15 Decorating with Plants Ideas for Farmhouse

A room without plants is a room with no life. Decorating with plants not only adds color to your home, they clean the air and bring life to your existing home decor.

You want your home to look spectacular with some spark of life in it without compromising your comfort. According to interior designers, the aim of interior design is to create comfort by bringing the outdoor life indoors. The outdoor life you want to bring in your house is not complete if you do not add some plants to it.

If you love plants then decorating your house with some plants here and there will bring you the joy you get when outdoors. There are so many lovely plants that you can place at some points in your house and bring a spark to those spaces.

In this article, I am going to talk about the best indoor plants you can use to decorate your farmhouse, how to style your spaces using indoor plants and ways you can take care of those plants.

Farmhouse Plants to Use

Just the way you choose your furniture, you need to put a lot of things into consideration when choosing your house plants. The main things to consider is the size of the plant and the container that you will put the plant in. Is it going to match with your existing decor?

Now that you have the answer to that question, we are going to discuss some of the different types of indoor plants that you can pick for your decoration purposes.

Snake Plant

Scientifically known as Sansevieria Trifasciata the snake plant has leaves that have the shape of a sword. If you don’t want a plant that consumes a lot of space then the snake plant will serve you well.

The plant grows upright with its leaves sprouting out of the soil like snakes. The plant can be placed on the windows or anywhere on tiny spaces in the house.

If you are looking for low maintenance, these are the best plants because they require minimum attention.

Peruvian Apple Cactus

Scientists call this plant Cereus Peruvianus. This is another plant that requires minimum plant care. With the peruvian apple cactus, your space will have a feel of the desert oasis. The plant tends to grow towards the light so you will need to tilt the plant away from the sunlight to balance it out. You only need to water the peruvian apple cactus once a month so it means the plant can thrive even if you go for a holiday.

Corn Plant

The corn plant is another beauty that you can place in your living room’s corner and get a stunning space with its ripped leaves. The corn plant can be placed on the floor because it does grow about four to six feet tall. The plant needs to be watered after every seven days.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The fiddle leaf fig trees are shrubs that have a long stem and tiny branches with broad leaves that have a leathery texture. This indoor plant thrives well when placed under the window or anywhere with enough light. The plant is watered every week but you can water it twice a week if the air in your home seems dry.

Ways to Decorate Your Country Home Using Indoor Plants

There are many plant types that you can use to decorate your home. You can also decide to decorate using multiple plants to improve the look and even the air quality of your home.

As we said earlier, plants add life to your home. There are amazing ways you can add beauty in your space using green plants.

Below are some of the creative ways you can use to add life to your clients office or your own home. As an interior designer, you might want to consider adding a living art and some greenery to complement the interior decor.

1. Galvanized Flower Vase for Your Roses

There are several ideas you can incorporate in your decoration process if you don’t want to use indoor green plants. You can try to decorate your rustic space with some flower cuttings and enhance your home decor.

Flowers also add life to your home and putting your cuttings in a clear or a white planter like this one leaves a statement to all your visitors.

Flowers can be placed on the dining table or even on your coffee table. It might be a great idea if you placed your flowers at your entrance

You can get indigenous flowers from your garden or buy some blooms in other gardens. Fresh flowers can last you some days if you place them away from direct light.

The life expectancy of flowers might not be ideal for you if you want a lasting solution and that is why we have artificial or faux flowers. Fake flowers don’t need any care and you can place them at any point in your house.

2. Use Several Potted Plants

What do you think about this three tier wall shelf made of wood? If you asked me, this is a perfect idea for someone who wants to accessorize their walls by adding some indoor plants to it.

You can mount the shelves behind a couch as shown in the photo or any point in your space that you feel the walls are too bare. For example, you can have a shelf in your home office, bathroom, or bedroom. You can also put some of your books besides your planters.

This wooden hanging wall shelf with rustic ropes is a great accessory for an apartment, a farmhouse home decor and even your office.

3. Try Different Plants

Have you thought about up-cycling your old luggage bag or suitcase into an indoor garden? It gets even better if you have a vintage suitcase that you can swap into a small indoor garden.

With this idea, you can place two to three planters depending on their sizes and you can also grow different kinds of indoor plants. Put a planter with some lilies, another with snake plants and you can add some succulents too.

4. Place Them Beside Your Farmhouse Accent Chair

Decorating with indoor plants of different varieties is also a great idea especially if you’ve got a green thumb. I heard someone somewhere call this idea a plant gang and it really looks like a gang.

The idea is ideal for taller indoor plants and what you have to do is choose a less busy corner in a room and put the pots or planters.

You can mix up plants of different heights and you’ll love how amazing your space will turn out to be.

5. Farmhouse Plant for Living Room

Want to decorate with plants but the space seems too small? Have you thought of adding a standalone plant? Maybe you should try out this trick. Bamboo palm and Dracaena plants are the best. Simply place your pots on the floor in spaces you want to decorate.

Choose a large pot with a color that would compliment your theme but I highly recommend a white pot because it would be neutral.

You can also try out bird of paradise if you don’t want to add bamboo to your home decor.

6. Next to Your Floor Lamp

Another great idea of a standalone plant in a bucket. Turn your old bucket into a planter and grow a breeze dracaena in one of the corners of your living room, bedroom or even your home office.

7. Hang your Plants

If you don’t want to decorate your house by putting plants on the walls or on the floor then maybe hanging plants will be the real deal. I also love hanging plants, especially ferns.

You can incorporate other foliage in the traditional looking basket that has a metal chain that aids in holding the basket. You can hang your plants from the ceiling on your entry or in front of your window.

8. Farmhouse Plant Decor for Bedroom

What if you replace the headboard with a few plants hanging on a single tier shelf? I love the fresh air plants bring into our spaces especially in the bedroom.

Bedrooms are known to be monotonous and you and I know that monotony is boring. Why not change the game by spicing up your bedroom decor with a few plants here and there. I love this idea of the hanging plants on the top part of the bed. They make the room look lively.

9. Plant Decor for Farm TV Stand

How about this cute white planter with a fiddle leaf fig tree in your entertainment space. You can also add a smaller planter on the TV stand with a statement making plant. Snake plants and succulents will look good on the stand but don’t go overboard. A single planter on that space might be enough.

10. Different Plants for Your Bookshelf

Decorating your study room or home office by adding some plants on the table and shelves is another brilliant idea. You can use glass jars or purchase small planters to help you achieve an elegant space with a touch of green.

You need a little bit of greenery on that book shelf? Add some foliage and lighten up your mood whenever you’re in that space.

11. What to Place on Empty Corners

This four tier corner wooden floating shelf in a bare corner can make a lasting statement. This idea is a great one if you want to decorate farmhouse with plants that wander like the marble queen pothos. You can mount this wooden floating shelf in your living room or your dining space.

You might not have a green thumb or you don’t want to grow real plants. In your case, artificial plants or flowers may be the only option left.

12. Artificial plant to add Warmth

Artificial plants do decorate country style homes just like real plants. The only downside of fake plants is that they don’t clean the air nor do they have any natural scent.

Having your artificial plants in a good planter will enhance the look of your home decor. With this white planter, the space looks so elegant and beautiful.

Bottom line

There are many ways you can spice up your home decor by adding some indoor plants. Luckily, the options are unlimited and you can choose the plants that fit your needs. You can decorate your farmhouse by simply placing your planters on the ground or hanging them near a window.

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