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20 easy DIY Headboards ideas for your bedroom


This week, we have decided to present you with a DIY project. These DIY headboards that can be a quick and easy DIY project. How to make DIY headboards. Below, we show you 13 easy DIY headboard ideas to find the perfect accessory for your bedroom!

Find an idea of DIY bed headboard with our 13 simple and original projects!

In recent times, making a headboard at home has become a type of creative project very popular on the web. If you have surfed the web in search of ideas, you will know that it abounds in models of this type of accessories in very varied materials. To help you find the perfect accessory for your bedroom, we present these tutorials. All are easy to make and are made of natural or cheap materials.

A great idea of wooden DIY headboards


A great idea of wooden DIY headboard

For starters, we chose a great DIY wood headboard idea. In fact, it is a project inspired by the appearance of wood wall coverings. To achieve this, you will need very large tables. These will be attached to the wall behind your bed. One of the advantages of this project is that you can opt for very thick planks. In this case, this idea of DIY headboard would also become a functional storage space. This is precisely the approach followed in the image above.

To further customize your bedroom accessory, you have the option to paint it. To which he feels tempted by the idea. We recommend that you continue with this step before fixing the boards to the wall. Let them dry, then decorate your room. Better to do so and not risk leaving traces of paint that would otherwise have to be cleaned.

A DIY header idea with a wooden pallet


With the second project of our collection, we continue with the theme of the DIY wood headboard idea that you can do without much effort. This time, it’s about using wooden pallets to decorate your room. As you can imagine, the advantage of this model is that it isn’t expensive at all. Because, as we know, recovered wooden pallets cost nothing.

You must disassemble the pallets before embarking on the construction of the headboard on a wooden platform. For an optimal finish, we also recommend cleaning and polishing the pallets, if necessary. If you want your creation to be more durable, don’t hesitate to apply varnish on the wood before going to the assembly. Alternatively, you can also customize the accessory using paint.

Illuminated DIY headboards


Wood is definitely one of the most popular materials for making original headboards. And for a good reason, because it allows us to make very varied models. We take as proof the next photo that shows us a DIY wooden header idea with a natural frame and rope decoration.

To make this accessory at home, start by building the frame. This should match the size of your bed, or even slightly exceed it. Once the frame is ready, you can focus on the decoration. Use strings in various shades to “draw” a spider’s web. Use nails to drive into the frame to attach the rope to it. Finally, put your creation on the wall behind your bed.

Keep in mind that a more complex version of this project is to wind the rope between the pieces of wood used to make this project. In this way, the use of nails could be avoided.

A simple idea of DIY headboard with wooden frame and rope decoration

headboard diy-options-tela

An original bed and headboard made of recycled pallets


You can also recycle a piece of antique wooden furniture creating a completely original headboard. Think of an old door or a wooden blind. All you have to do is install it horizontally or vertically behind your bed. But before that, customize it with the paint colors you want.

More Pallet Ideas


The DIY bed headboard in wood is also available as a variant with shelves for storage. In addition, it is very easy to manufacture. For this, you will need a large panel of wood and pieces of wood that will work as a support to put your things. Fix the pieces to the panel and place them on the wall of your room. There is no more to be done, it is done.

An original idea of DIY headboard with wooden frame and textile decoration

headboards diy-options-shelves

To make an original headboard, you can use a frame in two pieces of wood. These will be the ideal support for a textile creation that you can weave yourself. The best thing is that the latter can be made from an old shirt or any fabric that you want to recycle!

A DIY-inspired mural decoration


With the help of a wooden branch and a suspension in macrame. A great idea to decorate a boho chic, ethnic, natural or minimalist bedroom …

Create an original wall decoration matching the wall with the help of adhesive paper! For this, use an adhesive paper that you can stick on the wall or on a sheet of wood.

headboards diy-options-bedroom

Are you looking for a wall accessory with a natural look, cheap and easy to manufacture? We have the answer for you! You can use glass fabrics and dishes. Use them to make interesting patterns on the wall behind the bed in your room. This is precisely the technique used to make the headboard in the next image!

The title below says it all: for this project, all you need is washi tape and of course your imagination! You can make amazing headboards.

Wall decoration with washi tape


A brilliant idea of DIY bedside … for a glamorous bedroom decoration

Here is a simple and brilliant idea at the same time. To make it at home, decorate a table with a golden tone. You can choose between a painting of this tone or a sticker.

headboards diy-painted-blue

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