19 DIY Farmhouse Shelves Ideas (2022)

If you are planning to decorate your house, consider incorporating farmhouse shelves. They are not only gorgeous but functional and will fit well in any room whether the kitchen, bedroom, or study room.

The shelves offer extra storage space and also make the room look organized. There are many types of farmhouse shelves as we are going to see in this review article.

Some are floating shelves and others require mounting. Also, making the shelves is not an uphill task and therefore you can DIY. Let us look at different types of farmhouse shelves.

Farmhouse Floating Shelves Ideas

1. Rustic metal floating shelf

This is an industrial pipe farmhouse shelf and it will make a whole difference in whichever space you keep it. The unit is rectangular and it’s made of iron and wood.

You can easily assemble it because it comes with instructions. This shelf is versatile and therefore you can mount it in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even in the laundry room. The four shelves will offer enough storage space and keep your room organized.

2. Go for a 5-tier option

Completely transform your room with this wooden shelf and you will be glad you did. It has five shelves that offer enough space to keep items in your living room or office organized.

The shelf boasts an elegant black finish bringing unmatched beauty to your living room. Its open design allows you to store photos, curios, and books serving both as a display and storage space. You can’t afford to miss this shelf in your home.

3. Farmhouse floating shelves

Make a statement in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen with this wall-mountable shelf. It has a square shape and is made of wood and metal.

It is a perfect unit to boost your home decor thanks to its rustic style that is not only elegant but offers a solution to all clutter by giving you extra storage space.

Assembling the shelf is easy because it comes with its shelving hardware. Display your photos, mugs, and curios on this shelf and turn it into your room’s centerpiece.

4. Barnwood floating  farmhouse shelves

Wall mount this floating shelf in your house and your farmhouse style will be complete. Its beauty is natural and mounting it is easy. You will have the shelf for years since it’s made of hardwood and its varnish is distinct. The shelf is an excellent unit to display your family photos and potted flowers.

5. Try Floating shelves

This is a set of three shelves with a hexagonal shape. It is the best you can have in your office or living room.

Mounting the shelf on the wall is easy because it comes with everything including the screws and anchors. You will love this unit because of the quality of wood that makes it. It is light in weight and you will not see it shrink or swell. You will love it for its rustic and modern style.

6. Brown wooden diy farmhouse shelf

farmhouse shelf

Get creative and make this wooden shelf for your living room. It has four shelves and it’s open offering a perfect display for your family photos and books. You can also place a climbing flower pot on it.

7. White DIY farmhouse shelves

farmhouse style shelves

Enhance your home decor with this white wall-mounted shelf. It has hooks on it where you can hang the bathing towels if you fix them in the bathroom.

The two shelves are well distanced and therefore you can put flower pots on the top one and books or pictures on the one at the bottom.

8. Simple and cute shelves with strong boards

farmhouse wall shelves

Create extra space in your kitchen with this unit. It is simple and has strong wooden boards where you can place your most treasured ceramic mugs. The piece is ideal for kitchen use.

9. Triangular diy farmhouse shelves

farmhouse bathroom shelves

Enhance your farmhouse style with this simple yet classic unit. Though it doesn’t have much storage it’s a perfect way to add decor to your space.

10. Square wooden diy farmhouse shelves

modern farm shelving

Create some simple yet unique space for your flower pots with these two sets of shelves. They are made with wood and you can use screws to hold them on the wall.

11. Dark chocolate farmhouse shelves

rustic shelving ideas

Create a vintage look on your wall with this functional unit. It is made of hardwood and has some bow-like shelves on top. The unit creates that extra storage space you need in your bedroom.

12. White easy to mount farmhouse shelves

farm shelving ideas

Your search for a small shelf in your corridor or study room ends here. This is a beautiful bracket that will ensure your room is not cluttered. The white color stands out making it a perfect piece to add to your home decor.

13. Wall-mounted farmhouse shelves for smart arrangement

cottage shelf decor

If you have been wondering how to organize your books in the study room, this is the ideal shelf for you. It is a simple DIY farmhouse unit and easy to mount using screws.

The shelving doesn’t cost you much to make so long as you have wood. The best place to fix it is at the corner of your study room or home office.

14. Black industrial metallic shelves farmhouse

farmhouse bedroom shelves

Save on space with one of the best brackets. The boards are made of wood while the stands are made of galvanized metal. Though the shelving is small in size it serves its purpose well no matter the location thanks to the three shelves.

15. Cozy diy farmhouse shelving

floating farmhouse shelves

If your room is not big enough to accommodate big shelving, then you have this as the best option. The four square shelves will create that space you need for your small items like the TV remote, small curios e.tc.

16. Brown farmhouse shelves with a rustic touch

diypete floating shelves

Redefine your brick walls with this shelving unit. It’s among the easy-to-make DIY shelves and you don’t need many supplies to have it ready. 

All you have to do is measure the areas that you want fixed and drill holes. The wood that makes it is quality, stain-resistant, and long-lasting.

17. Farmhouse shelves for display

farmhouse kitchen shelves

Display your artistic gallery on this wall-mounted DIY  shelving and enhance the look of your room. They are two boards cut and endowed with an excellent finish then mounted on the wall.

The brackets are not wide and will save space and dominate at the same time. Since they are open shelves, the units serve as a centerpiece in your living room.

18. Wine bottle diy shelves

country display shelf

Have you been struggling to find the perfect place where you can place your wine bottles? Well, all you need is to be creative and DIY these amazing brackets in your house.

With the right tools, you can easily fix the small boards and have a location for your favorite wine bottles. Also check more farmhouse kitchen cabinets ideas.

19. Elegant and modern farmhouse shelves

diy farmhouse bookcase

Your search for the best shelving unit comes to an end here. This unit is made of pinewood and is built to add beauty to your interior decor.

It has four shelves mounted on the wall and they are the best for displaying some family pictures or storing your books. You can also use the brackets to store small items that you frequently use while in the living room. Bring a modern touch to your room by buying this farmhouse furniture.


Shelves are a must-have in every home because their functionality is diverse. You can use them to store your books or display photos.

Also, some of them offer excellent storage space for wine bottles and other items that might not have particular storage space for. This article has recommended the best farmhouse shelves you can choose from. Some are DIY while others you can buy mostly from online stores. 

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