How to Clean a Messy Home: Simple Steps in 2022

Sometimes you can get caught up by so many things in life and barely have the time to get things together in your house.

For parents, it can be hard for them to keep the house organized especially when the kids are young.

The thought of cleaning a messy house can get you exhausted but its even worse trying to put up with the mess.

We are not talking about the mess left over by your kids playing or after having dinner with friends and you’re left with a sink full of utensils.

In this article, we are going to talk about the mess that have accumulated for a while. There are so many things that lead to this kind of mess and one of the most common one is depression.

It might feel okay to stay in a messy house when you feel like you’re in a dark hole at a phase in your life but the mess can demoralize you and make you feel awful.

It’s everyone’s dream to have an organized house. For some reasons, most people believe that a messy house steals their joy and productivity.

Most successful people say that one of their success tricks is getting organized because a clean space gets them energized.

You might want to try out this trick by putting away all the mess and see if your productivity levels will be hiked.

So you want an ultimate guide on how you can clean a messy house? You’re lucky to have stumbled on this article because we are going to show you how you can clean your messy home fast.

cleaning a messy home

What Causes A Messy House?

  • Depression

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most common causes of a messy home is depression. So many cases of messy homes have been linked to this mental disorder and it takes lots of therapy sessions for one to get better.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should stay calm and comfortable in a messy house you’re depressed. As a matter of fact, the mess can get you extremely anxious making you feel even worse.

  • Bad Habits

There are bad habits that contribute to a messy home. Getting something out of the organizer and failing to get it back where its supposed to be, and taking off clothes and throwing them anywhere are some of the bad habits.

  • Lack Of Storage And Organizers For Your Items

If you posses something and it doesn’t have a designated point of storage, then you’re probably going to throw that item anywhere. Try to get your items a home and you won’t have to let them lie aimlessly.

  • You Own A Lot Of Things

The problem with having too many things is that they crowd a house making it look cluttered. You might end up trying to clean a messy home in vain because the clutter makes it look messier.

Try to declutter your house and you’ll be amazed how clean the house looks. Get a donation bag and give out the things that you don’t need.

  • Accept That Your House Is Messy

Denial can make you postpone your ability to take action. Sometimes you have to accept your mistakes before correcting them and in this case you’ve to come to terms with the fact that your house is messy and you need to fix it.

So now that you’ve accepted that you’re living in a messy house, do you sit down and remain where you are? Probably the answer is No.

You have to rise up, and get it fixed. Start by noting what led to the mess and this will help you avoid the situation in the future.

How To Get Cleaning Motivation

cleaning a filthy house

In everything you do you have to be driven by motivation. There are so many ways you can lighten up your mood and get yourself motivated to clean a messy house.

Although people have a unique way of doing things, below are some of the best tips you can use to get yourself motivated to clean a messy house.

  • Put On Your Favorite Music

Probably there are those hits that make you feel energized. Put those your favorite songs and work as you listen to those lyrics. If you’re not a music fan, you can listen to an episode of a podcast as you go about cleaning a messy house.

  • Watch Some Cleaning Motivational Videos

There are dozens of cleaning videos on YouTube that can help you gain some motivation to clean your entire house. Most of those videos give you a clue on how to start cleaning a messy home.

  • Set a Time Frame

You might need to set a timer before you start the cleaning process. You want to know the amount of time you took to complete that one thing like cleaning one room. The combination of music and the timer will help you get in the mood.

  • Pick A Simple Task First

In most cases when trying to accomplish a certain mission, we are told to start with the ugliest task. However, when it comes to cleaning a messy home, it is advisable to start with the simplest tasks.

Starting with the hardest part can make you get overwhelmed and demoralized compelling you to stop cleaning your home.

You can start by putting away dirty laundry and picking things up in the room. Head on to the next task after completing the first task and you’ll be amazed by the progress you made.

Steps On How To Clean A Messy Home

Now that you’ve known the causes of a messy house and tips on how you can motivate yourself to get in the mood to clean the house, we are going to give some tips on how to start cleaning a messy house.

Below are our favorite tips that have been proved to work tremendously:

1. Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

cleaning a dirty home

Before you start cleaning your house, you need to gather all the items you are going to use like the mop, broom, brush, trash bag and other cleaning supplies you might need.

Don’t jump into the process and then keep on stopping to get something you need. If you’ve got a load of laundry, get your laundry basket close to you.

2. Declutter

how to clean a really dirty house

Clutter is a recipe for a messy home. Anything you own and don’t need can be classified as clutter. If you have lots of items in your home without any purpose on need you might want to get rid of it.

We don’t know how messy your house is but if its extremely mess then you might want to start decluttering before you start cleaning.

Tackle the mess in your home putting away things you don’t need. You might want to have a separate donations back and throw everything you don’t need in and donate.

3. Start Small And Give Yourself A Pat For Little Achievements

You cannot clean the whole house at once. Pick a room or s point to start with and whenever you can like picking up displaced items.

You can also pick up trash and put it away. Whatever you decide to start with, ensure that you do one thing at a time.

You can congratulate yourself for the small wins every time you accomplish something. However, don’t get carried away and stop to celebrate the small win.

