20 Cow Kitchen Decor Ideas for Stylish Home

Do cows have a special place in your heart or are you a farmer with a big number of cows? A cow kitchen decor would perfectly suit you.

Besides being unique, the cow decor designs are beautiful and will give your home kitchen an outstanding look.

We have come up with a list of the top best cow decor ideas that you can incorporate in your kitchen. Let’s have a look at each of them in-depth.

Cow in kitchen decor ideas

1. Udderly cow salt & pepper shaker set

Have you ever imagined having a cow-themed salt shaker? Well, the Boston warehouse thought about you and made this ceramic salt shaker. You can wash dishes using cold water.

You will love it not for the design but for all the generous hand painting it boasts. The units are durable thanks to the strong ceramic material that makes them.

The udderly cow salt and pepper shaker set is a great addition to your dining table set up and you can also gift a friend or loved one with the shaker set and the memories will forever be cherished.

2. Cow Scrubby Holder For Kitchen decor

If you have been looking for creative cow decor ideas in your home then you should buy this cow scrubby holder. It adds a touch of class and detail to your kitchen counter and you will always be looking forward to doing the dishes.

The unit is colorfully painted in black, pink, and white making it a piece of art that will definitely make a statement no matter how small it may look.

This holder is made of ceramic and you can be sure to have it for a long time. This is one of the small items that you should not hesitate to add to your cow kitchen decor.

3. Cow Print Mug Cup Stainless Steel Tumbler Cows Travel

This is the perfect gift for that friend who is a cow lover. It is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 13.44 ounces, thus big enough to make your winter mornings warm.

This cow kitchen item is designed to last since the stainless steel doesn’t break, it’s rust-resistant, and its inner coat is safe thus maintaining the original flavor of your beverage.

Additionally, this tumbler for women has a  matching lid and therefore you won’t worry about spills whenever you are on the move.

It is not only the best plastic alternative but also the best grab for all your traveling time. Another feature to note about this tumbler is the large and sturdy handle that comes with the convenience you like.

You will not have a hard time taking tea while going up the stairs. The best part about this mug cup is that it’s versatile and you can use it to carry a wide range of beverages and also soft drinks.

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4. Rustic Distressed Metal Farm Fresh Milk Pitcher

Life in your kitchen will be easy with this distressed metal pitcher. It is an excellent cow kitchen decor item and will help you scoop milk or fetch water with ease.

The rustic pitcher is big and versatile. You may also use it as a flower vase or a  cow kitchen decor centerpiece in your house.

5. Dii Kitchen Jar canister for cow kitchen decor

Your search for sugar, tea, or coffee holder ends here. This set of jar canisters is functional and outstanding.

You will love it for its simplicity and ease to clean by hand wash. The makers of these jar canisters had your needs and taste in mind and designed it with an airtight seal.

This feature ensures your food remains fresh and safe for a long time. You can also gift it to loved ones since it’s stylish and versatile. The price for the set is also fair and therefore you don’t have to miss it in your kitchen.

6. Wrapables animal mini tabletop vacuum for a cow kitchen

Have you been wondering how to get rid of dust and bread crumbs on your kitchen table without having to get the table wiping cloth?

Well, Wrapables has a solution for you. This tabletop vacuum is also a perfect addition to your cow decor and it will be appealing whenever it’s on top of the table.

It comes with a manual that helps you know how to use it. Find this item and sort all your dust problems.

7. Lvgadr cow kitchen timer

Here is another fantastic cow decor idea that you might want to have in your home kitchen. This digital timer will help you prepare your family meals at the right time.

It is a perfect item to help you improve your culinary skills. Its maximum timing duration is one hour. The cute design of the timer is outstanding thanks to its bright colors that will keep your kids attracted to it and they will easily learn how to time themselves when they are young.

Besides the kitchen, you can use this timer in the study room, bedroom or classroom. Its made of quality and environmentally safe material and features a power-saving switch.

The timer also has a hole that allows you to hang it wherever you want. Search no more for a timer and buy this one.

8. BestLives cow print kitchen decor

cow print kitchen decor
Source: the_stepp_team

Using a cow-printed rug in your kitchen will add a cow touch. This rug will be a centerpiece on your kitchen floor and anyone who enters your kitchen will take notice of it.

