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Garlands and letters for stunning decorations

garlands special ideas celebrations

Many festivities are fast approaching and there are many possibilities to decorate. Garlands are one of our favorites. It is a simple project with great potential. Garlands transmit messages of thanks or congratulations depending on the type of party. There is no better way to express our desires than to create a fun and personalized decoration with garlands for our special celebration. A fun and unique idea for these garlands is to make different versions of the various things that we like as something thematic.

Garlands with colorful letters for parties

garlands elegant vivid designs

In general, the applications for garlands with letters are many. Started of course with the birthday garlands, decorating a party and decorating the bedrooms with your name or a motivational phrase. Best of all, in addition to paper, the possibilities are endless, felt, cloth, rubber, Eva or any other material will be perfect to give life to our creations. A wall of words with bright colors and beautiful accessories will make your whole room feel festive.

colorful garlands ideas letters

If it is necessary to devote a lot of time to the kitchen and the guests the garlands are the best way out. The letters are the easiest of all. Surely you are going to love these projects that we have found. There are so many different ways that you can make your own garland and combine it with any decoration theme you have in mind.

rabbit garlands modern concept

Many of these ideas are so simple that children can do them with our supervision. No matter if you are planning to decorate your home with rustic style, modern or contemporary decoration you can find the perfect garland to compliment the entire space. In addition to those that use letters and are based only on paper there are ideas of garlands that use different materials such as pineapples, paper plates and even felt.

garlands letters different ideas

Garlands for celebrations have been around for a long time. Simply in a slightly different way but maintaining the same concept. Word garlands can be a lovely decoration for the room. Any of our favorite phrases can be used to make a garland of words. There are many directions we can follow in terms of creativity. For this first project, travel maps, cardboard, a rope, glue, brush and scissors will be necessary. Optionally you can add a wax paper to take care of our work surface. Scrapbook paper or art paper are equally good substitutes if we don’t have travel maps on hand for garlands.

special garlands creative tips

The first thing is to start by determining the phrase you want to make and how big you want your letters to be. For this case according to the scale of the map and where you prefer to hang the garland will influence the size of the letters. Approximately ten centimeters in height will be a good measure. Print the letters directly on cardboard paper. Cardboard paper or some other type of sturdy paper gives each letter superb stability on the rope. It is equally recommended if you draw their letters by hand.

garlands trimmed paper molds

Then care should be taken when trimming the letters for our garlands. The more careful we are with the more elegant edges they will look and the better the final result will be. For each straight line present in the letters place a ruler along the line. Use a straight-edge blade to cut these areas. It can be similar to those used to open boxes for example. Take care in the same way that the cut is made on a suitable work surface such as a cutting mat.

assorted garlands party decorations

It is possible to cut the curved parts with the same straight edge blade. However, it is entirely possible to do it with properly sharp scissors. Save part of the remaining cardboard to join the letters to the rope a little later.

garlands segments decorative paper map

Find the best design for your letters regardless of the paper you are using. In this case a map is used and the secret is to find places with a good contrasting color to place the letters. The letters will be pasted on the back of the paper, so there may be changes. In general, it is a flexible design. Do not forget to leave a little space between each letter so that the whole set is as readable as possible.

garlands locations large letters

As for paste glues work well for this type of projects. They tend to be thicker and therefore less likely to deform the paper. Prepare your work surface with waxed paper, it is an optional step. Apply a light coat of glue to the front of the first letter. Try to cover the entire front of the letter by putting glue on all the corners and points that make it up.


Then place the letter on the opposite side of the decorative paper. Rub the entire back of the map to ensure that the glue adheres to the paper with complete uniformity. Continue pasting the front of each letter and placing them on the back of the decorative paper. Again it is necessary to leave an extra margin of paper around each letter.


Cut around each letter leaving a margin. The margin around each letter may be greater than in the practice we need. Cut the margin down allowing it to fit on the back of the card. Leave enough paper to paste and fold back. It should not be so much that we prevent the decorative paper from overlapping on the back of the map.


Cut the additional paper away from the outer corners and create a small notch in the inner corners. Fold the paper to the back of the map and then fold it. Then put some glue on the back of the decorative paper. To get the best results, work one tab at a time.

