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11 economical DIY coffee table ideas

In a living room, the coffee table is an essential element these days. This is the place to put hot chocolate or a glass of wine, to put your feet up while watching TV or to let children color in their notebooks.

But the coffee tables aren’t only practical. They can also be the centerpiece of the room and have a unique design. Especially when you make them yourself!

If you want to DIY your personalized table, here are 11 photos to inspire you! And don’t worry, this kind of project won’t ruin you!

You can collect old pieces of wood, remaining fence posts or pallets recovered from a big box store to make a coffee table, in a style that reflects your personality and tastes. You can get by below $ 100 in total!

1. A “farmhouse” coffee table in wooden cases

Tara @ Anything & Everything

Coffee tables can be expensive, but one woman used wooden crates purchased – with a coupon – at her local craft store to make a farm-inspired coffee table. Thanks to a richly colored dye, these pine cases seem to come out of a catalog of chic creators and offer large storage space.

Wheels can be added to move the table around the room for game nights or meetings.

The “farmhouse” decor is more trendy than ever! Since most of us cannot get up and move to the countryside, it is easy to replicate this warm and comfortable look in the home with rich, dark tones or “vintage” chipped paint.

2. A Table low wooden fence

Madison McGahan

If you have remnants of fence posts collecting dust in the backyard, you can do like this woman who Madison created a beautiful wooden slat coffee table found online.

Using fence posts and pallet planks, she painted and sanded the planks to an aged look. She added large furniture pins around the perimeter of this coffee table for a high-end look.

3. A metal table


Wrap the top of a simple wooden table with a stainless steel film. It is similar to contact paper, but it is much more durable, thick, and of much better quality.

4. A swivel Ikea coffee table with storage

Mother daughter projects

A coffee table can be very practical for functional storage. We can, therefore, use an Ikea bookcase lying on its side as a table base. Adding metal trim, a plywood overlay and faux leather can make a regular table look fabulous!

5. An artistic table made of recovered materials

Clök Concept

Old wood, metal, leather, stained glass or a painted motif. Let your creativity go!

6. A metal drinker table

Junk Love Boutique

A livestock waterer forms the basis of this “Farm Style Living” coffee table. The blogger from Junk Love Boutique has transformed an old metal drinker into a pretty DIY farm coffee table with pretty wooden legs and a beautiful articulated top. The addition of rope handles gives it the perfect touch. Who would have thought that a pond for animals would provide such a result? Because a trough is so large, it is also a great place to store extra pillows and comfortable throws. A few layers of weather-resistant polyurethane make this metal coffee table suitable for use on an outdoor terrace.

7. A square coffee table

Ari Goldberg

Six pieces of material and $ 50 were enough to make this simple square coffee table. A couple used 2×2 planks to form a simple wooden coffee table base. It was then given a dark stain finish followed by several coats of white paint for an easy DIY tip to get that aged and aged look.

This simple two-tone coffee table looks great in front of a sectional sofa or in a small living space. The top of the coffee table is made with 1×5 wooden slats for a nice touch of a modern farm.

8. A table low natural tree trunk

DIY Tutorials y mucho más

Natural tree trunk coffee tables are so expensive that not everyone can get them. But this person bought slices of camphor wood and paired this beautiful piece of wood with … stainless steel toilet brush containers! She cut these containers to the desired height and used hanging bolts to secure them below the camphor. The contrast between the modern legs and the rustic and warm slice of wood is incredible!

Natural wood can work in any style of decoration, from modern to traditional. The type of wood used doesn’t necessarily matter; make sure you like the shape and structure of the wood slice or stump. A design challenge will be to consider wood in its raw form as a functional part of your interior decoration.

9. A faux leather table

Alicia Wilkerson |

Have you ever used wallpaper to paint? It is so much fun (and easy) to work with this material because the effects are so amazing! A woman started her project with a light wood coffee table and gave it a good sanding. She then applied a large section of wallpaper to paint in the middle of the coffee table. Then she painted it in vibrant red color and the addition of a dark varnish gave it the dark red leather-look she was looking for. And added furniture tacks, for a designer-like result.

Wallpaper is an elegant and economical way to update furniture without having to replace it. Look for wallpapers that are easy to paint or peel and stick.

10. A pallet coffee table

99 Pallets | Pallet

Pallets have become very trendy in recent years. And for good reason! They offer this rustic charm and can instantly warm up any space. You can easily obtain a comfortable effect with a pallet coffee table.

A surfer transformed a pallet board into a coffee table with mid-century modern hairpin legs. It is amazing to think that these raw wooden pallets that you see so often in warehouse stores can become a beautiful functional element of your living room. Keep the palette in its natural state or give it a layer of dark or colored dye.

11. A pallet coffee table with glass top

Andrew @Scrappy Geek |

A man was inspired by the pallets and he built his coffee table with a frosted glass top for an equally impressive table.

Using four pieces of a pallet and an old 4×4 post, he created a simple table frame. He designed a recess area so that the frosted glass can “sit” in the coffee table while being protected by a lip on all four sides of the table.

Reusing pallet planks is a great way to be eco-friendly and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Look for free pallets in your community at warehouse stores, department stores or local factories.

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