The accomplishment should give you the motivation to pick another task that gears you towards getting a clean house.

4. Clean The Bathroom

cleaning a messy house

Generally, bathrooms are smaller than other rooms and they are easy to clean fast. Before you head on to other bigger rooms you might want to clean your bathroom first.

Gather the cleaning supplies and get the floor scrubbed and the basin and sink super clean. After completing cleaning the bathroom, you’ll get motivated to move to bigger spaces.

5. Pick One Room

If your whole house is messy, you have to avoid jumping up from one room to another trying to get rid of the mess in all rooms at the same time.

Picking up one task and dropping it to do another and another without completing those tasks completely will make you pile things things everywhere.

Get into one room and ensure that you get the loads of laundry to the laundry basket and fold clean clothes and make the bed.

Clean the windows and the frames and then take care of the floor by vacuuming the carpet and ensure that the rugs are well placed.

6. Get Into The Kitchen

Now its time to handle the kitchen. It might look messy and you might get overwhelmed by the mess staring at you.

Instead of trying to clean the whole clean kitchen at once, pick one task in the kitchen like cleaning the utensils. Concentrate until you get done with the dishes.

After you’re done with the dishes, you can pick up another task and concentrate on it until you’re done.

You’ll realize that you’ve accomplished a lot when you follow this advise. Move to the next room and do the same until you get your whole home clean.

7. Fix The Living Room

cleaning a dirty living room

The living room might be the biggest room in your house and you might get a headache when you just think of cleaning it up.

Start by clearing everything on the coffee table and the seats. You can also remove unwanted items of the dining room table too.

Get rid of any clutter that might be in your living room and throw in trash in the trash box. Dust and vacuum the carpet and seats.

Arrange the throw pillows nicely and place things on their right place. Walk around the room ensure that no clutter is left.

8. Head To The Dining Room

Just like you did in the living room, put away clutter starting by cleaning the dining room table and ensure that everything is in the right place.

Throw away trash into your trash bag and vacuum the carpet and wipe out any dust on the furniture.

9. Set A Time Frame

Just like you do with other tasks, you might want to give yourself a time frame when cleaning your messy house.

Although you want a clean house fast, you need to set a realistic time frame depending on how messy the house is.

When you give yourself too much time, you will waste it knowing that you still got time.

Avoid setting bigger goals with a extremely short time frame too because you might feel like you’re not making progress and end up stressed and overwhelmed.

Don’t forget to applaud yourself when you achieve the goals you set with the time frame.

10. Get Storage for your things

Another thing we realized is that most people tend to have a messy home no matter how much they try to get their homes clean because they don’t have the right storage for their homes.

The best thing you can do is to ensure that you have enough storage spaces for your possessions so that they don’t lie everywhere.

There are cheap plastic organizers that you can purchase and store things nicely, making your house look neat.

Get a laundry basket and throw in your dirty laundry in the basket instead of creating a pile of dirty clothes in your room.

If you don’t have a designated storage for some items and you don’t want to give them away, you can get a box or bag and throw in those things and sort them out later.

How To Keep A House Clean After Cleaning All The Mess

Now that you’re done with the house cleaning process, you probably want to know how you are going to keep the home clean and avoid thee piles of mess again.

The house cleaning part is hard and you might find yourself in the same situation if you don’t come up with new habits and routine that will help you live in a clean house.

Below are some of the tips that will make it easy for you to maintain a clean home free from clutter, dirty dishes, loads of dirty laundry and all the things that cause a messy home.

Involve Your Family

dirty messy house

You’re going to clean up so much mess if you don’t start teaching the kids good habits to help keep the home clean.

Involve them in the cleaning process and teach them how to put things where they are supposed to be. If the kids are old enough to handle some chores like cleaning dirty dishes, you can assign them those chores to prevent a pile of dirty things.

Let your family members get involved in the cleaning process and help you out with other chores

Come Up With A Daily Cleaning Routine

You need to create a routine that helps you to keep your home clean. Come up with a cleaning schedule that will help you do some cleaning in bits every day.

A schedule will help reduce the chances of you getting overwhelmed because you do one thing at a time unlike trying to do everything at once.

Get Rid Of Clutter And Piles Regularly

Another great trick is decluttering regularly and try to put away unwanted things from every room. Any pile of clutter should be eliminated before it becomes too huge.

Set Aside A General Cleaning Day

Yes you do clean and declutter regularly but you also need a day in a week to do a thorough cleaning on your whole house.

You can do the thorough cleaning on weekends to get to the places you don’t get to clean everyday because of lack of enough time.

On this day, get into every room and clean up the room thoroughly. Dust the surfaces of the furniture and windows.

Bottom Line

A clean house is a dream of everyone and it makes you feel good. Cleaning a messy house isn’t easy either but you can take up some simple actions after cleaning a messy house to end the cycle.

With the tips on how to clean a messy house and how to keep a home clean, you will never have to deal with a messy house again.

Just follow the tricks and tips given above to get your home clean and organized. If you feel that you’re emotional status is what is getting in the way for you to have a clean house, don’t shy away, seek professional help.

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