Fold the paper to the back of the map and hold it down until the edges are fixed. Start repeating the same process by gluing all the tabs back on all the letters. For curved letters, it is necessary to carefully cut the margin so that the paper is fixed smoothly through the curves. For interior curves, simply cutting in the margin and finishing the cut in the cardboard you will achieve outstanding results. For exterior curves, it is necessary to remove small paper triangles. This prevents the tabs from overlapping when folded on the back of the letter.


Consider the edge of the curves when pasting every detail. You can move the glued tabs to make sure that the paper that is wrapped around the edges of the letters is smooth while the glue is still wet. For letters that have pointed ends, you should cut more margin at the points. Fold the margin back to check the points before adding glue. It isn’t recommended that the margin protrudes and is shown on the front. Cut a thin piece of cardboard to make paper hooks that hold the letters to the rope.


Use some rule to evenly space each letter in the string. Space the letters to have a separation of approximately two to five centimeters. In garlands with more than one word, it is necessary to make the space between words twice as wide as the space between letters. Do not forget that you are working with the back of the map and you should place your letters upside down on how they would read regularly.


Our second project for garlands is ideal when it comes to parties like the Christmas season. Just if your decoration theme is usually bright or with metallic shades. It is a project that uses sequins. A fun and different way to make a garland of bright phrases. An easy idea that will add an interesting dose of brightness to the interior of your home.

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Different and creative garlands with a glossy finish


The first thing is to print each letter of our sentence so that it can be used as a template to cut it out of the cardboard. Select a bold font that is simple and a font size that makes the letters almost twice the width of the cutout to cover the cardboard. Tape each letter to a piece of cardboard and cut it out.

To make the edges of the trim look as elegant as possible, you should fold and glue the ends underneath so that it doesn’t untangle and release some sequins. Therefore at the end of the outer edge use the hot glue gun to glue the end of the edge with the end facing down. Fold the edge back in the opposite direction and continue sticking it around the outer edge of the letter. When you reach the other end, cut the edge so that it hangs slightly beyond the end. Fold the edge down and stick it in place. Repeat the steps with the inside edge of the letter. Make sure that both cut lines go in the same direction so that they look like one piece and not as two.

If you have a letter with intersections don’t worry about making the folds in the places where you can cover those ends with another row. In some like the h just cut and paste the intermediate horizontal lines. Then cover those cut ends with the vertical lines that had the folded ends. Once you have completed all your letters, you can align your sentence and glue the string to the back of the letters. Once the glue has set it will be the ideal time to place your garland.

It really is a unique project that in terms of garlands is distinguished from others. It is a striking piece for a party and it is best that you can customize it to fit your decoration theme. Adding to this it is possible to use it in any party adapting it and achieving a unique and interesting decoration.

There is no better way to express these phrases than creating fun and personal decoration for your party. A fun and unique idea for these garlands is to make different versions of the various things for which we are grateful. In any case, you choose the important thing is that they are cute and fun. To highlight the festive style, add another layer of decorative garlands such as this colorful hanging garland or the other variant of festive garland with folded leaves.


A wall of words with bright colors and some pumpkins will make your whole room feel a great festive character. Since it is a celebration that requires a lot of time to prepare everything you need a decoration that is easy to make. Letter garlands are the simplest of all.


It only takes a few steps to create this easy Thanksgiving garland. First, you will simply need to cut out letters with bright and striking paper. Draw the letters before cutting them, this makes the cutting process much easier. Then, with adhesive tape, join the letters to the thread. Add one side of the tape to the top of the paper. Then, wrap that piece of tape around the thread and fix it to the other side of the paper. Once you have all your letters attached, you can hang your garland on the wall with an extra ribbon for a bold and festive decoration. A small garland is a great variation of this easy DIY Thanksgiving garland to complete your candy or add to a gift. It is as simple as the larger version and a quick way to put festive fun to the table decoration. Regardless of the size, this easy Thanksgiving garland is the perfect complement to your party decoration.

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This wonderful personalized Liberty name garland is a very special way to show your little one’s name. Full of stars that remind us of the night sky, the print is perfect for both boys and girls to enjoy a cozy and beautiful bedroom thanks to the garlands.


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