate your fridge, burner and is fitted with a chimney on top.

The drawers are spacious to hold all your kitchen utensils. If you have a small kitchen, this is one of the best options because it saves on the space that would have been taken by the fridge and burner.

6. Contemporary Cherry Kitchen with Marble Beauties

cherry stain cabinets

The rich cherry wood tone of this kitchen cabinet is evident and will improve the style of your kitchen. This cabinet uses all the available wall space to give your kitchen a design you will love.

It has a special cabinet for a microwave and an attached sink. The countertops are made of quartz materials that create a perfect match for the cabinet. You will like this cabinet for the elegant look it brings to your kitchen.

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7. Clean Cuts!

cherry oak cabinets

This is a full kitchen that features style and a unique finish. If your kitchen walls are white or cream in color, this cherry cabinet will stand out.

The countertops and backsplash are made of white granite and they make your kitchen look appealing. This cabinet has a layout that brightens your kitchen and makes it look spacious.

8. Add a Splash of Blue

cherry mahogany kitchen cabinets

Save on space and create a vibe in your kitchen with this kitchen cabinet. It is made with a slot for your fridge, burner and has a sink too. One of the granite countertops can serve as a dining table because its height is standard. The colors of the countertops are great for any country kitchen style.

9. Cherry Cabinets with a Farmhouse Touch

Your kitchen will make a statement with this generously designed kitchen cabinet. It has all the space you need to store your kitchen utensils.

In addition, it comes with an inbuilt sink for your cleaning convenience. The unit is made to match your kitchen walls and floor. There is an open space big enough to fit your fridge on the edge of the cabinet

10. Best Paint Colors for a Cherry Kitchen


Source: kitchenmagic.com

This is one of the products that will make you love your kitchen. The white and gray theme will elevate the look of your space and blend with the wall and floor.

This cabinetry is the best you can have if you like white-themed furniture. The cabinets’ countertops are made of gray granite and you will clean them with ease. Some of the upper cabinets are fixed with glasses giving you a clear exhibit of your utensils.

11. Cherry red kitchen cabinet with a matching kitchen island

cherry red cabinets

You will love the elegance and class of this cherry wood cabinet and wood island . It features a modern appeal thanks to the clean and straight lines that give it a complete look.

There is a centerpiece of the cabinet which you can use as a dining table or a kitchen bar. Underneath it is a space where you can put some of the kitchen items that you rarely use. Its backsplash is made of colored tiles making your kitchen a centerpiece in your house.

12. Natural Cherry Kitchen with a Unique Contemporary Appeal

natural cherry

This is one of the rare kitchen cabinets to find but its design is worth its cost. It is made to fit in a small kitchen but makes use of every available space.

The unit has an island counter which sits at the center of your kitchen whose base and counter are made of wood. This unit is made to match any kitchen theme color without sacrificing your taste.

13. Pair with White

cherry brown cabinets

One thing that stands out with this kitchen cabinet is its one-sided design. It occupies one side of your kitchen thus saving on your space.

The unit has a big double sink offering enough cleaning space. The grains along the wood are smooth and it will be easy for you to spot any dirt. This cherry cabinet will ease your kitchen and make it organized.

14. A classic cherry cabinet with ample storage capacity

You don’t have to search anymore for a unit that will redefine your kitchen because this cabinet has it all. It boasts a modern look with well-finished cabinets that will brighten your kitchen.

The unit has a counter that takes the center space of your kitchen. The counter has a sink and its top is made of gray and black granite.

The other piece of the cabinet is placed on the wall and it has an inbuilt cooker and fridge. This is a beautiful unit to have in your kitchen and it’s worth the money.

15. Dark cabinets ideas 

Brighten up your kitchen with this cherry kitchen cabinet and you will be glad that you did. Its bright brown finish will be the reason you will want to dine in the kitchen. This kitchen unit has a touch of modern style and its construction is composite.

16. Black and Bold

Black and cherry are great together. The black island adds character to the space and beautifully contrasts the cream floor. Love the gorgeous granite top.

17. Nifty Towel Storage Idea

If you want to keep your kitchen towels out of sight, consider this idea by this ingenious creator. A thin pullout cabinet allows you to make use of the spaces between drawers, giving you place to hang your towels. Ensure it is installed near the sink.

18. Hide your Mixer

Most mixers are large and if like me are height challenged, the design above is a life saver. You get to keep the mixer out of sight and you can easy access it easily.

19. Organize your Cleaning Supplies

In a world where houses seem to be getting smaller, it’s important to utilize every space. This ideas is awesome and easy to incorporate. This space is perfect for your mops and other cleaning supplies.

Benefits Of Buying Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are important in your kitchen because they improve its appearance. They also play a great role in the storage of utensils and keep your kitchen organized. This is why you should be keen to pick the best kitchen cabinets without missing the design and style.

There are many types of kitchen cabinets but they differ in functionality, material, and style. Cherry kitchen cabinets are the best to choose because of the following benefits.

  • Great your kitchen decor

A good kitchen cabinet should blend well with your home decor. Cherry cabinets have a warm and unique appearance and that makes them the best choice.

Cherry woods are available in different colors and this makes them intensify the appearance of your space. They are unmatchable when it comes to creating a contrast that is beautiful to behold thanks to their reddish undertone.

This feature makes them complement your kitchen walls and floor.

Another feature that makes the wood perfect for cabinets is the uniformed grains. They can therefore be compatible with various kitchen designs. They also don’t require any painting because they are naturally beautiful.

  • Durability

Investing in a good cherry kitchen cabinet is something you will never regret. You will get value for your money and that’s one reason why you should consider cherry cabinets.

Being a hardwood, cherry will withstand all sorts of pressure that come with heavy usage. This quality is not affected by moisture, dust, or dust. You can count on the durability of cherry wood so long as you take good care of it.

  • Availability

You will never experience a shortage of cherry cabinets thanks to the wide availability of wood. The wood is easily available and this makes the manufacturer of cherry cabinets have a continuous flow of the units thus meeting the market demand conveniently.

  • Affordability

Even though it is not the cheapest wood, it is also not so expensive. The fact that you will have the cherry kitchen cabinets for a long time is what draws the line. You, however, don’t have to break the bank to buy one.

The pricing depends on the design of the cabinet. There are some designs that are more costly than others depending on their sophistication.


We understand that choosing the perfect cherry wood cabinet is not a walk in the park hence this article. It has discussed various types of cherry cabinets that you can go for in the market.

Although their designs are different, you will love them for the ample storage space that they offer and how they make your kitchen look classy and organized.

You can be sure that any of these cabinets will also transform your kitchen with their rich color that enhances with time. Also, they are strong enough to withstand external elements like dust, moisture, and heat hence you will have the unit for years.

Now that you know everything about cherry cabinets, it’s time to make an informed purchase and get value for your money. Choose any of the above.

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