It is non-slip, heat resistant, and woven to give your feet comfort. Additionally, the mat is highly absorbent and doesn’t take a long time to dry thus protecting your kitchen.

9. Cow kitchen wall decor ideas

cow themed kitchens
Source: suitetartcottage

If you have always wanted a cow theme in your kitchen, then this cow wall art is a good idea.  In this decor, parts of the kitchen walls are decorated with art signs with the cow’s face being the best and you will love the way it makes a statement in your kitchen.

10. Heifer gear kitchen decor

Have you ever considered having heifer gear in your kitchen? Well, this is another cow kitchen idea that you should consider. You will notice the heifer gear placed against your chimney and wallpaper on the cooker below. This is best for a cow mum’s kitchen.

11. Cow kitchen mats

If your kitchen shelves are looking dull,  you can lift their appearance with these cow kitchen mats and clothes. They are black and white in color and therefore they perfectly fit the cow kitchen theme. The idea will blend well if you have some flower vases on your kitchen shelf.

12. Kitchen dining dishes

Gathering your family around the dinner table to serve them from these cow theme dishes will be satisfying. The dishes are decorated with black and white prints and they are all you can ask for.

13. Farmhouse coffee station with cow theme

theme kitchen decor
Source: pjvintagestories

In this cow kitchen decor idea, your coffee station is accessorized with black and white items. From the mugs to the coffee maker to the wall on which the station lies, it’s all cow theme. This is a perfect idea for both coffee and cow lovers.

14. Mooing cow jars for kitchen decor

These jars are fantastic and a perfect way to add cow decor to your kitchen. They will be a beautiful centerpiece if placed on your dining table or on the kitchen shelves.

They are perfect pieces for decoration and therefore you should try them out.

15. Cute themed decor

You will be amazed by how the framed cow image transforms your kitchen and dining area.  It is placed on the wall facing the kitchen and you can use it to your advantage.

Though it looks simple, the idea will go a long way in transforming your kitchen and giving it a farmhouse feel. The best part about this decor idea is that it introduces the style of cow decor without much effort.

16. Unique farmhouse cow decor

cow themed kitchen decor
Source: awoodrailing.com

This is another incredible cow kitchen idea for a cow dad or mum.  It is a great way to incorporate the cow theme style into your modern kitchen. The theme includes a cow tea mug and chopping board.

Your tea moments will not be the same again once you get this simple yet unique idea in your kitchen. Besides, you will also be all hyped as you chop your vegetables on the cow-themed chopping board.

17. Cow pictures for kitchen

Here is something for you if you have a favorite cow or you manage a farmhouse. All you have to do is measure the area where you want to have a picture of your cow and get a good photographer to capture a picture of the cow.

Then print it and stick it on the kitchen wall. Its dominance will transform your kitchen and you will forever appreciate the idea.

18. Kitchen cowhide cushioned bar stools

Bring comfort to your kitchen by considering the cowhide barstools. The stools are generously covered by cowhide and they are simply beautiful. However, wrapping the hides over the stools is not an easy affair and you might not DIY. Hiring a carpenter to do it for you will be helpful. However, you will part with several dollars but the efforts and cost are worth it.

19. Wall art for your farmhouse kitchen

You can trust this kitchen decor idea to bring an amazing look to your kitchen counters. They would also look great if placed on a floating bedroom shelf. The best part of this kitchen idea is that it gives room to explore more designs.

20. Cow and sunflower kitchen decor

The use of stickers is another quick way to add style and class to your kitchen. In this idea, the cow sticker is placed on the fridge’s door and you will notice how it easily makes a statement in your kitchen. You don’t have to have a dull kitchen anymore, get the stickers and make your fridge a centerpiece.


We have come to the end of our cow kitchen decor review. The ideas are perfect for a cow lover and will transform your kitchen drastically.

You don’t have to have a common kitchen anymore and therefore we recommend that you explore any of the above-discussed cow kitchen decor ideas. You will be amazed at how your kitchen will be immersive and warm.

Most of the ideas are dominant of black and white and you can never go wrong with any of them. Besides, you don’t have to break the bank to have one, since they are cheap. We hope you now know how to treat your kitchen and have it the way you like it.

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